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Weight loss and gain

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Since there is a thread about Maternity clothes, I thought I would start this one.... 


I gained 40+ lbs with DD1 (and started out a bit higher than this one)

22 lbs with DD2 (I started out 15 lbs less than with DD1, so I was only about 7 lbs higher than I started with DD1)


This one I started out 10 lbs higher than with DD2.  As of today, I have lost 5.5 lbs.... no vomiting, just lack of appetitie, although, it seems to be coming back now.... I would like to gain 30 with this one.  I think my milk supply was much lower after DD2 was born because I didn't gain enough fat stores.  Surprisingly, I never lost all of the weight from DD2 and had lost all of the weight from DD1 and an additional 15 lbs by the time DD1 was 16 months (back down to pp weight by the time she was 5 months).


Anyways, I am interested in seeing how you ladies with HG are doing.

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I'm feeling pretty horrible, but i feel like i do nothing but eat because it helps with the nausea ..


I have gained between 40 and 50lbs with my other 3 pregnancies ..  this is #4, and my starting weight was 5lbs below my starting weight with my first (with the pre-kids weight as a base, i started up 6lbs with #2, down 2lbs with #3) My diet has changed dramatically and i'm really hoping to gain more in the 30lb range instead of 40+ 


so far so good, i'm down a 1/2 lb ..i always start packing on the lbs at the end of the first trimester... usually 1.5 lb a week or so at that point.. and for the rest of the pregnancy :(

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During my first pregnancy, I lost 5 pounds during the 1st trimester, then gained that back plus 20 in the second and third trimesters, so I guess I gained 25 overall.    I didn't really try to hold back with my son....I just had food aversions most of my pregnancy up until my tummy grew too tiny to fit much at once!  I also did a decent job of exercising after the horrible morning sickness passed.


Anyway, I'm aiming for 20-30 this pregnancy too as I'm starting at the same weight as the first time around.  I lost the weight pretty quickly with my son, and avoided any significant swelling.  I've lost two pounds so far due to food aversions and probably muscle loss, since I can't work out as much. greensad.gif  I am looking forward to feeling better and getting back to working out!

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I started out at about the same weight with both boys. With DS1 I gained about 65, with DS2 I gained 45. DS1 was big from the start and I was HUNGRY all the time. I thought it was "normal" at the time but then comparing it to my other pregnancy I was definitely carry a big baby from early on and my body needed all that fat. That said, I'd like to gain 40-45 with this one and keep fit and I also hope I don't have another 12 pounder in there! 

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loveandgarbage-  That is a BIG baby... Wow!  The girls were 10# 5oz and 9# 12oz.  I am hoping for another 10ish lb baby.  I love them to be big and healthy when they are born.... I think I would freak out with even an 8 lb baby.

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Oh I am a huge fan of big babies! DS1 was also 24" long and had a 16" head/17" chest-- he got stuck in a bad labor position and I ended up with a c-section. But I bet a 10 pounder would be perfect! DS2 was only 8 lbs and whereas that was more manageable he did seem small!

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I have gained between 45 and 55 with all of my babies. I am 20 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight right now (it was so. hard. to lose any weight after my youngest was born!) so I am really hoping I don't gain that much again. I don't have a specific plan.. I just would like to avoid overeating. I have a little issue with overeating pregnant or not, but it is definitely much worse during pregnancy.blush.gif

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BTW didn't mean to imply that birthing a 10 lb baby is "easy" or any size baby for that matter! Just if I'm having another large one I think 10 lbs is a nice size to shoot for winky.gif

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:)  I don't know how it would be to birth smaller babies, but I didn't have an awful time..... it was pretty good.  I think it has more to do with position and chest/ head size....  I think fat just squishes!

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My babies were all between 6lbs 5oz and 7lbs 11oz. My biggest baby was actually the easiest to push. My smallest baby was the hardest. He had the biggest head of all of them, I think that is why!

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My little guy had a 14.75" head which I think is a little larger than average and I pushed him out in 20 mins. I tore but oh well! Healed up now.

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Officially down 7 lbs. Thanks MS! Yuck.

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Originally Posted by loveandgarbage View Post

Officially down 7 lbs. Thanks MS! Yuck.

Aww hope you aren't feeling too rough.

I have never actually thrown up but my appetite is definitely finicky. I was told at my endocrinologist's office that my weight was down but could have fooled me. I look bigger and very bloaty!

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I'm not a puker either-- just constantly feel like I'm going to? In order to keep it in check I've been eating like 2-4 bites of food every 30 minutes. It's a hassle but I can handle it. I'm sure I'll gain tons in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters as usual!

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I was 145 with my first and put on 65 pounds! I didnt have morning sickness and had a 7 lb, 7 oz baby


I went between 170-175 in the first weeks before my test, now with my second and am down a few pounds from vomiting and hover in the 167-169 range, I am hoping to put on the smallest amount of weight possible! 

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my babies are 'small' , (7lbs 2oz, 8lbs 2oz and 7lbs 6 oz..) but they have fairly large heads (14.5-15in) - i think 13in is average? both of my babies born in the hospital the nurses were 'shocked' at their head measurements .. my 2 older kids are 4 & 6 now and have been in adult sized hats for a while now.. they have big heads.  They've always measured off the charts at the pedi too..    I wish there was something i could do to make sure i had a baby with a smaller head :P fat squishes but really big heads only squish so much and i always tear and have a REALLY hard time pushing my babies out.. 1.5-2hours pushing..  I am actually trying to cut out refined sugar in a last ditch attempt to not grow a baby with any 'over sized' parts. . 

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I feel ya on the large heads. I don't know how I got DS2's head out so fast-- I think it was a fast labor and he was just itching to come out full speed. Do you or your husband have bigger heads? Both me and DH do, so we at least know they come by it honestly.

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I've officially put on 2lbs since March, which I'm pretty satisfied with. It's supposed to be healthy to gain up to 5lbs in the first trimester, right?


I also wasn't exercising in that time due to a variety of factors, which is unusual for me and may have contributed to the weight gain. I'm starting to get back in the swing of it now, so I'm hoping that it's stays well within the realm of healthy.

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Down 0.5lbs since BFP. Can someone please explain why my fat, fat pants don't fit?!?!  :)

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Originally Posted by whoabethy View Post

Down 0.5lbs since BFP. Can someone please explain why my fat, fat pants don't fit?!?!  :)

Ugh, I'm the same.  I've lost 4 pounds in the last month and my stretchy shorts are still bugging me.  I think some of it is that I can't handle any tightness on my belly!  I'm already guilty of unbuttoning my pants under shirts whenever I have to sit for long periods of time...it has almost led to a few awkward situations since I tend for forget they are unbuttoned. :)  Do you have a belly band?  I got good use out of mine last pregnancy, but this time around I feel like it would be way too hot for me right now!  This weather is killer.

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