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rblakely: I felt "fluttering" movements around 18 weeks, then subtle kicks around 20 weeks. One of my boys has an anterior placenta and I definitely felt the other one a lot more at first. Now I'm 28 weeks and I feel them both moving, sliding, kicking, flipping, etc all the time.


Adaline'sMama: I felt like the protein requirements for Dr. Luke's book were difficult to reach on a daily basis, as well as the weight gain. The general tone of the book made me feel also like I was starving my babies if I didn't reach those goals every day. So I took it with a grain of salt and just do what I'm able to do. At 20 weeks I had only gained 8 lbs, and now at 28 weeks I'm up to 15 lbs total - Nowhere near the amount Dr. Luke recommends. Per my doctor, she would like me to gain at least 1 lb per week until delivery as long as the babies growth is appropriate. At my last growth US (25 weeks) Baby A was 1 lb 14 oz and Baby B was 2 lbs even. My next growth US is scheduled on Tuesday, so we'll see where they are then.



I feel like I may have to have a convirsation with my doctor because at my last appointment she mentioned possible induction between 37 and 38 weeks (due to the possibility of placental insufficiency?). I was not prepared for that conversation at the last visit and I'd really like to avoid induction if at all possible. Does anybody have any good arguments / rationale that I could use to justify my position? Ideally I'd like to have a vaginal birth free from meds, but I feel like it's too early to determine right now since that largely depends on baby A's position (She will only attempt delivery with a vertex Baby A) since he is still moving around so frequently. I found an article on Medscape that says Di/Di twins have much less instance of placental insufficiency than Mo/Mo or Mo/Di twins and evidence based practice shows that it is safe to wait until onset of labor for delivery rather than early induction. Also since they will be doing twice weekly NST's at that time, I feel like if there is no evidence of fetal distress at that time we should leave them alone until they are ready. (My husband may need some convincing as well since he gets nervous about things like this and would sometimes rather just do what they tell us to.) Any other ideas?

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Ifnotnowthenwhen- I'm glad I'm not alone on the dietary stuff smile.gif
I, too, am interested in finding out more about the induction thing- the reason I've heard is because twins born after 38 weeks are more likely to have respitory issues- and after losing my son I'm not ready to take any chances with that. I'm currently in the "if doc says induce, we induce" camp. But I do trust my ob, so that helps.
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I'm so glad I'm not the only one freaked out by Dr. Luke's dietary guidelines. I had a VERY tough 1st tri with vomiting and nausea, and reading her book left me convinced there was no way I'll have twins with a good birth weight. So many moms of twins respect that book and her advice so much - thankful to know I'm not the only one who can't do the 175 grams of protein a day (even with drinking protein shakes!).

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Originally Posted by ifnotnowwhen View PostI feel like I may have to have a convirsation with my doctor because at my last appointment she mentioned possible induction between 37 and 38 weeks (due to the possibility of placental insufficiency?). I was not prepared for that conversation at the last visit and I'd really like to avoid induction if at all possible. Does anybody have any good arguments / rationale that I could use to justify my position?

 here is the general stance i took on this and many other things. any time doctors wanted to do something that was not the "wait and let things unfold by themselves" category, i politely put it on them to explain and show me in some medical studies why they felt that route was warranted.  the default is to do nothing, there might be very good reasons depending on the situation to go down a different path, once explained and backed up with actually properly done medical studies, you can make a truly informed choice. 


the result of this position of mine when both ways, at times the would give me a link or print me out a study that they had read and we talk about it and did the extra thing. 

other times, they got to reflect and admit that they do it because it just made THEM feel better, but they guess it was my choice.  they got more and more willing to admit this as we went along and say that i appreciated this honestly and did not think less of them for admitting it. 


i did not find any well done large scale studies that support the broadly applied induction for placental insufficiency in di/di pregnancies. and i also learned that small calcium deposits that folks see in late u/s are not by themselves cause for concern usually.  i fond it even more suspect what a doctor tells me 10 weeks early that i'm going to have xyz problem later on.


