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maternity clothes

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Does anyone else feel like they need to wear these already?! I gave away or sold most of my maternity clothing from my last two pregnancies because we were "done" and now of course I regret that. What do you mamas usually wear during pregnancy? Any stores/brands you like? With DS1 I bought a lot of stuff from motherhood maternity (it was on the way home from work and relatively cheap) and some stuff at Target. I also got away with bigger/longer shirts that weren't technically maternity. I also splurged on a pair or designer maternity jeans.

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I had gained 5 lbs in the few month leading up to getting pregnant and most of my clothes was just a little too snug to begin with. Now that I am pregnant, I really don't like things on my belly. I can wear some of my bigger clothes, but I did wear some maternity capris this weekend. Last pregnancy I wore work out pants almost every day... I did work out almost every day though and it made sense.

I don't really find any maternity wear comfortable. I can only do the under the belly stuff (can not handle even the small fabric on my stomach..... and the underrate the belly stuff is always slipping down.
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I have a belly band which is pretty much saving my life at this point, since I'm not comfortable with my pants buttoned up. Otherwise I've been wearing a lot of dresses that pull away from my stomach or really long shirts that cover my unbuttoned pants

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I stopped taking my ADD meds within a week of my BFP and quit smoking.. so I am packing on weight *ugh not so good* so I am living in a pair of super comphy jean capris (like you know.. your fat fat pants)and workout pants.  


This is baby number 3 and even though I am plus sized.. I think I  barely have another month before I am in maternity clothes.. wear as last time, I didnt need them until like 4-5 months.

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I really REALLY want to get out maternity pants because i know they would be so comfy, instead i'm wearing some shorts that are just 2 sizes bigger than i was wearing before.. they fall off, it is very annoying.  i have actually lost a half a pound as of today but i can't handle pressure on my belly and my regular pants, even though they are elastic are way too tight.. ... i will get out the maternity pants as SOON as  we tell my parents..  i'm hoping that will be once we hear the HB, in a week or two, i haven't waited this long to get out maternity pants since i was pg with my first ..  (this is #4) usually i get them out around 6 weeks and i'm in them full time by 8 weeks. (i'm 7 weeks now)

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I don't remember in the last 2 pregnancies, not wanting anything touching my belly, but this time around I am certainly way more aware of it! I have been lounging in my workout shorts and some pj bottoms that I can comfortably keep in place under my belly.

I did manage to dig out all my maternity clothes, which we thought we had donated a few years ago when we did a sweep of all our stuff in our garage joy.gif but we found them and I was so super happy! I have a good range of stuff, so I think I'll be set. I just lost 10lbs before getting pregnant, so I do have a lot of clothes that is 2-3 sizes bigger laying around, so it will come in handy for now until I'm ready for some of the maternity clothes.
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This is my first winter due date so I'll need to buy some stuff anyway. I'm already thinking about shoes-- with my boys it was summer and I stuffed my swollen feet into crocs or flipflops. Hmmm.

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Yeah, I probably never should have stopped wearing my maternity clothes bag.gif

My belly has had a roundness to it since after I had DD, but it has really become more circular (less muffin top, more ball shaped) in the past month. This happened the last time I was pregnant too. I was wearing maternity clothes at 5 months last time. I imagine it'll be 4 months this time. Basically as soon as I need to put on pants, they will be maternity pants. I live in skirts and tanks in the summer, and those are pretty stretchy, so I dont need them yet.

I bought a winter coat from Target last year that I never wore. It was never cold enough for a coat in Kentucky. Plus, I bought it in late October expecting to get way bigger, but I didnt really grow my belly that much between October and January. I should have gone with the medium, not the large because it is way too big and makes me look like Im swallowed- not all cutesy-pregnant like I want to look.I'll probably consign it or try and trade someone.

Basically, I hate paying for clothes, so I get maternity clothes from thrift stores and from target. Target is the cheapest place around here to get new maternity clothes. Plus, lots of styles right now include long torso-ed shirts, so Ill basically just use them.

Right now, Im still trying to hide the fact that Im pregnant, which my protruding belly is not helping- so Im wearing my spanx. I'm having huge bouts of sciatica, so we'll see how much longer I have to hide it. My parents arent that dumb.
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I feel pretty good about what I have left over. I had lots of long sleeved shirts and a few sweaters from DD1 (although, she was born in June, so the very end was HOT).  I went through and tried on my stuff a few weeks ago and I think they will all work.... depending on if my butt and thighs get too much bigger :)

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yep I am plus sized but I have gained like 15 lbs since conceiving. it is insane.  Totally strange since the last two pregnancies I lost weight and barely gained  much in the end.

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I ordered some clothes from Penney's and then I bought some clothes off of a woman I know who was getting rid of hers. I have quite a few clothes that I can wear this winter but I have nothing to wear now and, as this is my fifth child, I'm showing quite a bit. yikes2.gif I think I really need to work on the abs after this baby.

