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Big Change!

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Today is the day!   I am leaving clinical dentistry and taking the summer off!  In the fall I will be teaching at a dental hygiene school both lecturing and clinical supervision of the students, but as of 5 pm today I don't have any patients scheduled!  I'm nervously excited.  To leave clinical dentistry is scary, but I've already had 3 word of mouth job offers, so I feel confident that if I don't like the teaching gig or find I miss practicing, then I will have options to go back.  Excited because being in academics will mean having my summers free to be with the kids.  After this summer then they will all be in school all day and having the summers free will mean a great deal to me, and hopefully to them as well!

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Good for you, DentMom!  I hope this works out for you.  My dad is retired from practice but two years ago he decided to teach at a univeristy dental school which involves two clinics a week and it is perfect for him.  Of course, he's retired and doesn't have kids at home, but it allows him to keep doing denistry and also gives him time to garden and all the things he never got to do during years of practice.

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Sounds like a great change for you, congratulations!
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That is so exciting!!

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