i personally had Cholestasis a horrifically annoying liver bile condition that freaks the crap out of doctors and moms to be.  it is super understudied and not well understood, but is believed to cause sudden fetal demise and apparently that risk increases a lot past 37 weeks.  So the completely standard thing is to induse at 37w or even 36w in some practices. 

no one could really find me a study that looked at if mild or super well controlled cases where the same as uncontrolled or even undiagnosed ones, if secondary problems that were common could be accounted for in the studies and what testing was warranted. it was maddening. i finally told the ob on my team i liked the most that it was his job to show me factually why i should induce, he went to go find it and then came back with, "you know what, i see most twins come just when they need to, most come before the kind of induction dates i would give, so lets wait and see and watch very closely. as long as you understand the information and what we know of the risks, i'll walk this path with you."


my twins came from spontaneous labor that started at 35w5d and were finally born just into the morning of 36w0d  they were small but not to small 5-3 and 5-10, needed no NICU and were strong from day one, i do feel like they came when they needed to. and that was their decision.  i also personally think that the fact that they were gaining weight faster than i was, causing my body to be stripped of fat, muscle, energy and probably even bone mass was more the cause of labor than anything else.


i think it is this last point that Dr Luke is talking about, yeah her book is overwhelming, and i took her with a grain of salt because the best rest and early labor stuff did not pass my bull meter. but i made it my full time job to feed myself.(im the kind of person that often gives that a low priority and snacks a lot) i was slightly overweight ( BMI of 27.6) at the start.

what i read it is 1 pound a week for those in my category. at 18 weeks i was at 18 pounds and feeling great, did a bunch of moving and traveling at by 26 weeks(next time i had a scale around) i was just 23 pounds up, that started my falling behind. it was harder and harder to keep up as they grew faster and faster, there were weeks that they gained 1.5 pound together and i only gained maybe 1/2 pound, in the end 36w i had only gained 31 pounds and by day 6 i was back to my pre pregnancy weight.  my arms and legs were actually gaunt, i was down 25 more pounds in the next few months, from rushing around and breastfeeding. only about a year later did i really feel like my bodies fuel system was in good shape again.  I'm still 15 pound under my pre-pregnacy weight and now i feel good.


i took eating high nutrient high protein foods very seriously, if i did it all over again i would have taken even more seriously. 

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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post

I really felt like her dietary requirements were outrageous for me. There is no way I can eat 175 grams of protein per day and have any room for anything else. I've been trying so hard to follow those guidelines and I've only gained 8 lbs at 19 weeks. I feel like reading that book scared the crap out of me and I feel like a failure - like I must be starving by babies.
I think there's a lot of good advice in there, but I don't like her tone and I wish there were more informational books with dietary guidelines so that I had something to compare it to.


Oh, let me add...I don't ever meet her "requirements," and having done this before and birthed two healthy sized twins am not too worried that I'm not meeting them.  However, there just isn't all that much else out there for good multiples dietary advice. 

I'm of the do the best I can each day and they will be just fine in there and once they are out. 

Sorry if it scared you and made you feel like a failure!  You are not!  In my first twin pregnancy, I was at about the same weight gain you are.  I gave birth to 5lb5oz & 6lb babes at 36 weeks...and had pre-eclampsia (which might have made the babes a little smaller). 

Do the best you can and all will be!

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I have my personal theory thay different moms gain differently, regardless of how they are eating. I think Dr. Luke's recommendations are practically impossible to implement daily. I have made it my mission to gain weight by eating as much protein as i can stand, and i am up 6 pounds (at 18 weeks). In my.previous pregnancies, i did not gain anything until the end.of the second trimester (without even morning sickness). I was not making a concerted effort to gain anything.....just trying to.eat healthy and allowing my body to do what it would do. It is funny, because i gained weight around the same time and around the same increments with both.of them...with the total.weight gain being about the same too. Dd was 6lbs4 oz and ds was 8lb3oz.....

So long winded way of me saying that you can.do the best you can.do and hope for the best. I feel.like all.i do.is eat and eat and it seems like i.ought to have gained more than 6lbs. For me based on past performance, 6lbs is good.
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A bit of a vent/rant...