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I lost a lot of weight this last year, due to health issues, but I haven't ever accepted this new tiny size as my real size and I keep waiting to get back up to what I was used to as my normal weight. So... I still have my old larger jeans and shorts that are fitting right now.  

This will also be my first time needing warmer maternity stuff but I live in a tropical place so I'll actually only need the really warm stuff around the house (high elevation, so we get chilly) and I will hopefully be able to wear my normal summery stuff in town, maybe with a pair of leggings if it's been raining for weeks.  I also lived in crocs and slippers, I can do crocs with socks at home but not sure what I'll do in town...


I found a cute skirt on ebay but I'm going to try to wait until I'm a little bigger to start looking for more stuff.  I know I have 2 or 3 stretchy, fold over skirts that should work for quite a while but I will need tops at some point.  I'll end up shopping at Ross or the Goodwill because we have NO maternity stores here and shipping is expensive!  (Even when they say free shipping, it's not free to Hawaii.)  

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This is my first winter due date so I'll need to buy some stuff anyway. I'm already thinking about shoes-- with my boys it was summer and I stuffed my swollen feet into crocs or flipflops. Hmmm.

Ah, crap. I forgot about shoes. My girls were both born in April, so I was pregnant through the winter both times. Sitting on the stairs to put them on is a good tip once the belly gets in the way. I will wear sandals until the first snow, I am sure!

It is going to be so hard for me to hide this for another couple of weeks (I'm 5w1d). I typically have a pretty flat stomach, though I carry a bit more of a pooch than I used to right around my belly button. However, I am HORRIBLY bloated by mid-day and look like I typically do when I'm 12 weeks. And I have been going to the pool with my girls almost every day, so putting on a swimming suit definitely doesn't help hide anything. I was so relieved when DD1 wanted to go in the deep end yesterday and I could stop sucking it in. My mom is coming to visit today, and I don't plan on telling her yet, so I am trying to figure out what to wear today to hide my bloat. I guess I'll have to remember to suck it in all day. Ugh.
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shoes are going to be an issue for me too - with my older kids i was due in march and may and i wore crocs with fuzzy socks all winter  - not the most stylish .. but i really couldn't find anything else that was comfortable  that fit.. i assume i will be 'forced' to do the same again, but i will wear my sandals until i absolutely can not wear them anymore.. ..

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My favorite thing to wear when I'm pregnant is a nice pair of leggings.  The ones at Target are great.  I wear maternity leggings even when I'm not pregnant.  All legging should be made like maternity leggings in my book.  The other thing I wear all the time pregnant are the regular tank tops with the shelf bra from Express.  They are long enough to stretch over the belly and then I can throw a cardigan on top so I don't have to buy more expensive maternity long sleeves.  This is what I did with DD2 who was born in December.  

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I am already showing big time at 9 wks. Last two babies, it was further down the
This is my first winter pregnancy but my best friend is putting together some maternity stuff for me which will help.
I am in southern Cali so for shoes, I can get away with Dansko clogs and floppy Ugg type boots, Minnetonka mocs this winter. Usually I have terrible foot swelling and have lived barefoot or in hideous Crocs.
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I'm hoping that I won't swell too badly because it will be winter....? I'm going to be hopeful. With DS1 it was just so painful to walk that last month.


My favorite thing is maternity tights! I still have my pairs and wear them-- I love that they go up to my boobs because they keep me warm.

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Full disclosure: I'm a bit of a fashion addict. I started thinking about the future needs to dressing a baby bump long before TTC... So far no change in size yet. I feel like a kid sitting watching grass grow. ;)  So far my pile of maternity clothes looks like a lot of empire waist billowing sun dresses and caftans. Luckily we don't have winter here so I don't have to really think beyond a summer wardrobe.

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So far no change in size yet. I feel like a kid sitting watching grass grow. ;)  


Yeah, this is how it always is with me! I don't look pregnant for months. With my first, I didn't really show until 7.5 months, and only if you really were looking for it! Let's just say nobody ever offered me a seat on the bus. I'm only 5' tall and around 105-110lbs pre-preg, so you'd think a 7-8 lb baby would be obvious... but no. I carry a bit inwardly and just look "thick."


I scored at Salvation Army yesterday, 2 short-sleeve shirts and a pair of cords for $6 total! And then later at Goodwill I spent $15 for another pair of cords and two long-sleeve shirts. Since I probably won't need stuff until September/October and I live in Maine, I'll really only need winter clothes, and the short sleeves can easily be worn in winter since I'll probably be baking.


One of the shirts I grabbed is one of those billowy, tie-behind-your-back blouses for $5. It's not maternity but it should fit me up to about 8 months or so. Because I'm so short/stocky/athletic-looking, I can't wear that style when I'm not pregnant, because they make me look pregnant. Well, now that I am, I plan to milk it! 

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Dude - dont tell


I just busted out the maternity shorts (it is 98 here today) and well at 8 weeks I don't need them but they sure are comphy!

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