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Anyone out there a wine drinker?  I love an occasional glass, but obviously haven't had one for a year or so...with each baby I always forget when I allowed myself to have a little...I typically breastfeed for 2 years so, it always starts at some point...what is the latest on what is safe for babe...

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As a lactation consultant the party line right now seems to be that it's safe to breastfeed as long as you aren't feeling the effects of the alcohol (and are a good enough judge of your own behavior to accurately say that!).  There have been a few family celebrations in the last few weeks (graduations, including my own), so I've had a few small glasses of wine, sips of beer, sips of cocktails since the baby has been born. 

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Of the sources they list, I trust Hale the most:


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^^^^^That :)  Here's a good link with some more info : http://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastfeed/lifestyle/alcohol/

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oh funny!

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They make little test strips you can dip in your expressed breastmilk to see if there is any alcohol passing through.  Or, you can pump extra ahead of your indulgence to bottle feed & then 'pump and dump' later if you've had too much. 


Also, on a related note, just saw an article that a study was done by a british medical journal with european moms that found 1 glass of wine or beer nightly during pregnancy has no adverse effects on the child (they studied the kids at 5yrs old). 

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There is actually no reason to pump and dump unless you need to pump for comfort reasons.  The alcohol goes in and out of breastmilk like it goes in and out of blood, so it doesn't need to be pumped out to get it out of your system.

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I have the same understanding as Katiedidder.  Supposedly, alcohol clears breast milk at the same rate as it does blood- that is more or less one drink= one hour.  With my DD, I would have a drink if I wanted one after she had a long nursing session and went to sleep, thinking that I would get a few hours for the alcohol to clear before she wanted to nurse again.  However, if you really want to go hit the cocktails with the girls for a night on the town or have a bottle of wine, I would pump some to have on hand.

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Yeah, that's what I meant by 'pump and dump' - for comfort reasons just because you wouldn't be nursing at that time and wouldn't want to save that milk. 

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Yes please!  


I drank a little bit of wine a couple nights a week during the end of this last pregnancy.  I had extreme nausea the whole time and for some crazy reason wine helped ease the nausea.  I would have about 2 tablespoons max.  I would even drink it out of a shot glass measuring cup to know how much I was having.  Now that the baby is born, I get stomach aches from tension and I will have a small glass of wine and my tense stomach ache will go away.  I have also had some gluten free beer just for fun.  From what I have read and what my doctor tells me, a little alcohol is fine.  Enjoy!

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i would not worry about having a glass (5 oz) of wine or a can of beer at all. i would continue to nurse as always and even enjoy the drink sometimes while nursing. i usually wait till baby is 6 weeks or more though. and i dont indulge in more than one, or 2 for the whole evening. 

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Thanks for all of the great feedback!  I was feeling quite foggy about all of this!  6 weeks sounds like a reasonable time to start with a little...I worry about that little liver!  :  )  Probably will have some sips here and there , but certainly don't need it...I've gone a year without it anyway!  Just excited for the time when I can have that glass at night.  Kinda' fun.  :  ) 

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