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They outright refused to refer me.prior to 20w!!!! Even though i said i was concerned about rhe chorionicity and the fact thay it has not been establishes (probably sounded like i was speaking chinese)The mfm place refused to see me without a referral. My pcp would not give me a referral either (since i am not in her care and also i suspect politics) . It even says on the records that i will go to the mfm @20 w. for a/s and to establish perinatal care if needed. I really REALLY hope that any dr/practice that know even a tiny bit about twins would see this as an issue, especially in light of the fact that there is NOTHING about the chorionicity there (i think that they are monoamniotic based on 1. all the ultrasounds i.looked at online and the fact that what i saw looked like the monochorionic ones and b) the fact that at appt #1 he said he thought they were ID and at appt #2 he said it looked like one big placenta. Not even going go mention AGAIN the fact that at appt # after saying he thought they were ID he said he dis not see a membrane. All things point to majorly inept. It would be fine if he were inept and realized it and sent me elsewhere, but to act like he knows what he is doing is basically infuriating.
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lilysmom, assuming you are in the US and you have a health insurance carrier that requires referrals, I would do the following: call the MFM's office and ask to speak to the person who handles insurance and see if they can advise; if they can't help, call the insurance company and ask how to appeal the decision (state that your twins share a placenta). My health insurance offers case management for women carrying twins (a RN who is assigned to follow you during your pg) and part of their job is to help you with these situations, because the insurance company is really interested in preventing complications. Mine always asks me about access to prenatal care and whether anything is preventing me from getting care I feel I need. I switched carriers in the middle of my pg and both had this type of program, but I don't know if all do (and we have a choice plan, not an HMO). If you are outside the US and working with a national healthcare system, I'd call a private doctor and ask what the cost is/payment plan for an ultrasound and consult to determine chorionicity. (But where I'm from, private doctors, while pricey, are not as insanely costly as what they bill in the US.) If everyone continues to be uncooperative, I'd also ask the doctor's office for a letter in writing with their recommendation not to diagnose until 20w, pointedly stating that you need to show it to your insurance carrier and/or lawyer. Sorry about the continued frustration. It really is unbelievable. My experience has really been the opposite, fighting to get out of certain types of monitoring.intervention, not having to beg for basic services!

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Gozal---THANK YOU!!!!!! That is really helpful! It is the mfm that is requiring the referral, not the insurance. The insurance said that as long as the practice does not require a referral i can self refer. But i cannot get a referral from anyone. I did get an appointment at the new practice to see a cnm next week. Not ideal, but the earliest they would get me in to see an ob was next month (despite my repeated insistence that they need to establish chorionicity and the earlier the better)...so i figured maybe the cnm can help me advocate for myself. (I am in the us and i have never had to fight like this for anything. My insurance is pretty awesome, but it is the doctors offices causing all this, not insurance). The new practice has cnms, obs and a perinatologist on staff..so i am really really hoping they are not inept also once i finally get seen. On the worlds most nondescript medical.records (from old ob. ..i got a copy just in case) it says "twins" and alao.it says that i will be going to "Portland(the town with mfm practice 2 hours away) @20 w to establish perinatal care if needed". My dh also thinks the insurance may be able to.step.in and do something, so calling them.is my next step. Thank you for offering your advice and insight....i am a mess right now because i feel.like nobody is.listening to.me.at.all and i am working really hard to advocate for myself+babies and i juat keep hitting brick walls (yesterday when i called the mfm office they suggested getting a referral from.my primary care dr if the ob refused, but the pcp.refused as well b/c she is not seeing me for the pregnancy)(nor will she as she no.longer does prenatal.care).
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Lilysmama, i really feel for you, its so hard when you feel like your the only done paying attention!


if i were you i would take the "scare the hell out of them" approach.


i would sit down and write a official letter stating that you know that more needs to be done to establish chronicity and that this need to be done early in order to protect your pregnancy and your babies from any number of risky scenarios. (i really dont mean to scare you or anyone but i would really talk up all the risks big time here) i would list our 3-5 of the scariest sounds risks and also the most common one they may have heard of.


I would then state very clearly that if any of these things are caught to later than preferred because of their failure to refer you that you will be discussing it with your layer as to any negligence or malpractice being demonstrated.


i would also in the letter ask for in writing a official letter from the doctor stating why he would not referral you to a MFM as per your request, giving the medical reasoning for denying your request (if he still refusing, i doubt big tim that he would!)


i would CC the following people (and show the CC at bottom the letter so that everyone knows all the rest of the folks who got it)


  • the doctor in question
  • his risk manager 
  • is he works in a network, find the regional risk manager or something like that. his office reports to someone, find out who
  • your insurance
  • possibly your PCM


if you have a layer, list them by name, heck have them send it on their letterhead if you wish to go that far.






 im not about suing people, but i do come from a long line of layers and have found that too many people think they have power over you, that really dont.


 he is working for you and has a responsibility to explain and stand by his decisions.  getting medical care is should not be a case of "they let me" or "they allowed me". but they have been bulling folks for a long time and it suits them well, take a stand and make it clear you know you have rights and you will be calling the shots.  respect that they have the training, but they need to explain then and be held accountable to that training. being respectful does not mean talking their advice without question.




go get them!

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I'm still trying to figure out a lot of these abbreviations. What does MFM stand for? and what is chorionicity? 

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MFM = Maternal & Fetal Medicine Specialist,  someone who specialized in complex pregnancies 


Chorionicity = The degree of separation of the twins in utero depends on if and when they split into two zygotes. Dizygotic twins were always two zygotes. Monozygotic twins split into two zygotes at some time very early in the pregnancy. The timing of this separation determines the chorionicity and amniocity (the number of sacs) of the pregnancy. Dichorionic twins either never divided (i.e.: were dizygotic) or they divided within the first 4 days. Monoamnionic twins divide after the first week.


