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Pregnant with Twins? Join the club :) - Page 12

Poll Results: What number of children is this for you?

  • 30% (24)
    1st & 2nd
  • 39% (31)
    2nd & 3rd
  • 16% (13)
    3rd & 4th
  • 7% (6)
    4th & 5th
  • 0% (0)
    5th & 6th
  • 2% (2)
    6th & 7th
  • 0% (0)
    7th & 8th
  • 3% (3)
    8th & 9th
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    9th & 10th
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@SortaCrunchy--congrats! I'm expecting boys, too, but won't know if identical or not until birth as they're di/di. That is exciting news.

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It's been awhile since we've heard from everyone. How is everyone doing?


Im finding it hard to breathe, I have super low blood pressure and passed out one day last week, my hips are hurting, and Im having headaches and heartburn daily.


Buuuttt....I have a second trimester burst of nesting energy!! Yay for getting it all done ;)

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Well we found out yesterday that we are going to be having 2 more girls! The lady doing the ultrasound said everything looked good and that there were no red flags. So we were super relieved to hear that. :) She also confirmed that there are 2 separate placentas, but they have fused together. They are measuring 12 oz and 11oz which is just a few days ahead of what my due date is. I'm honestly have a bit of a hard time with the thought of 4 girls! And if we decide for sure to be done then that means I'll never have a son... I'm really trying to be grateful and thankful for the fact that I can even have kids cause I know there are so many people out there that can't. I feel like such a loser. And I never want any of my children to think that I wasn't excited about them. I have so many different emotions right now. Overall just trying to focus on the fact that they appear to be healthy and thriving.

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Hey, haven't really said hello on here in a long while.  In the last two weeks we've moved and the person who was taking over my position at work quit and so its been all chaos!

I am now a day shy of 36 weeks.  Feeling pretty good.  Still have a breech A (bummer) and went to both accupuncture and chiro today.  Hoping for the best with that. 

We still need to get a vehicle that can fit us all...looking at some used minivans.  With 4 in car seats, there just doesn't seem to be another option.  Also, still need to set up the new "babies' room."  Literally it is piled with boxes.  And, our almost 2.5 year old twins are still on the crib mattresses...new twin mattresses ordered and will be here Thursday!  Beginning to feel like we've left a lot until the end...but with moving homes, not everything could be started on months ago. 

I'm contracting a bunch (perhaps due to how busy and chaotic things are?!).  Mostly nothing painful but last night I had about an hour of painful contractions anywhere from 2-5 min apart.  With the girls I had lots of BH ctx but never anything painful, even during their induction with Pitocin.  Perhaps I'll actually go into labor this time!

I had a great shower at work and received a Moby wrap I'm looking forward to putting the new babes in.  I didn't use one with the girls, but now I'll be trying to keep up with the girls and carry babes so I hope they like it!  Also, I'd given my twin breastfeeding pillow to a patient pregnant with twins and my co-workers got me another!  I used mine exclusively for months with the girls.  At least I have those things ready! 

I'm glad to read about all your twin pregnancies! 

Rblakely:  We are facing the possibility of 4 girls...we'll find out soon.  Must say, I'd love it if they were boys and then we'd have 2 and 2.  Hope you can find a way to honor your feelings.  You are certainly not a loser for feeling anything you are feeling.  It just is.   

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Feeling good, finally. Still have morning sickness 1-2x/week. I'm 21 weeks on Friday and have an appt that day.


Adaline'sMama--I'm also having some nesting energy. Going out to get the cribs this weekend and have started figuring out how to rearrange our furniture to fit 2 babies in a small space!



A question for my appt Friday...I have not had my fundal height measured as of yet. Is that something that needs to be done? I was reading up on it and it seems that with twins you will always "measure ahead" so does it actually matter?



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Holly - I think you are just a few weeks ahead of me, and I also CANNOT BREATHE. Already. I'm terrified about what the 3rd trimester will be like! I'm out of breath walking up one flight of stairs or just putting groceries away.


Though I haven't had heartburn (yet), I have had TONS of external pelvic pain. At the end of the day, it's really hard to walk. And I'm still nauseated/no appetite/throwing up a few times a week. (I'm so with you, eminvc!)


This is all so glamorous! :) Just trying to focus on gratitude for a healthy pregnancy so far.


Rblakely - congrats on your girls! And I agree QMtwins. I think it's totally normal to feel a sense of loss in facing the idea of not having a son. I hope you can take some time to work through that without feeling guilty for those feelings.


