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Moon Cup issue...

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Hi all!

This is my 3rd (or maybe 4th) cycle using the moon cup.  It has worked perfectly up until today :(  I've had no issues and very  few leaks, but today when AF showed, I popped it in and it fell out after a few minutes.  Over and over and over until I just gave up and pulled out my box of pads.  I'm doing nothing different, obviously haven't had a kid since last cycle (lol), no weight gain/loss etc.  What the heck?  I'm so confused and mad/frustrated.  any suggestions?

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I don't know what does it, but sometimes I have cycles like that - where it just doesn't work.  sometimes I wonder if my body is just out of alignment.  I've never been able to track down a cause though.

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I am not sure why that happens, but, I have experienced something similar.   I own a variety of cups (Moon cup, Mooncup, Lunette, Yuuki and Mia Cup), and one period one of them will work, and the next period it won't, so I use a different one, and it solves the problem.


My body doesn't really like the UK Mooncup. 


The funny part is that once of them work, I can use it the rest of my period, no problem.  Then the next month, that one will not work, but the one I couldn't get to seal will work just fine!


I am still scratching my head over that one.



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I am not a cup user (I use pads), but I will see if TracyGladRags can help you.  She's the owner of GladRags and knows all about the different cups on the market!

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Glad to hear the cup has been working out for you, until now at least. Sometimes a cup falling out can be a symptom of an underlying issue (like uterine prolapse), so if it continues to happen, you'll want to check in with your primary care provider.


Is the cup actually "falling" out, or just sliding downwards? Getting a really good seal could help solve the problem. You said you'd been having some minor leakage, which could mean that the cup isn't forming a perfect seal yet. Try giving the base of the cup a slight twist after you insert it to help create a strong seal.


It could also just be that our bodies are funny sometimes! eyesroll.gif Personally, my body has days where it just doesn't want to use anything internal, so it's important to just listen to what your body has to say.


Feel free to message me if you want to have a private convo, too. Hope this helps a little!

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