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Anyone else having a hard time saying goodbye to pregnancy and birth? (last baby)

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I am chuckling a little about writing this post, because I wrote something similar two years ago when we were "done" after #3, but clearly we were not.  I knew I wasn't, hubby was pretty content with 3 and pretty sure, but I was just not done.  So, we got our miracle 4th even when there were many factors against us, and now we are, officially, done.  I hate that I am done with this part of my life, and wish it could go on forever...even though just over a week ago I was happy to be done and so uncomfortable and big. 


Now, though, after a crazy fast labor and intense delivery a week early, it has been taking me some time to process the fact that I will never again get to be pregnant or give birth.  Pregnancy and birth has been such an incredibly transformative part of my life, and I am just very sad that it is over.  Everything about it.  It is so indescribably special, unique, and empowering, and nothing compares to it.  It is a very personal, almost selfish thing that I am feeling, but I am feeling it nonetheless.  We are SO incredibly blessed with our 4 healthy babes, and that is our dream come true.  We only have enough hands and dollars and bedrooms and time and energy for  the 4 high energy kiddos that we have, so I know we are where we should be, but man is it hard to accept that his part of my life is over. 


I am so excited for the next chapter and for what is to come, to watch them grow and become good people, to share our lives together and to have a full house.  We are so, so blessed. 


Anyone else have feelings like this since the birth?  Obviously if you are not "done," then it is a different time for you, but for those of you who know you are finished...how are you feeling about it?  Thanks for listening to this pregnancy and birth loving post-partum mama!

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Yep. This was our fourth and last as well and it was hard to let go of the pregnancy even in labor. My baby was early and my labor was fast also. I'm feeling okay but a little sad thinking about what all is over. I loved being pregnant and I loved giving birth and I would love to do it over and over for another ten years but I want to spend more time with my kids. I've spent most of their lives pregnant and tired or taking care of a tiny baby and I'm ready to give them more of me. I started having babies at 19 (ten years ago) and it just all seems to have happened so fast. I have no idea how I got to be almost thirty with a ten year old and to the point where I am done having babies. I'm just trying to savor ever bit of this little one, the same as I did with the pregnancy, and brace myself for the next decade to fly by just as quickly. :`)

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Thanks, KristaDJ...helpful words...I agree...it is time to focus on my little ones that are here earthside.  :  )  There have been so many little souls calling to me over the past 9 years!  But my big family needs my attention and needs me back running and playing and generally just present...I too have spent lots of time tired and pregnant and nursing , etc., etc., during their lives and it is time to give back.  So hard to say goodbye to pregnancy and birth, but I think I might eventually...even at my ripe old age of 39 now...try to go back to school for nursing...so that by 45 I can possibly be a labor and delivery nurse...that's my dream...but we will see...I felt compelled to do so after the last birth, and already feel that way again now...still plenty of good working years in me!  I was an English teacher for 13 years, but I need a more inspiring job and one that is more meaningful to me..we will see!  Thank you for sharing your thoughts!  It helps!!!

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i was having a hard time accepting it. but i am almost to my due date now and getting scared about the newborn period. i remember how hard it was and how it put distance between my husband and me. now i am looking forward to this being the last baby. i am looking forward to them all being old enough to not be reliant all the time, to do their own thing, and for me to do stuff by myself. i am super excited to meet this new one, to bf this new one, and to love this new one and give him everything i gave the others. but i have gotten to the point where i am excited to be done.

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We welcomed our last birth a week ago. Our pregnancy was a surprise, so I spent most of the last nine months praying and affirming to myself that everything would be okay. Now that she is here, it's clear the whole family is deeply in love (well, maybe my two year old is still warming up to the new arrival). She really is an angel, I don't find myself sad, just blown away. What a gift to be the mom of 5 healthy, beloved children. It's a new chapter in my life and I'm ready. Besides, I'll be grandmama someday and It will be fabulous.

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