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Need advice on head lice!!

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So we have had plans for tonight for about 4 months with some very close friends that we don't see often as they live far from us. Well my babysitter just called and let me know that her children had lice last week. She says that she did everything to get rid of them, treated her house thoroughly, her children, etc. She is a very close friend of 15 years and a great mother so I trust her. But I don't trust the lice. I'm worried that my son could still bring something home. He would be staying over there for the night. Is a weeks time really enough time to know that they're gone??


I really do not want to flake on my friends but I also obviously wouldn't want lice in this house and it seems they are hard to get rid of.  Unfortunately, finding another sitter is out of the question, so it's either stay or go. My son has short hair, husband's head is shaved, I have long thick hair. If any of that matters....


Please offer any experience you have...I really need some advice! Am I being paranoid here??? shrug.gif

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I would say totally in the right to be worried. I think it takes a while to make sure there aren't eggs left to hatch.
Only reason I lean towards saying yes, is from what I've seen, kids with very fine and short hair have a much harder time catching lice.
I wouldn't send any bedding over, keep him in one outfit the entire time, and give hime a good lice combing when he gets home and a hot wash of any clothing. Also heard lice likes clean hair. Possible add some gel to your son's hair before he goes.
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Thank you for your response!


This is such a tough call. I know that our friends would be so disappointed if I canceled on them. Especially at the last minute like this. Our usual babysitter is out of town and this friend was very kind to offer to help but I'm SO concerned with the lice thing. Ugh.


Decisions, decisions....

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i would go...a week is enough time imo. we dealt with lice recently and it is very fresh in my mind!

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Although it may be too late for this weeks visit, you should know about non-toxic X-PEL Anti-Lice Shampoo & Conditioner (www.x-pelheadlice.com).  Not only is a treatment, it is also a repellent that helps prevent infestation.

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I guess just keep in the back of your mind that getting live is a possibility. We have had lice previously and I would not wish it on anyone. It took weeks to get rid of, just when I thought it was gone, it came back.
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