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Birth Story: Tikhon: 23/06/2012

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Tikhon Semyonovich Kurlykov

3 kg, 51 cm (6.6 lbs, 20 inches)

Born: 4:50 p.m. 23 of June 2012 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia


Weeeee! He's here! biggrinbounce.gif He's lovely! I'm feeling really blessed right now! 


On the 23rd I was bugging my husband to go to the supermarket (I think nesting hit me in the urge to cook an elaborate meal) -- I wanted to go to one farther away that would have required us to take a bus, but thankfully he talked me out of it. We ended up walking to one that is about half a mile from our house -- when we got there I started feeling intense pressure in my lower back that hit suddenly and hard. I bought a few things I wanted and we SLOWLY made our way home. I wasn't sure if it was labour or not, but I did notice that the pain got worse and then a little better, so I figured those might be contractions (my birth with my daughter was the same way -- I didn't even realize I was in labour and never knew to count contractions, I arrived at the hospital fully dilated, I don't think I labour like the books say, because I don't identify with any of the symptoms really), so I started timing them. They were coming two minutes apart. I talked to my best friend on Skype and she suggested I probably was in labour. My Mother in-law had left the house to actually go get me things for my hospital bag, like nightgowns, robes, baby items, etc (intuition!!!). I decided to call her and tell her to hurry, she did and came at about 2:18 in the afternoon. She called an ambulance and we went to the birthing house together. I chose to have her with me instead of my husband like I did with our daughter (personal choice, I don't think my husband could emotionally handle a birth, he's way too sensitive, especially to blood and all of that). Anyway, we arrived at the birthing house: they had me get out of my clothes, weighed me, filled out paperwork and then finally checked me: I was 4 cm dilated. They took me to the delivery room and let me lay down with a contraction monitor / doppler for 15 minutes. After that they checked me again: the next time I was 5 cm. They broke my water. I told them I had to go pee and she told me whatever I do while in there, don't push yet -- I felt HORRIBLE in the bathroom and started feeling like I had to GOGOGOGOGO (poop, haha... they had wanted to give me an enema, but I got feisty about it and refused). I resisted the urge, went back to the room and I began to have hot flashes and I remember thinking "whoa, if I have to go through this any longer I'm going to start hollering like the girl next door!" -- then I felt the real urge to push, so I pushed once standing up and then went over to the delivery bed -- after the first push his head already was visible and it took about four more and he was out. The placenta came right after and I only needed one stitch on the inside of my vagina. Overall I'm really thankful it went so quick and my recovery is much better than with my daughter. I started feeling contractions at about 1:30 in the afternoon and by 4:50 he was born, so it was quick! 


I didn't produce a lot of colostrum, so I did have to give him some of the formula to supplement, even though I still gave him my breast on top of that, but my milk finally came in today full force and I've been pumping and feeding and breastfeeding. We're having an uncomfortable latch issue with my right breast, so I've been pumping that one more and breastfeeding him out of my left. I'm waiting for my boobs to calm down a little and then I'll work on a better latch... it's too sore to do much about it now. I think it might be my positioning. I'm left-handed and everything always go better for things on my left because it's easier to control and position.


Anyway, wishing you all safe deliveries and healthy babies and can't wait to start seeing more birth stories pop up! joy.gif

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What a beautiful story, and your little man is just SO handsome!  I'm so glad that the birth went so well!  Congratulations again!!!  orngbiggrin.gif

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CONGRATS on your sweet baby boy! Enjoy your babymoon!!

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Congratulations! He's gorgeous!

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Congratulations, mama!  He is really beautiful; I love his dark coloring.  Thanks so much for sharing your birth story with us!  Good luck with nursing and enjoy your babymoon!

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Wow! Wonderful news!  Congratulations and what a great story!

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Congratulations!  Sounds like an awesome labor and delivery.  (And by awesome, I mean nice and quick!)

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Wow! He's so adorable! Congratulations smile.gif
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What a beautiful baby!  Welcome to the world, little Tikhon!!


I hope your nursing issues resolve themselves quickly.

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He is gorgeous! Congratulations on such a sweet little boy!

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Wonderful story- beautiful boy. <3  Thanks for sharing!

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Congratulations!!  He is beautiful.  Sounds like everything went very well for you. :)

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Here are a few more pictures!  DSC00506small.jpgDSC00508small.jpg

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So sweet!! Congratulations!

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And thank you all for the replies and congratulations! Breastfeeding has improved toooons! I'm not longer getting uncomfortably full and seem to be regulating and the latch is going much, much better! joy.gif

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