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Things to do in Columbia, SC

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Hi there!

My family and I are going to be spending this next weekend and week in Columbia.  I'm wondering if any of you who live there could provide some "must-do" type of things in the Columbia area.  We are visiting my sister, who only moved there less than a year ago and hasn't been out much yet to explore all of the great things in Columbia.

Also, our two daughters are age 4 and 1.  I figure that might play a role in what you would suggest :).  I'm thinking of any neat museums, parks, shopping, etc that we might enjoy as a family.  Oh, and we'll probably have an evening or two for DH and I to have a date, so suggestions for that would be great too!


Thanks a lot!!!!


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Don't live there and have never been to it, but I hear the Columbia Riverbanks Zoo is great, especially for little kids because there's less walking involved than at some other zoos. http://www.riverbanks.org/

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