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i havent done it, but i did read the book "orgasmic birth" several times and they have stories of women using vibrators to help during labor. you should read that book.

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Thanks a lot! I will definitely check it out!

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Vibes in labor are safe, assuming they are clean and waterproof if you're using the tub. winky.gif


I'm actually planning on doing this. I sometimes use a vibrator for menstrual cramps (I have horrible, horrible cramps), and it really does relieve the pain! It really sounds like such an asset in labor.

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i've used them for the same reasons! that makes sense :)

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A birth attendant I know once attended a birth where the woman masturbated through the whole thing!!

:) I will be giving it a go when I pop!

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I definitely found some relief with manual stimulation. I don't know how I'd feel about using a magic wand, but I'm not big on vibration near my body anyway.

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I did manual during some intense braxton hicks and it caused me to have horrible back spasms. I think it wud have been different during labor.
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I will definately be trying this during labor !

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