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Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post

I just loved this line: "nursing twins is frequently a circus, at times an altar, occasionally a battle zone, always a reunion." I want to memorize that and say it again sometime....
And this, "One evening, bitten once too often, I'd had enough. "Weaned! And weaned!" I proclaimed as I plucked each boy from my chest. I had been climbed on and tugged at and gnawed on past the point of human endurance. I handed each boy a fistful of Cheerios and started supper for the rest of the family. For 45 minutes I lived the life of a non-nursing mother. And at 6:15 we sat down to nurse again."

ROTFLMAO.gif  Yes, that's it exactly!  I've been reading The Series of Unfortunate Events books for very light summer reading, and I'm pretty sure one of my twins is Sunny Baudelaire.  OUCH!!  (still nursing at 17mo and counting) 

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My doctors appointment went really well. I really liked my doc and so did DH. We will get an ultrasound every time we go which I am really excited about. I was so amazed by how much the babes had developed in just 4 weeks! They went from looking like jellybeans to a baby! With fingers and toes and kicking each other and so perfectly formed! The doc called them boys because of how they kept kicking each other. We are really hoping he is right, but will be happy either way. We have 2 girls already and I really want to be done after this pregnancy. DH will agree to being done if they are boys, but will need some convincing I think if they are girls. He would really love to have a son and so would I. 

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Adorkable: Our first set are definitely DZ.  Never had even their blood tested to know if types are the same of diff...but Q is her daddy's and M is all my genes!  It was obvious from the moment of birth! 


Mamalove: We do not know the sex of our little ones.  We didn't find out with the girls until they were born and we are planning to find out at the birth of these too.  I'm trying to decide between hospitals.  The one I delivered the girls at was OK...4 min from our house, I like the OB's in my local practice (its also where I work!), but I must admit, I wasn't thrilled about my nursing care at the hospital.  And, the other hospital (1.5 hours away) has a better TOLAC/VBAC rate and lower c-section rate in general (lowest in the state).  My local OB says he'll do anything in his power to give me a good opportunity to have a VBAC, but its not all about him.  If he's going to be there to labor with me, great, but its just not the way it works.  And, its a 1 in 5 that he'd be on call.  He's actually out of the country around my 37th week.  One of the OBs in the local practice would deliver all twins by c-section if it was her choice.  Hmmm... we do laugh about it, but with that knowledge, I've not seen her once for an appt this pregnancy!  :)  So, I'm going to, "interview," the other OB group...any questions or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.   

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QM - Very exciting!  I've found out the sex for all my other pregnancies and really wanted a surprise this time and I am so excited to meet these babies and find out who they are!  I think it's definitely worth shopping around for an OB and a practice that you like, although, like you, I find it incredibly frustrating that even when you find one you click with, there is no guarantee that they'll be there for the birth :(

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Hi everyone, some of you may remember me from some other posts.  I didn't write often, but found this thread and this site so refreshing and actually a real life savor at times.  I wanted to thank all of you who answered my questions and gave me hope while I was battling the medical establishment durning my pregnancy.  It really helped me get through!  I would like to say I went into labor July 25, 2012 when I was 37 weeks.  I was supposed to be induced the next day, but with the help of some sex, evening of primrose oil and a membrane sweep, I went into labor on my own that morning.  My mono-di twin boys were delivered at 10:49pm and 10:53pm at 5lbs 8oz and 5lbs 3oz.  I was able to have a totally natural, med free vaginal delivery!  This was after Baby B flipped and went into a footling breech position, with his cord prolapsed and presenting- yikes!  My OB/Peri is very skilled in breech deliveries (which is why I scoped the city and picked him) and while all the residents were calling out 'C-section doctor,' my OB said no and stuck is entire arm in my you know what and with a towel (because my lil boy kept slipping) grabbed his foot and pulled him out!  It didn't feel good at all, but I didn't care b/c I didn't tear and I didn't have to be cut and I didn't have to have any drugs.  This was so important to me!  So I just wanted to encourage those of you who haven't delivered yet to hang in there and go after the birthing you want.  I really had to fight the hospital and the nurses to honor my birth plan and while I had to make a lot of compromises (especially one of them being delivering in the OR on the worst table known to man, and lying flat on my back with stirrups,) I got my most important wish of not having a C-section, so stick to your guns.  I said 'NO' a lot while I was in labor.  Everything is going well and I'm exclusively nursing with the help of those ridiculously huge twin nursing pillows!  I nurse them at the same time and I have to say the pillow really works ;


Good luck to everyone! 

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Congratulations on your babies Gindugirl!  And way to go on your natural birth!!  That is awesome :)  I hate the fact that twin mamas have to fight so hard but it really is worth it and I'm glad to hear you held onto what was best for you and your babies :)  Also glad to hear nursing is going well, we loved our pillow too...what a lifesaver!  Congrats again!

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33 weeks, 1 day with mono-di twin girls. Hoping for 35 weeks and no NICU time.

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Congrats GinduGirl!!! Yay!!!




blankpages- is this your second set of twins?

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GinduGirl: Congrats on your boys!


Adaline'sMama: I love your new picture - your little girl is so cute!

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gindu girl - Congrats!!!!! What a wonderful story!

Blank pages - Good luck!!!! It sounds like you're well on your way!

AFM - Next ultrasound on Thursday....
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gozal  -  Sorry! I fell off the internet for a while because of migranes.   Unfortunately, for the GD testing, I meet pretty-much all of the criteria.  Grandparents have type two, my BMI is sky-high, although I lost 5 pounds (temporary) So honestly, I would be shocked if it didnt happen to me.  I'm nervous by nature so I'd rather know.  Hope all is well, happy to see you here! I was on the TTC one thread for a while.  I'm a terrible lurker!