QMtwins - so close! And yay for a great shower! I'm hoping to get a Moby wrap this time around, too. I've been watching babywearing twins videos on YouTube trying to figure out how to make all of this work.

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I had my anatomy scan today.  Two healthy GIRLS!  We are thrilled.  rblakely & QMtwins - even though I'm loving the idea of a big group of girls I might feel differently if it were four.  I'm honestly a little intimidated by boys - if they really are more energetic than girls I don't think I would be able to handle two at once!


My anatomy scan was with an MFM at the "big city" hospital an hour away from home, not my regular family practitioner.  Holly - I asked Dr. Tabb a lot of questions today about birth details.  He said that it is NOT Norton's hospital policy to require an epidural, it's just recommended, and he didn't sound like he would have a problem with an unmedicated birth.  I asked if having an epidural catheter put in place in case of emergency c-section would be an acceptable compromise and he thought that would be a good option.  He is comfortable with attending a vaginal delivery of twins even if the second twin is breech (assuming first one is vertex), as long as it's not more than 20% larger than the first.  Unfortunately he says that not everyone in the practice is, and there are four other doctors - he didn't say which of the others would or wouldn't deliver breech.  So I'd have a one-in-five chance of actually getting him for the birth.  He did confirm that you have to deliver in the OR, and you can only have one support person with you - either husband or doula, not both, and they couldn't switch off (I was thinking it'd be nice for DH to be able to take the first baby out and then my doula could come in and support me for the second).  He was totally fine with the fact that DD is still nursing and said there wasn't any cut-off point for needing to wean as you get closer to term.  (Although I really do want her to wean soon since it's so painful, even though she's only nursing for 15-30 seconds once or twice a day now.)  One other happy thing - he said that the fact that I went to almost 42 weeks with DD boded well for me being able to carry these little ones to a full 38 weeks :).  


I'm still hoping to deliver at our small rural hospital - it seems so much cozier and less intimidating than Norton's.  The only cases where I'd have to deliver in the city would be if I'm preterm or if one twin is measuring significantly smaller than the other.  We got lost just trying to find the parking garage on the way out and it really made me appreciate having a small hospital that I'm familiar with and a doctor who I can count on most likely being available for me when I go into labor.  

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Awesome! More twin girls :) Yay! 


Im glad to hear about how your appointment went, that makes me feel way better. 


The other two doctors I spoke with did say they would deliver B breech (but, that is why they want me to have the epi). 


Were you able to confirm di/di, mono/di? (Im assuming that if they were momo, you wouldnt be discussing birth options with the doc :)

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They're clearly di/di.  placentas pretty much on opposite sides of the uterus.  They measured 11 oz. and 12 oz. which I think is nice and chunky for 20w4d, but they didn't comment on it other than that they were measuring "right on track."  I feel like they're most likely fraternal, because when I conceived I had a really funny chart and it sort of looks like I could have ovulated twice.  QUESTION for all you charters:  It's been over three years now since I read TCOYF (I had borrowed the book from a friend), but I seem to remember something about charts showing double ovulation.  Is that right, or do both ovaries fire at once when you make two eggs?  My temps weren't very dependable at the time because DD was waking up at all different times of the morning, but it looked like I had clearly ovulated when my temp spiked on CD16, except that I still had fertile cervical mucus that lasted until the morning of CD17 (usually it dries up before I see a temp spike).  And then on CD19 my temp spiked again.  So I think it's within the realm of normal variation, but it did seem odd.  

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I feel like ours are most likely fraternal for a similar reason. This was my first cycle back after stopping nursing abruptly and I was using the OPK strips which I had never used before. I got two very clear positives with a day in the middle where the strip was not positive. I just thought OPKs were stupid, had probably led me to dtd at the wrong time, and that Id never use them again....but Im pretty sure it was showing two LH surges because I ovulated two times. 

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So, a girlfriend of mine had her baby the other day. I sat and watched as she was nursing and her toddler was crawling all over her. I remember doing that with Charlie, and having DD sitting on one side of my lap and nursing a newborn on the other. And then it dawned on me:


OMFG, there isnt going to be any free space on me. There is no way I can have a toddler crawling on me with two infants in my lap! AH!! So, needless to say, Im a bit terrified and freaked out.