(in normal pregnacies, we always hear about the amniotic sac, so tons of folks dont even know there is always two sacs around a baby!)

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i would suggest that greg reading can be found on Twins on Wikipedia, i have found this entry to be very complete and very factual over the 3 years i have referenced it again and again.

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Hi Everyone-


just dropping in because I'm reading/lurking a lot but not replying much.. feel free to PM me if you want more photos (as some requested) I post a lot to my flickr feed. 

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Is anyone using a belly band or some type of support?

My partner is 24 weeks and starting to feel a lot of lower back strain and hip and pelvic pain. The doctor suggested getting a dsupport band/belt. 

Is there one that is best, good stretch for twin pregnancies, doesn't just ride up and get annoying?



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Also, about diapers.

We used cloth with our DD and plan to do it again with the twins. 


For the first few months we did a diaper service. It costs about the same or a little cheaper than disposables. And we didn't have to deal with those really messy liquid poo diapers. 

Then we went to doing our own with pre-folds and covers. 

We have some fitted. 


With twins, I plan on doing a load of diapers every night and another load or two of clothes a day. 


Currently, we do all of our laundry on the weekend. 

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Thanks adorkable! I have been reading all your suggestions and have started (mentally) working on a letter. I have an appointment one week from.today with a cnm at a completely different practice (they have many obs, cnms, and mfms on staff). Not idea that it is a cnm, BUT i.could.not see the ob for a month. I am hoping that they have a normal knowledge of what should be happening once she "discovers" that i have twins and i get referred right away to mfm. I also now have an appointment scheduled for 20w with the original mfm (i am thinking maybe now that ihave been officially referred that i can.push to have the date moved up). Yesterday at my nt scan that did not happen (babies were measuring 14w4d) the tech determined one placenta for sure and she also visualized the membrane, (which makes me very happy).

I have calmed down so much about it all, maybe just because knowing for a fact that they are mono-di (even though i am technically the only one who really knows, since the tech doesn't count) means at least i KNOW SOMETHING for sure. I also am happy that tbey were measuring the exact same size and she checked a bunch of other stuff too and everything looked good so far). I know ttts is still a risk, but at this exact moment in time i am good and my babies are good.
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LM, wonderful news, you sound like you are in great hands... yours

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cols I used one mostly from 28-38w of my twin pregnancy when I was standing all day or hiking/walking and it made a big difference in terms of my comfort and energy and back pain etc.. it was the Gabrialla Maternity Support Band (on amazon is where I purchased it) and I wore it the last few weeks pretty much every day all day until I went to bed- I am normally a size 2/4 and found it did not ride up and helped a lot- I didnt wear one with my singletons but found I really needed it with my twins (but maybe it had to do more with chasing a toddler around.. I dont know.. )

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Hey all. We had an u/s today with a specialist and it was determined today they are NOT conjoined, but ARE monoamniotic. They were measuring right on track and had good heartbeats.

Wow. I guess this might actually happen....
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Since I introduced myself earlier, I thought I had better post an update. I'm now 27 weeks. I had an ultrasound about 3 weeks ago. We saw only one baby, and the tech, nor anyone else, seemed/seems to have any idea what I was hearing with my fetoscope. The tech told me that there is, of course, still a chance that there is a twin in there, but that it is just much smaller. But I have nearly convinced myself that there is just one. I almost went ahead and upped everything, but I decided not to, unless my midwife has a reason to suspect that I should (my next appointment is a week from today). Part of me can't shake that feeling that there is a twin, and I don't know if it's because of something real or because I had been so convinced already. Guess I'll find out for certain at the birth. ;-) So, anyway, I'll probably just continue lurking occassionally. And if there really is more than one after I give birth, you'll all certainly hear about it!

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Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post

Hey all. We had an u/s today with a specialist and it was determined today they are NOT conjoined, but ARE monoamniotic. They were measuring right on track and had good heartbeats.
Wow. I guess this might actually happen....

Bolt.gifWhhhhaaaatttttt????  That's great news.... Why must I stalk to find this out?  Bolt.gif

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Thread Starter 

lily- great news! Keep us updated about that appointment :)


x- whew! Im so glad for you :)


ahomebirthmama- scary to know that an ultrasound could possibly miss a twin at 27 weeks!




Im anxious about my appointment on Monday morning. We are at 15 weeks now, but somehow I still expect there to not really be two babies in there, so I always fear the worst. I broke down last week and checked with my doppler and heard two clear hearbeats, so Im pretty sure everything is okay. We are leaving DD with a sitter so that we can see the ultrasound together, since this is the gender reveal ultrasound. Who knows, maybe we'll even make an announcement about the twins once we know!

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Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post

Hey all. We had an u/s today with a specialist and it was determined today they are NOT conjoined, but ARE monoamniotic. They were measuring right on track and had good heartbeats.
Wow. I guess this might actually happen....

That's great news!!


Adaline'sMama - I can totally relate to that anxiety. Will be thinking of you Monday morning!

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Originally Posted by Milk8shake View Post

Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post

Hey all. We had an u/s today with a specialist and it was determined today they are NOT conjoined, but ARE monoamniotic. They were measuring right on track and had good heartbeats.

Wow. I guess this might actually happen....
Bolt.gif Whhhhaaaatttttt????  That's great news.... Why must I stalk to find this out?  Bolt.gif

You love to stalk and you know it. orngtongue.gif I'll go update you on Facebook now....
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Adaline'sMama- I'm feeling the same way. I have my first official appointment tomorrow and I'm nervous they will only find one. I think a lot has to do with the fact that i'm not feeling as sick or as tired as I imagined I would with twins. Praying and hoping for the best though! Will know more tomorrow.

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