Hope everyone is well and thanks for the kind wishes! Best of health for everyone!

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Ahhh...bit of a vent here.  I went to see another OB at a hospital an hour and a half from home.  With a lower c-section rate and from midwives I know, one of the more liberal OB groups around.  I admit now that it seems like quite the waste of time.  I'm 29 weeks with mono-di twins and a previous c-section.  I went to discuss VBAC.  WIth in the first few minutes she let me know that her recommendation is for a repeat c-section, in general for any person with mono-di twins and especially with a previous c-section.  Then, she had a concern about our baby B...who has what is called agenesis of the corpus callosum (the corpus callosum, which is the "superhighway" that connects the two side fo the brain is missing).  We met with perinatology at the University, I had an MRI of the babes in utero and had a long discussion of the outcomes for this kiddo with a developmental pediatrician who works in Children's hospital's prenatal diagnosis department.  He told us and wrote it in his report that there is no contraindication for a vaginal delivery and that the kiddo has a likely good outcome and might need help wtih speech and language and not have good abstract thinking skills.  Apparently, many people wander around not knowing they don't have a corpus callosum.  So, the new OB states she needs to call the University and talk to the perinatologist and see what her recommendations are.  I get a call this afternoon saying that the new OB talked to the perinatologist and no one thinks I should VBAC.  And, how would they induce me at 37 weeks since I'm not "inducable," due to a previous c-section?  Agghhhhh. 

I have been getting all my prenatal care at my local OB office (also where I work).  One of my favorite docs told me just last week he would do everything he could to give me the best chance at VBAC he could (he'll be on vacation around my 37 weeks)...I just don't love my local hospital.  They bathed my last babies without asking (at least, I guess, they used my camera to take pics while I was sedated from narcotics after my c-section), gave them pacifiers and probably formula when they took them to the nursery (and I was too exhausted to put up an fight) and I had to beg for a lactation consultant with 36 week twins!  But, I guess with the options I'm faced with a certain c-section somewhere else or writing up a specific birth plan...it seems like I'll write up a birth plan and take my chances here in town, 4 min from home.   

And, now I'm worried the perinatologist will put it in writing that she does not recommend a VBAC and it will scare my local OBs into complying with her recommendations. 

Please, if you have any VBACing twin stories or mono-di vaginal delivery stories share...all I've felt today was a few people telling me its unreasonable to believe that my body can have a healthy normal birth process, even of twins.  Thankfully, I already have a message out to a local friend who had mono-di boys about 5 months ago, vaginally and with no pain meds or complications.  Hoping I can continue to believe that I should be giving my body the benefit of believing in biology and nature's plan.  It didn't work last time, but this is a new opportunity. 

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QMTwins- How possible is it for you to have a doula with you for birth at your local hospital? That might prevent things like your babes being bathed without your consent, giving pacifiers, etc. if you do have to go under. I'm planning on having someone there to fight that fight for us, since DH and I will not likely be capable of doing that this time. I often worry what my reaction to newborns will be, and how I will feel with little babies, so I know I cant plan for a fight with a nurse. The past two time, I've just had DH snatch babies straight out of nurses hands. We didnt even let them hold babes to do the apgar (we were meanies). This time, Im hoping to have a doula keep track of the babes or be with me so DH can keep track of what's going on with the babes.


Im sorry the new OB sucks. I've got no advice about vbac-ing, but maybe there are people on the c-section forum that have good vbac stories about twins. Also, ICAN should be able to give you some links to stories and stuff. I know that there's a thread around here somewhere with twin birth stories- Ill try and dig it up.



AFM- So, my big anatomy scan is next week at the big, scary, MFM office in the city. This is the place that told me I needed an epidural, to deliver in the OR ,and cant have a doula when I went in for my nuchal scan. I've since talked with my OB, who was like "Psssha, they are not going to have time to do an epidural. You'll be lucky to make it there" (my son was born in three hours). She reminded me that it's my body, my decision, and that they can't force me to take any drugs I dont want. What are they going to do, refuse to deliver my babies because I say "no!" to the needle in my back? So, Im slightly inspired to say something to this OB (one of the 23 in the practice)



At any rate, I had previously decided that I wasnt up for a fight about this, but I am up for a fight. I am going to tell the doctor that I just dont believe her that I "have" to have an epidural, and that I will consent to being put under if I have to have a section. I will consent to delivering in the OR, and if babies are premature then I will understand that the doula cant be there, but I intend for her to be able to replace DH as soon as the babies are born so that he can go with them to provide supervision to our kids. Im going to try really hard not to get pushed around. Im so, super low risk: 2 successful, natural, vaginal, term deliveries- No inductions, no high blood pressure, no gestational diabetes, etc. I know it's still early, but Im in the mood to say something, and I dont know if I will be again.

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Hi all! Just a quick update for our running list. I went in for my 1st trimester screen today and got to watch the babies for a long time. We were able to determine today that these are mono-di! Identical! We were completely shocked all over again ... :D We're hoping to find out genders on Oct. 5th!

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its just amazing how many MZ twins we have growing right now and Mo/Di on top of that!!! (who knows how many more are MZ!)  and the Mo/Mo takes the cake as it werefaint.gif

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Hey ladies,

Some terrible news. Neither of  Xerxella's twins had heartbeats when she went for her ultrasound yesterday. I feel just sick for her- I know this is is very devastating news for her. Please everyone keep her and her family in your thoughts.

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oh noo. my heart just ripped for her and her family. sending warm thoughts

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My heart is just breaking for her. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

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How utterly devastating. My heart hurts for her so much! Sending healing thoughts her way ... candle.gifcandle.gif

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How devastating. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.
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