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WAHM while in school?

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Next fall I will start my senior year of college! I'll also have my 6 yr old and our new baby (due in one week!) My SO has been working nights part time and looking for either a better or a second job, while taking care of us. He has been working himself to death! I've been trying to spend all my time learning what I can about CDs and mama pads and knitting soakers. Anything I think might help us save money. All of my cloth and yarn has been either recycled or from my mother or mother in laws' stash of fabric.

Since next year is bound to be my busiest ever, I really want to find something I can do from home to help my SO pay for everything. I am a very crafty individual and I really want something that I can do in my free time (when I have time) and then maybe take on more full time when I graduate. I've tried making and selling a few crafts but I am not a good saleswoman. I have even made handbound books, which I enjoyed until my belly got too big to cut paper... Anywho, Does anyone have any ideas or input on what might be right for me? I've tried Etsy but it wasn't too successful since there's so much stuff on there!

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Cha-cha? In-home child care? Blogging with ads? My neighbor would hit up the garage sales and then ebay things... he would go out with his iPhone and scan books to see how much they're worth online, etc.

I wouldn't give up on etsy necessarily. You never know who might stumble upon your page!

And congratulations and your impending baby and last year of college!!! joy.gif
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I joined Scentsy a little over three yrs ago. At the time, I was pregnant with # 4, was a fulltime student and DH was deployed in Iraq! Since then, they've made the sales requirements even easier which I love b/c it lets mamas be flexible when they need to take a break to deal with family issues without the threat of being terminated as a consultant. The sales requirements now are that you sell only $1 in a 6 month time frame to remain a consultant. If you want to build a team, then you only need to sell $150 on one month of a rolling 3 month time frame which is still very reasonable.

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