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Zackary James is here!

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After my water broke on Saturday, labor finally started Monday evening around 630 p.m.  With this being my second birth, I have been surprised all along how different the two pregnancies and now births were from one another.  I had an ache very low in the belly just above pubic bone that I didn't realize was rythmic until I was eating dinner.  Finally!  something was happening.  My OB was on the wait & see approach and Monday was the end of the third day of waiting.  Called our doula and birth photographer and labored all night long. Hypnobabies was amazing again as I easily was able to handle each contraction (pressure wave).  What I didn't expect is that by 3 in the morning the contractions were getting farther apart.  From 3 -6 I had to work to get each contraction started.  I had been dilated except for a cervical lip and we were trying to get that moved.  (Not pleasant!).  By 6 a.m.  I was concerned we were not going to have baby without intervention.   My hubby suggested one more stint on the toilet - the toilet bowl ring was the only thing left that stimulated any contraction.  So, my hubby, doctor, doula, and birth photographer ended up in the bathroom as I sat and gave two incredibly powerful pushes to see if I could get baby down and engaged in the pelvis.  After the two, everyone was hauling me up off the toilet, much to my confusion.  Doula said that it was because they didn't want me to have baby in the toilet.  I was shocked that I could go from not engaged to having baby in just two pushes!  They set up a birthing stool, and about 6 - 8 pushes I could feel him moving down, down, down, and felt his head being born, then another push and his body was out.  Doctor gave him to me right away and I was able to hold him and only thing I could say over and over was I Love You.  Hubby was right there crying  and crying.  Second stage was clocked at 23 minutes. 


After birth - I had similar bleeding issues as with my first.  I ended up losing blood, hemoglobin down to 8 . something but still better than with my first which was close to needing a transfusion - not sure if this is due to fibroid uterus or age or ??? 


Baby Zackary was taken for observation as his breathing wasn't what they wanted to see.   His respiratory rate was 100 - 120 and they were concerned about him being only 36 weeks.  He had blood tests, chest x-ray, oxygen and nurse finally put him on his tummy which helped slow his breathing and he was able to get his resp rate down to the 40's. 


I am a bit glad he did come early as he already weighed 7 lbs 4 ounces and is 20" long.  His sister was full term 40 week baby and weighed 8 lbs 6 ounces and was 20 1/2" long.  


We have both stabilized and he is sleeping peacefully next to me now.  He has a great latch and sucking really well, so no problems there.  I'm waiting for my milk to come in. 


Big Sister Olivia will get to meet him today.  We'll be able to go home tomorrow and start our family together.  I feel so blessed, finally after so many years, to be a mother of two wonderful children.

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Congratulations cheryllynn!

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Congrats! Let's see some pictures!

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Hooray!  :)  That is crazy about him becoming engaged in two pushes!  Congratulations - like Karrey, I can't wait to see him!

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Congrats, Mama!  I'm so glad he's okay!  And yeah, we want to see him ;)  Pictures, please!  ;)  

Enjoy the babymoon!

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Yay! Congratulations smile.gif thanks for sharing the story!!
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Great story and congratulations!! How cool. orngbiggrin.gif

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Congratulations! joy.gif

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Congratulations!  Glad to hear all is going well for you & your LO.

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Welcome to the world, little Zachary!  Thank you for sharing your story.

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