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How do you do your rotation diet?

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I'm thinking about doing a rotation diet for DD1 and then one for myself as well. But I don't know exactly how to work the rotating.


DD1 is sensitive to soy, wheat, and dairy mainly. She can finally have corn- yay! But not every day. I won't be giving her any soy, as that's her biggest issue apparently. But I would like to rotate the corn, wheat, and dairy. 


And DD2 is EBF and is showing signs of food sensitivities, so I'm doing an elimination diet. Unfortunately, I think she's sensitive to potato. It's crazy!! But I do eat a lot of potato. After being off potato for 2+ months, she was much better. Back to pooping every day, not as gassy or fussy. But I've been trialing it for the past 10 days and she's back to fussy and not pooping :( I'm hoping to be able to have it in a rotation diet. 


If you've tried a rotation diet of any kind, I'd love some tips. Do you do something like wheat on T/Th of week 1 and then dairy on M/F of week 2. Or is it just trial and error on my end?




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I'm just rotating my allergy son here so I can't give advice on trying to coordinate the two of you. I think I would try to keep you on the same rotation though as much as you can. It would be easier in planning family meals. All of our meals are based off my son's rotation. Snacks, though, have some variation for the rest of us.

We just have a diet planned where we eat food families with four days between repeats. Honestly, I just do the same meals (and snacks for him) in a rotation schedule so every fourth day is x, y, and z while day 1 is a, b, and c. After a long time I did add in things that have been safe for my son more frequently. But most things are still rotated here. We do avoid his actual allergens altogether. I originally used the rotation to track down a few things that were intolerances (GI only; his allergic reactions range from hives to anaphylaxis so those are "easy" to figure out!). Now I'm using it more to hopefully prevent sensitizing to something else. He can eat (in rotation) one of the things he was previously intolerant to so I do think it could help you in that. I hope so!
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When I did mine, it rotated things on a four or five day cycle so it was a different grain every day with the idea of any suspected food being avoided for four or five days and then tried again. Here's a PDF that's interesting.


And, I like the work of the Feingold Association, though they are more focused on food additives.


Good luck!

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