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anyone else back at work?

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Just wondering if anyone else is back at work yet, and if so, how are you managing everything?? I feel like I'm falling apart at the seams here sometimes.  I'm exhausted and DH and I never seem to stop...ever.  I don't know that it's really any different from staying home with the kids, since keeping kids isn't exactly a day off.  anyway, just rambling and wondering if anyone has any advise on how to make life go a bit more smoothly...

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hug2.gif I couldn't read and not give you a hug. I am not back, I have a year maternity leave. I can't even imagine trying to go back so soon, you are amazing that you are keeping it all together at all. Do you know anyone who could help you in some way, to give you a break? Maybe a neighbour who would be willing to do laundry, a friend who loves grocery shopping, a mom who likes to cook you meals etc? Something that would help lighten your daily load, without taking away family time. 

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thanks for the hugs deliac!  I'm mostly doing ok, i guess, but it's overwhelming! I did ask a neighbor of mine to help with my dd, who seems to always need a friend to play with, and dh and i finally broke down and hired someone to clean the house, so those have helped, but i still feel like all i do is either work, or get ready for work... but i really do appreciate the hugs :)   hopefully life will calm down soon!

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Hi Chiro--I'm not back yet, but will be at the end of July. I'm afraid of exactly what you're talking about--never having a second to rest! We just did a road trip down to visit my inlaws, and the baby decided to wake up WAY more often at night to nurse to make up for having been separated from me for most of the day (we stopped frequently to feed her and have time out of the carseat, but it wasn't as much cuddling as we usually do during the day). I'm afraid that once I'm back at work she's going to ramp up the nighttime nursing and that's ALL I'm going to be able to do at night.
So no advice, but I'll be in your boat soon! hug.gif
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Hey prettyisa! Sorry you'll be in my boat soon but I know u will be fine! Collin hasn't ramped up the night time nursing (only when he wasn't well) but other than that he's been pretty consistent with eating only 2x each night, so that's a blessing. Hopefully your LO will let u rest when u go back, its such a big help!!!
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Just did the first full day away from DS. It was a "practice" day at grandma's house. He ate 12oz and I pumped 14. I was soooo scared I wouldn't be able to pump why he ate. Now I know I'm in range at least. (This was pumping every two hours.) he also mapped just fine in the pack and play, so that's another worry I can be done with. Now to et over the ache I feel all day when he's gone. I relish the time to get things done but oh how I miss him.
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rosie im so glad u had a successful trial run! thats so helpful, knowing your LO is truly ok for a few hours!!!

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having trouble getting a straight answer on this one, but when i'm pumping at work during a break do i have to pump for a prescribed amount of time or until a certain amount is expressed? i have a quick letdown and a strong flow, so i pump crazy amounts super fast (senior superlative for best pumper?) so i'm wondering if i can cheat a little and take shorter breaks.

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I would think that would be fine Arby as long as u don't see ur supply drop. I just pump till I am empty. About 6 min each side.
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Arby - when I was pumping for my DD I was the same way (super supply, fast flow, quick & hard letdown) and I did just that. I only pumped until I had enough or until I was empty and never kept going. It worked out fine for me. It really depends on the person. I think if you have an awesome supply like that you can get away with much more. By only a couple months out, I was only pumping 3x per day and then I switched to just pumping on my way to and from work and I still always had more than enough.


Good luck!


I'm going back next week - my supply is fine but doesn't seem as super pumped up as it was last time so we'll see how the pumping goes this time.

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I could use some support. Odin is eating about 20oz a day in about six feedings at daycare (8:30-5pm). The day care provider has said to me a couple times, "he really eats a lot! Are you sure he is getting enough nutrition?" and once asked if I wanted to have formula as a backup. I said no and assured her that it was healthy but I would double check with the pediatrician. I did, and they say it's perfectly normal and fine.

So, how do I convince my provider that he's fine. I really love the way she cares for the children in her home, much better than others we interviewed. Butim scared she will get impatient with the number of feedings he needs. What would you do?
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people tend to respect doctors more than mothers, so i would use that to your advantage...something like:


yep, dr. xxx says hes perfectly normal and that BM isnt designed to keep babies full for extended periods of time.  he says as long as i can pump it, odin should drink it. 


you could also offer to purchase a few more bottles if that would make it easier so she didnt have to wash them as often...good luck mama. hopefully she will be patient!

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i blame everything on our peditrician... youd be amazed what people believe...


me, to g'ma...yep, dr alice insisted on organic fruit for olivia because those pesticides are soooo dangerous....g'ma goes for it :)

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My mom wouldn't go for the organics at all, but I'm using the doctor excuse to insist that Odin have nothing but BMilk until 6 months old. Mom keeps wanting to introduce rice cereal or something else, and is backed up by all her friends. I keep insisting that APA and my doctor say solids at 6mo, and start with veggies. Sigh.


I talked with Nora, the daycare lady, yesterday. I told her I was worried Odinw as taking too much of her time and she might not want to keep him in her care. She said "no no no no!" And explained she jst wanted to tell me everything and make sure it was okay. She has had BFed babies before, and I'm guessing they reverse cycled. Odin certainly isn't reverse cycling, despite spending a good amount of the night in bed. 

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Chiro - did you solve the problem of your mom giving the LO so much more milk than the daycare lady? I'm curious because I think I need to encourage both the daycare lady and my mom to try other soothing techniques if Odin is upset than milk first. He takes 20oz from them while I'm gone, usually between 9 and 5. I guess that is kind of a lot. But it seems to be increasing, despite the fact that kellymom tells me babies usually don't increase their milk intake. The past wo days daycare has given him 8 ounces in the morning at first feeding. I feel like 8 oz at once is really a lot! I think that the amount he is being fed is creeping up...

What would you do? Nothing? Between his 2 mo and 4 mo Ped visits he went from 50th percentile to 75th in weight, but stayed at 50 for height...
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Rosie - that IS a lot, but then, I know Grady wouldn't take the milk if he didn't want it. But then again, he has a paci so if he is wanting to suck but not get milk, he can have that. Does Odin take one? Grady will seriously clamp him mouth shut if you try to give him a bottle when he isn't truly hungry.


Grady seems to take anywhere from 8-12 oz while I am gone, 8-4:30ish.

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Rosie, my mom saw how freaked out I was when she fed him 6 oz while I was away for only an hour, and has since been much more careful with the amount she gives him. 20 oz does seem like a lot. And it's especially difficult for u, the momma to advise on other soothing techniques because he can nurse and comfort suck without depleting you stash! I don't have much in the way of other techniques for C. I do use a pacifier though, and I usually suggest going for a walk outside to catch his interest if at all possible. We seems to be hitting some sort of transition. This week I've only worked one day and he was miserable! Never happened before. He wouldn't even take a bottle. Don't know what's happening there. We are introducing some solids, but not enough to replace a bottle...but it is a good way to keep him happy. He starts actual daycare on Tuesday so I'm anxious to see how this goes...
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I am pumping and nursing due to a latch problem with Savian.  If I nurse exclusively, it is too hard on him and he gets too tired out to.  The lactation consultant said to try to feed no more than 3.5-4 oz at each bottle feeding to mimic a breastfeeding session.  If he is used to larger meals it may be harder to transition at first but that he would only be taking in that much at the breast so you need to do the same with the bottle.  If you give larger meals he may go too long between meals. 

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Thanks nic mom!
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Just put in my two weeks' notice. I worked a total of six weeks and the income was great, but the challenges and downsides were too many. Excited for more time with little man even though it means a lot more squeezing pennies.

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