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Sleep issues since toddler bed.

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My son used to be a very good easy sleeper.  We moved to a new town a month ago and he never does well on the first night in a new place, so that night he learned how to get out of his crib.  Ever since he can get right out of bed by himself sleep has been a major struggle.  We used to just read him a story and he would roll over and fall asleep.


He doesn't eat as well as he used to.  He's cranky so much more.  He's getting 3-4 hrs less sleep than what he needs.  Everyone's tired.  I've kinda just been trudging along....and just trying to get by.....and then today I thought, maybe I need to take a step back and see what I can do correct this and what I'm doing that's not helping. 


Has anyone btdt and have any advice?




If he was the type of kid that wanted me to sleep with him, I would gladly do it, but he's never been able to settle down and sleep with me.  He likes his own sleeping space.


I also thought of some things that I've kinda let creep into daily life, with the busyness of moving and what not, that weren't normally there.....like too much cartoon time, too many white carb snacks (still "healthy" stuff, but I think he's eating more of that than usually, because we've just been in "keep him happy" mode lately), and not enough book reading.




 I would love to hear any thoughts on this. 




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HAve his sleep times changed? Earlier or later?  Any naps still? Have they changed?  How about developmental stuff?  Does he seems to be heading into some sort of growth spurt, developmental leap? 


It sounds like it might be some of the things you mentioned changing + a move + something else?  

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I hadn't realized how much TV we had let creep in.  We don't even own a TV, but have netflix and a computer.  We decided to cut off all screen time yesterday and it's been a real improvement for sure.


Also, no sugary snacks and more balanced meals.  



I think all of this stuff was making him too stimulated and then he wasn't sleeping at his normal times....so we just moved them all back...which probably wasn't good. I think once we made some changes, we were able to bring back his normal sleep times again.  ...and yeah he still naps.


It's kind of no brainer stuff, but we just somehow got in this new rhythm without really realizing it.

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Yeah, it happens.  I have had the same thing where I look at my dd and wonder why she is being a giant butthead all of a sudden. Then i look at the fact that its been raining for 4 days straight and she hasn't gotten outside, there's been more TV and she's been eating dubious amounts of snacks. LOL Oh...that would do it. LOL


The other two things that often seem to have an impact are when she is getting sick, or getting ready to learn something big. Then she's off too.

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Yeah, ds was sick for a few days last week, so the TV got ramped up pretty hard core.  ...and then stayed that way.  :)

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