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sex yet? ever again? - Page 2

Poll Results: have you had sex yet since birth?

  • 24% (6)
    no, i have little desire
  • 12% (3)
    no, i want to but haven't yet
  • 24% (6)
    yes, for dp/dh mostly
  • 40% (10)
    yes, due to my own desire
25 Total Votes  
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Rosie we talked about the copper IUD but my midwife says they are associated with heavier more painful periods and I already have problems with that so we thought that may not be my best option
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I'm leaning towards the copper IUD. I have nearly painless and very light periods, so I am really not concerned with an increase in discomfort there.

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I will never use a copper IUD because my mom got pregnant on one. It couldn't be removed without aborting the baby, so she wouldn't do that. She tried to carry to term and made it to 1 week before they do lifesaving measures before going into labour. The odds of this happening may not be  great, but I couldn't deal with it emotionally.


I am really out of options for BC. I think we are going to stick with the pull and pray method.

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Dealic: The same thing happened to my step-mom greensad.gif Not sure if they've made improvements to it since then.
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I think that DH wants to show me that he loves me and wants to make me happy but most of the time I just want to scream and tell him that all I need is a nice bit of cuddling. So, I do it for him. SIgh.


I am nervous about getting pregnant. I really need to buy a copy of TCOYF so that I can be on the ball with NFP. I do not feel comfortable using any type of artificial barrier method or pulling out because of religious/moral beliefs. I'm pretty sure we are done. I say pretty sure because we aren't making any permanent changes. I feel at capacity though.

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Finally rolled in the hay last week. It was much less traumatic feeling that the first time after DS was born. Also didn't feel as loosey-goosey...if you know what I mean. I am wondering if it is because we waited a couple more weeks than after DS or if it was because of the short delivery and no stitches. In any case, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. If I can stay up until DH gets to bed at night I might just do it again. 

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I got the paraguard (copper iud) about 7 weeks ago. So far I like it even though I don't love the idea of any IUD, really. But, b/c is a must for until we decide with 100% certainty that we are done and DH gets a V and I really didn't want to be on hormones anymore. I had bad cramping and a small spot of blood the first day, but it eased up after that. Now, I have no cramping at all and it's been great. BUT, I haven't gotten a PP period yet.


Statistically, I hadn't heard that you were any more likely to get pregnant with the copper than the hormonal IUD, but I konw a lady on my birth board who got pregnant with the paraguard and miscarried, so combined with the other stories here, I'm worried....

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Carly, I'm interested to see how you like your paraguard. I haven't done much research on paraguard, but I ended up with Mirena and I'm still not sure if I like it! Keep me posted. If I decide the Mirena is no good, paraguard may be my next option.
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Carly and Chiro, how was the insertion? That's the part I'm scared of.

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The insertion hurt but it was super quick - took like 1 minute. The worst part was the cramping afterward.  I was very crampy. Like, really terrible period-like cramps. I felt like I was gushing blood but in reality, I just had one small circle of blood on my underwear and that was all I ever bled from it. The cramps were off and on only for the rest of that day. By the next day, I maybe had a very mild cramp here and there (like a very breif normal period cramp) for a couple of days. Then, nothing. Now I feel nothing at all - I don't even notice it.

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Sfmb-- mine was almost painless. Literally, like the most minor cramp ever, and then it was done. Its so quick I wouldn't let that stop u. Mild cramping for a day,and some vaginal discomfort after that, but overall completely non traumatic.
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we've done it once..or maybe twice. Not sure, I voted I wanted to and I did, but not really interested in doing it again anytime soon. HUbs isn't even home most of the time and I spend the first day he's back half mad at him for having been gone and the second/last day he's home sort of mad he's leaving. Plus comes home for the weekend and works and then hangs out in the back or front  yard after the kids fall asleep and that pisses me off too. He's probably not interested b/c I spend so much of the time he's here yelling at him like I'm some kind of evil shrew.


Oh man, that whole getting pregnant on the IUD thing is freaky. We get pregnant way too easily  and now that makes me think maybe that isn't a good option. He won't get a V, turns out he's afraid of dying and doesn't like dr's. (his Grandma died after going to the hospital and getting treated and she totally shouldn't have died, she was  actually very healthy), and I HATE hormonal birth control and condoms suck but it looks like that will be it for awhile, now if I can just remember what that kind that was okay was...or we just won't do it. I'm the one who usually has a higher sex drive and honestly it is at zero. I still love him more than I dislike him but only by a little. If he was around more that would change b/c I like him so much I can't stay mad at him if he's around me.

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I've got an appointment in August for a new IUD. I had a nova-t before DD but am getting a Gynefix this time. It's a frameless copper IUD that is a string of copper beads clipped into the uterus. I don't think they're widely available in N America yet but there is a clinic here in Vancouver BC that sells and inserts them for $100. No plastic frame means there is less to cramp around apparently. A friend has had one for about a year and she says it's much less crampy than her old copper T. Fingers crossed.
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Lol...Gynafix, that's a super funny name for an IUD smile.gif
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 I'm totally touched out right now nursing two kiddos and my 2 year old still wants to nurse more than the baby. Sometimes even sitting on the couch and having the arm of the couch touch my arm makes me cringe I'm so touched out. 
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