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Hopeful but confused...

Poll Results: Pregnant on first try?

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Ok I know others have prob asked the same questions but I feel that every incident is situational and I'd feel better if I had some feedback from people who have been where I am.  I have only calculated my OV day but no charting or temps or anything like that yet.


This is our first month TTC and I so want it to happen right away because well I'm no spring chicken!  We are both in our early 30's no real health issues so I am hopeful but only prob is limited time to BD this month as we have tons going on. I KNOW I KNOW we have to be making love for this thing to happen but this is our first try.  Closest BD happened 3 days before O after which husband left to Costa Rica for 2 weeks.  My cycle is 32 days, Last AF was June 2nd. Most recently BD'd June 15th and 16th and ovulated June 19th. I want to know the likelyhood of pregnancy 3 days before O.  I also want to know how soon to test--I did the wrong thing by testing yesterday (7DPO) and of coarse got a BFN.  I am just anxious and eager for this next chapter. Any insight is welcome.  Anyone get preggers 1st month trying with limited BD time?!



SvenMommy <3

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Our first was unexpected, but for this one (currently TTC), we have been at it (no pun intended) for 3 months now, and still no baby.   

I also have a 32 day cycle, and for me the best time to test is 13-14dpo.. I think any earlier would give me a negative no matter what.


Good luck!

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I conceived my first on the first try which ended in a chemical pregnancy, and then conceived DS the very next month at 33 years old.  We conceived DD on the second try at 34 years old. I am currently baking our 3rd which we conceived on the third try and I am 36.  With the first two we were casually trying.  We decided to not prevent and voila! On the third because I wanted to be finished by 37 we put a little more effort into our timing.

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Conceived my first on the first try, this time around it's taking a bit longer.

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I got my 1 year old daughter by DTD 3 days before O. Apparently my DH has some strong swimmers considering we DTD and then I got on a plane for work and flew across the US. I was in NM and he was in GA when I realized, through charting, that my O was early. We had thought we would be safe because my O was due six days into my trip (my cycles are like clock work) not 3 and I wasn't having any real fertile CF that I had noticed. So yes you can get pregnant by DTD 3 days before O.


Good Luck!

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