Just feeling really pregnant and tired.  Running around after my 2 yo twins is a crazy game and I really just want to be lying down at least half the day!  I am 32 weeks and have been feeling pretty darn good the whole pregnancy...just now starting to get that tired feeling. 

So, since it is almost 1030, I'm off to bed. 

If anyone has any advice on energy at the end of a twin pregnancy, I'd love it!

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Eek, I am way behind on the thread. First of all, Xerxella, if you're reading...I am so very sorry, and keeping you in my thoughts.


QM, no advice but I hope someone else has some for us. Trying to remember when exactly I hit that wall - I think it was the same, 30-32w or so. I have gotten lucky with my patient 5yo and do spend a lot of time lying down on one side or the other. It is just so painful to sit up for more than 1/2 hr. Well, not painful exactly, but everything feels so compressed in there, and I can't breathe well sitting, it feels like. All things considered I feel like I am very fortunate physically, I don't have any back pain, much heartburn, or any of the other stuff that I expected more of. Mostly I feel huge and immobile and like my body is working so hard and I simply cannot breathe in enough as I need to all.the.time. Maybe because I've been coming up anemic? I don't know. I should take my iron pills every day. I know, I know. I am not good at taking supplements! Okay, clearly I need a vent too.


Like others have said, Dr. Luke's book is good as long as it doesn't make you crazy. I know I've said it before (maybe even on this thread?) but I don't like taking a nutritionist stance towards my eating, and I couldn't tell you the grams of protein in an average egg or hamburger if I tried. I really have no idea how much protein I've been eating. I do know that I want it much more than usual, along with dairy products more than usual (protein + fat + calcium, I assume). So that has worked for me. But scare factor aside, I do think it's a helpful book if you take it with a grain of salt. Oh, and I totally agree that weight gain is an individual thing. With both DS and this pg, I gained the most in the 2nd tri., similar pattern if modified for twin pg (I gained more earlier). I also really like Karen Gormada's book Mothering Multiples, both for its practical suggestions and its approach/guidance, did someone mention that one already?

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Thank you for the advice ladies, I've been a little behind on this thread. I saw the doctor on Tuesday and she is fine with taking a "wait and see" approach for now since there are still so many unknowns to the equation. I think she was just trying to let me know what could happen should we need it at the last visit, and I do trust her judgment, I just like to know the rationale behind it. As Adorkable mentioned in her case her twins came earlier than the doctor would have induced anyway - and that could be a possibility in my case as well. 


I also had a growth ultrasound on the same visit and the boys are getting big - they each gained over 1 lb since their last US 3 weeks ago. Estimated weights were 3 lbs even for each of them. Baby A flipped from breech to transverse during the US and Baby B seems to like his transverse position at the top of my uterus because he has been there for the last 3 ultrasounds (just flips right to left). Both are very active and moving like crazy.


QMtwins: I am 29 weeks now and I feel like I am going to hit that wall very soon as well. I'm still working my three 12 hour shifts per week and it is definitely getting harder with each shift, especially being on my feet for an extended period of time. I don't think I'm quite ready to quit yet. I'd like to get in another 3-4 weeks if possible to maximize my time off after they come rather than before delivery. I guess we'll wait and see with that as well. 


Hope everyone is doing well!

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Just wanted to update.... we had our gender scan today.... One boy and one girl!!!

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Hi all, I wanted to pop in and join you. I am 8 weeks pregnant with di/di twins (conceived via IUI and femera). I have a 4 year old DD already, and am feeling excited (though also a little overwhelmed!) about our new additions!


Things we are currently thinking about include:


-How/where to birth? My DD was born in a hospital with no interventions, and I had been planning a homebirth for this pregnancy before we found out we were having twins. We've since moved to a new town, so I'm working on figuring out the local birthing scene and trying to find an option that will work for us. The hospital in our town is known for being a c-section factory. There is an OB about half an hour away who is apparently great (trained with midwives in New Zealand, advocates natural, intervention-free birth), but the hospital he delivers at does not have a NICU. We are in the process of interviewing providers now and hoping to find a good fit. I'd love all of your thoughts on birthing twins at a hospital without a NICU.


