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maintaining supply while pregnant

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I am currently nursing my 8 1/2 month old and just found out I am pregnant - this is #3 for me. I am somewhere between 5-7 weeks along I think (cycles are wonky due to nursing) and already I am noticing a dip. Just a couple ounces difference, but it bothers me. (I pump when I WOH)


obviously,drink more water and let her nurse as much as possible. Thinking about adding oatmeal, as that certainly can't hurt the pregnancy. I want DD to continue getting as much calories from breastmilk until she's a year old as possible.



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Hilary Flower has a nice book called  Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Breastfeeding during Pregnancy and Beyond that might be fo help. 

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I have that book. Read it whilenursing my first at the beginning of my second pregnancy. Need to read it again.
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Nice! If you get a chance, place a review of the book on that page I linked. Would be great to hear if it helped you. :)

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My supply dipped early in pregnancy (like 6-10 weeks), then came back up to pre-preg pumping volume, and then started dropping off again around 18 weeks.  My DD was about 6 months older than your daughter and starting to nurse less anyway.  All the input I received when posting to this forum indicated there was little you could do maintenance once hormones took over.

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I hate the feeling of being powerless over my supply! So far we seem to be ok - the main frustration for her is that letdown isn't happening as quickly (I did have a bit of forceful letdown and oversupply in the first few months). Once she gets the flow going, she's content. She's also starting to actually consume (instead of just play with) more solids, which is good.


Also, thankfully I have friends who will donate milk if it comes to that. I hope not - but I am glad I have some back up, just in case.

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