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as cool as the idea of twins is: I'm pretty thankful that we are having just 1 healthy beautiful baby with an amazing heartbeat. Phew! Logistically would've been something to sort out that's for sure.

Very pregnant and due date is Jan 30 :-)

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Yay heartbeat!! I can't wait to hear it again in a few weeks!
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Now that we've seen the heartbeat 2x already I want to broadcast it to the world! Most people have guessed already. That's for sure. Trying to sort out when to make the general announcement :-) What have you all done?

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Yay for a healthy baby!


I've told my parents (well, one set by accident, a picture on FB gave it away) and some local friends, but I haven't made a general announcement on FB or anything.  My stepmom is telling the rest of the family on my dad's side.  Once I think of a somewhat-witty status update then I'll share the news with everyone else.  Yeah, I'm taking the lazy way out! 

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I still don't feel like telling, though I'm going to tell my supervisor and boss tomorrow at work...I work from home, so they haven't seen my baby belly! Nervous about that, but they love me so it should be just a matter of logistics smile.gif

As for family, we haven't told anyone and we're coming up on 13 weeks. A few friends know since we've needed help a couple of times, but that's it. I don't know what the hold up is really, but I still just want to keep it a secret. Our family will be excited, but that doesn't make me want to tell them...weird? Anyone else feeling the same?
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I was relieved to see just one baby as well orngbiggrin.gif

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Hi.  I'm new to posting on this group.  My due date is 1/15 and this is my first pregnancy.  I'm almost 12 weeks and starting feel good again. joy.gif

 I'm a yoga teacher........around 6 weeks my boobs doubled in size and my usual teaching attire was showing of my new, very sudden growth spurt.  I was having to sub out a lot of classes for a few weeks due to pregnancy sickness.  My students were starting to worry, some of them were on to me.  Anyways being in the "public" in a way forced me to share the news fairly early.  However I was feeling  open with sharing as all of my closest friends and family knew by the time I was 8 weeks along.  


I haven't made a facebook announcement yet as it's fun to tell people face to face.  Although at this point "my news to share" has made it through the grapevine and most people know before I get a chance to tell.  At first it bothered me but I also understand that people are happy and like to share good news with each other.  


Since this is my first pregnancy I'm sure my approach to announcing was unconventional.  I have several other friends that are pregnant and choose to keep it a secret for quite a while.  They had good reasons of course but I just went with what my heart and gut told me.  I wanted people to know, I wanted support, and hopes for a happy healthy pregnancy from all corners of my social circles.  And should something go not has hoped I want people to know, I want support, and hopes for healing from all my friends, family, and student. 


Thanks for letting me share.  I'm so glad I found this group.




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Welcome and congrats!

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We told our parents first, and let our 6 yr old daughter do it. We got my parents on Skype, and had her hold up the book we bought her, Hello Baby! I said she was excited she has a new book, and then she chimes in and points to me and says "and SHE's excited she has a new baby!" They were floored, they thought we were done after my prior complicated pregnancy with DD. When your first child is 3 months premature most people don't ask when you're having more, except for your mother in law who REALLY wants more grandchildren, LOL.


Once both grandparents knew we waited until the first ultrasound, and I posted it to facebook with "Surprise! Even the baby is doing the happy dance!" It was fun to see all of the shocked reactions, I had only told a couple of friends that we were trying over the four years that it took. And we don't live near most of our family and old friends, so this was a great way to share it with them.

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I love how you all are telling people! We are letting family and friends know. The reality is everyone has been guessing. Soon I'll make the FB broadcast. Trying to determine when though. 

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I dread telling my in laws. My mil is really intense and I swear nearly put me into preterm labor last time! But my bely is poppin' out, so its going to need to happen soon. I told dh its up to him to tell them but it irritates me that he will keep pushing it back when I'm very obviously showing (I think so at least!). He is really passive with his fam which was part of the prob last time--he wouldnt lay dwn any boundaries, you know? We are a tad unconventional for our culture area (tho fit right in on mdc!) with our birth choices, and it was really stressful to have to explain/justify everything over and over last time--no topic o ff limits with these folks!

I'm telling my friends and family one by one in person as I see them. My friends are cool and supportive of gentle pregnancy and "alternative" birth choices, so it's not a big worry that they will prod and poke and ask pointed personal questions. I dont really like doing the blanket fb announcement--I feel kind of awkward about how to approach that kind of news publicly, I guess. I think I'd like to wait til around 20 wks and then post a great big belly pic with "solamente uno mas!" written on the belly or as a caption orngbiggrin.gif That would be fun. I have some friends who struggle with infertility, though, and I want to be sensitive to them also--which is why I'd like to tell in person but dont know if I'll see those individuals before I'm huge, you know?

Anyway, I like to wait to tell as long as possible. Then I feel like it's my immediate family's special knowledge, you know?
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We have told a few friends here and there and DH has told his boss (he takes 2 weeks off for a baby so likes to let them know way in advance to avoid a critical project scheduled for those weeks).  We haven't told any family yet.  I'm not sure what reactions to baby #6 will be, but I'm ecstatic and don't want anyone to dampen my joy.  We ordered a t-shirt for our youngest that says "I'm going to be a big sister!" and I'm thinking we'll just take a bunch of pics of kiddos playing and make sure a couple show the shirt off.  Then post on FB and see who catches on ;) 


We have our first mw appt next week and I will be 12 weeks a couple of days later so it seems like a good time to subtly let the news out :)