-A new vehicle. Ironically, we just bought a new (to us) Honda Accord, and while I realize that we COULD fit three seats across the back, this seems really not ideal. Suggestions on favorite vehicles for 3 kid families? My DP is set on avoiding a minivan, though I think he'll come around eventually. What do you use and love? Our criteria are something that we can buy certified used for less than $15,000 or $16,000, with strong preference given to vehicles that carry a long warranty on their certified used cars (we just got stuck replacing the transmission on our Accord because it was out of warranty, which was unpleasant to say the least). Everyone I know seems to drive an Odyssey these days, and they seem fabulous, but out of our price range. And, we're feeling a little burned on Hondas right now after the Accord transmission incident.


I also realize that at 8 weeks, many things can still change, so I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself.:)


In any case, looking forward to getting to know you all.

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baileyandmikey--My doctor recommended prenatal Pilates to minimize back pain throughout the pregnancy--I started it at 10 weeks and so far, no pain. Definitely worth a try! The emphasis on core strength & flexibility helps, I think.

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i wonder if there are any used Ford Flex out there that would be in your range (they came out in 09 i think so i know a lot of folks are upgrading to the new model they like the car so much), i am simply floored on how good the room is in them, they are clearly the modern station wagon. they simply eat luggage for lunch! and the 3 across is only the first challenge, the next is loading up the twin stroller!

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baileyandmikey- Im so jealous. Im happy with girls, but I really wanted a boy and a girl. Congrats!


Congrats KnittingTigers! 


I just bought a used Honda Odyssey- mainly for the reason that Adorkable said. It's the three carseats, plus the stroller, plus whatever it is you might purchase while you are out. 




We have an ultrasound on Monday. Im so nervous. I finally made our facebook announcement when we hit 20 weeks on Thursday and now Im scared Ive jinxed myself.

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Get to see my babies in about an hour! Praying they are both still looking healthy and hopefully we will be able to find out what we are having!

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We had an ultrasound this morning, and everything looks great. Babes are growing well, and they are both lying transverse on top of one another. Cuddlebugs :)

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Our ultrasound went well. Babies looked healthy, but we weren't able to determine gender. I'll have another ultrasound in 2 weeks :)

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Found out yesterday that we are having 2 boys! I have a feeling they are going to have very different temperments--you can see on every ultrasound that one is constantly moving and the other does more lazy kicks & curling up facedown. Interesting.


Out of curiosity, for those of you who work/worked outside the home, when did you quit working? I asked one doctor at my practice what his recommendation was, and he said if I asked all four doctors in the practice I'd get four different answers. The OB I see almost all the time is of the wait-and-see camp--everything is healthy and if I feel good she doesn't see any reason to quit early, so long as I'm comfortable.


I've been reading all the Dr. Luke reactions and am glad I'm not alone! I got that book from the library right when I found out I was having twins and it seriously scared me. While I'm trying for the 24 lbs by 24 weeks I'm more just eating healthy food and keeping w/ my 3 meals + 3 snacks a day plan...18 weeks and 15 lbs gained so far. I can't follow her actual recommendations for specifics (who has time in the day to get 10 servings of dairy???), though I have incorporated the nightly milkshake into my routine--helps me fall asleep and not get hungry in the middle of the night! And her work leave recommendations are impossible since I live in the US and work in education--can't really afford an extra 10-15 weeks off pre-delivery!



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yeah i think her leave work and best rest type advice are the strangest and most unrealistic parts of the book. i think the best advice is dont push yourself, over taxing your body is the best way to bring on problems and possibly preterm labor, its not worth it. but get the work done that you feel you can and i personally found staying active to be my best friend. As an Army wife in the middle of a cross country move, my job while preggo was moving and unpacking rather than a 9-5, (had to quit my usually stuff because it was handling things that were not pregnancy safe, not to mention i left it on the other side of the country) but i took the same general advice.  it should be noted that i went into labor while pushing myself to unpack at 10pm at night, who knows if i would have gone further ifi had not done continuous medium weight lifting those last few weeks

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