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Help mama's! Need homepathic cure for possible ear infection

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DD had one ear infection once about 5 months ago and I used garlic oil to clear it up. She's 9 months old now and has been pulling on her ears a little bit for about a week now. I've heard that they will do this while teething though too. I've been using the garlic oil for about a week now and have seen little to no change at all. She primarily pulls on the left one and it seems to bug her a bit at night. I'm hoping the garlic oil will fix it because I'm extremely reluctant to take her to the ped because I always get the third degree about vaxing. Grrrrrr, they can be really nasty, and we have keiser so my choices of peds is very limited. So far it hasn't been like the last one with constant pulling and crying, it seems fairly mild. My DS went through the antibiotic thig for two years before they finally put tubes in. I dont want DD to end up on antibiotics constantly, we've been battling thrush for what seems like ages now and I'd hate to see what a nice big dose of antibiotics would do to our nursing relationship. I've also heard that you can put breastmilk in their ears to clear up an infection, but since it's yeasty I haven't done that, I'm just not sure if it's good to put yeast in her ears, KWIM? I've got my fingers crossed that some of you mama's will have some more ideas....
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Hello peatree, This is what Aviva Romm says to do in her book "Naturally healthy babies and children" - avoid cold-natured foods(such as cold juices and foods that cool the body), and dairy products,as they encourage production of mucus leading to congestion of the ear. Do not let your child have any juice or cold foods straight from the fridge until the infection has gone for at least three days;provide warm foods; give vitamin C - 250 mg 4 times a day; garlic-mullein oil drops-add 1oz mullein flowers to your garlic oil( 1 whole bulb + 1 pint olive oil); give echinacea tincture 1 drop per 2 pounds of body weight, 4x day;for a persistent ear infection place 2-3 drops of goldenseal tincture directly into the ear canal 3-4x day until cleared up. you can also prop your child up on a pillow when she is sleeping to promote drainage,apply a warm compress (if she'll let you), massage the ear using gentle pressure, draw a line along the back of the ear and down the back of the jawbone, you could also do an elimination diet to see if it related to a food allergy; could be a pet dander allergen? Hope it clears up soon, take care. ~holly
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Thank you so much for that information. If at all possible we avoid those peds like the plague! I'm going to run out to the store tonight and pick this stuff up. Poor baby, this has been bugging her for a while now....
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OK, I have heard lots of people talking about drops in the ear for ear infection . . . but then I read that drops in the ear don't work for otitis media because they do not penetrate the middle ear. So, according to what I read, drops are really only for outer ear infections, like swimmer's ear.

Any thoughts on that?

DS has thick but uninfected (so far) fluid in his ear. Can I use similar tinctures as those mentioned above?
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Garlic oil has worked for me. I think the warmth of the oil is soothing even if it doesn't penetrate to the middle ear, scribblerkate.

Bellasmum, is it safe to give all those things to a 9 month old baby? I thought most were not recommended for babies under two.
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Wanted to add that our chiropractor recommended a book, Childhood Ear Infections. It's by Michael Schmidt, DC, and has lots of natural home remedies. I'll be checking it out from the library today and will let you know if it has anything useful. Our MD has not been helpful in this regard, as she is a strict adherent to antibiotics, which we tried because we were not prepared for the ear infection (DS never had one before) but (1) they didn't work and (2) they made DS vomit. Lovely. And, doc's advice is to "hope he doesn't get another infection before the fluid clears up." Sigh. Sorry for the rant, but I am really fed up with doc after this latest thing.
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Hello peatree!
I am also a mother against vacc's and antibiotics. My experience with ear infections: When I was little my mother blew smoke into my ears and then plugged it in with cotton balls. Three sisters and none of us have ever had a single ear infection since. I did the same with both my babies and had the same results. Six years and no infections. I don't know how it worked or maybe we have all just been lucky, but the technique has been handed down for generations in my family.

Oh, yeah, I used an American Spirit cig. Supposedly made with organic tobacco. My mom used a Lucky Strike Not sure if it makes a difference

Good luck and hope your babes feel better soon!
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Liz- As far as I have found all of those remedies are safe for children under two. You can get children's echinacea and liquid children's vit. C, Goldenseal as an internal remedy shouldn't be used in significant amounts for children under two as far as I know, but it is fine for the ears. I have used these things on my one year old daughter with great results. They were recommended by our herbalist/nutritionist and she specializes in children's health.~holly
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Our pediatrician recommends "Ear" and "Inflamation" tablets (two separate bottles) by BHI. We have had success using these to treat my son's ear infections (although we are battling recurrent ear infections). They are in a white bottle and I have seen them at the Health Food stores here. Let me know if you need more information. Good luck, ear infections are not fun.
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I found this article (and then bought the book ) back in Nov. when our ped. told us we'd need 3 mos of antibiotics or ear tubes. We did neither and haven't had an ear infection since.

I really do love this author! Make sure, though, that if you buy the ear drops; ie. mullein and garlic, they're from a good source like the Herb Pharm. I've seen some really diluted forms out there.

PS: Forgot to mention we brought him to a chiro. who worked WONDERS draining his ears.
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