14 weeks until my induction date dizzy.gif

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I got DD a big sister book last week (Sear's "What Baby Needs" - I highly recommend), and was paging through it as I walked back to the house from the mailbox.  There's a picture of a little girl snuggled up under her Mama's arm while the Mama nurses the baby on her other arm, and the book talks about how the older sibling can have special quiet time with Mama while she's nursing.  I really about lost it too - I teared up and had to work hard not to start bawling.  I just hope we can work things out so that DD doesn't get short-changed too much.  I just have to keep reminding myself that DD will also benefit from having siblings - that it's a blessing for her as well.

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Adaline'smama and Brambleberry - I was worrying about the exact same thing only a few months ago. There is a 20 month age difference between my two sets of twins, and with the older girls being so young, I was really worried about how they would react to two new babies and specifically to mama suddenly being overwhelmingly preoccupied with two new babies. The babies are 6 weeks old now and I have to tell you - it has been amazing to see my big girls as big sisters! They love to snuggle and cuddle and kiss the babies, they are quick to inform me "baby crying" and literally rush to their little sisters to provide comfort. And the many, many hours I spend nursing on the couch are not a total loss- they know where to find a mama who is always happy to snuggle, chat, sing a song or read a book (or two, or thirty-five...). The hardest part is when the girls need something - a drink, a diaper change, an intervention - and I have to remove the babies or try to convince the girls to wait. But the beautiful relationship I can already see growing between them is so worth it smile.gif
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mamalove!  So glad to hear that your olders are in love with your new ones!  Ours will be 2.5 and we are awaiting labor here now at 37 weeks 2 days.  Its been a concern...and I know it will work out, but its going to be a crazy intense time and I'd love for it to flow well! :)  I can't believe your new ones are 6 weeks already!  Yay!

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Name? (if you feel like it)


You and maybe your partners age at the birth?

He'll be 28, I'll be either 27 or 28, depending on when they arrive!

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?

not sure yet, everyone is telling me from the first picture that they look di/di, which I don't fully understand the meaning of yet, but I understand that means fraternal. Apparently to those who can read them, the ultrasound shows a lambda sign. I have a radiologist appt next Thursday for better pictures.

What number of kids will is be for you?

1 and 2

Sexes? Will you be finding out?

don't know yet, and yes

EDD and or planned birth timing?

May 5th

State you live in?


Anything else you want to share?

I am a fraternal twin myself!

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Jess-  Congrats on your pregnancy! How cool is that, that you are a twin, having twins! Ill make sure to add you to the main page. 

A side note: 25%-30% of all di-di twins are identical- although, Id bet in your case they are fraternal since it's the fraternal that passes genetically from what I understand. Mine are di-di, but since they are both girls, we wont know if they are fraternal or identical until after they are born. 

Keep us updated!


mamalove- thanks :) Almost everything you say makes me breathe a sigh or relief. 


AFM- I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning. This is the first time we are taking DD, so hopefully she will be excited and not fuss the whole time, because DH wants to see the twins! I'll be 25 weeks on Thursday, it's amazing how quickly the time is flying by. I cant believe that I only have about 13 weeks left until my induction date. Craziness. 

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remember we did the math on that, its 25-30% of identical are di-di not the other way around(got to love statistics!), we figured that if you dont know the sexes and did not use fertility treatments, that di/di twins end up identical 3.75% of the time

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No, when I saw you guys doing math, I was like dizzy.gif



That's good to know though. So, my chances of having identical twins are only 3.75%. That is awesome (Id like them to be fraternal) 

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You and maybe your partners age at the birth?

i'll be 33/34 depending on when they show up :), dh will still be 33 

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?

di - IVF babies, 2 embryos transferrred in

What number of kids will is be for you?

2 & 3 (first son was happily added to start our family via adoption in 2009!)--so this is my first birth experience!

Sexes? Will you be finding out?

don't know yet, will find out in december!

EDD and or planned birth timing?

May 5, 2013 (jessica, i see we're the same!)

State you live in?


Anything else you want to share?

we've been ttc for 7 years...3 fresh and 4 frozen IVF attempts..finally figured it out and both stuck!  excited and totally freaked out at the same time!  have had a very uneventful first trimester, but i'm only 5'3 and getting big FAST!

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Coome- Congrats! That's an awesome story you have to share. I'm so happy for you :)


Gozal- can we get an update, or are we going to have to go DDC stalking about these babies' arrival time? Isnt right about your time now?


AFM- I had a ultrasound today- babies are doing well, measuring great, cervix length is great, and they have plenty of fluid. Baby A measures 1.6 lbs and Baby B measures 1.8 lbs. Baby A is head down, baby B is breech. 

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