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Vitamix questions...

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We're in the market for a Vitamix, mostly because DD has many food allergies and smoothies have turned into a main source of nutrition, and I know the Vitamix will let me mix in a lot more (and do so in a subtle manner).


For those who have them, is there a reason that I'd want one with a dial and variable speeds over the one that just has a low speed and a high speed? The variable speed ones are about $100 more....but if I'll regret it with use (and I hope to use it for much more than smoothies), then I could see spending the extra $.


Would love any input!



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I think it is worth it. Variable speed is useful for making salsa and any task that requires finer control of the blending speed. I also like to use it as a way of ramping (similar to pulsing) which can help dislodge an air bubble if you develop one while making a smoothie or something. But mostly I like to use the dial to slowly ramp up the blending at the beginning before switching over to high and then if I'm blending something more liquid-y I'll dial it back down to 3 or 4 to make sure there aren't any chunks left which can be tossed about and not hit the blades much in a thinner blend while running on high.


If they have any in stock the 5200 refurbs are a great price at $329. Even on the refurbished ones, you can still get free shipping when ordering directly from Vitamix with a promo code (06-006777) and they come with a 5 year warranty.

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I would get the different speeds.  There are so many things you can make and some call for different speeds.  One thing I am glad I didn't cheap out on was my Vitamix.  Seriously, it is my favorite appliance.  You won't regret it if you get the one you can do more with.

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