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The "Pregnant with twins thread" participants, Please read:


Hey guys! So, Im almost 32 weeks pregnant, and I have loved hosting this thread. It has brought me tons of information, companionship, and at times a great sense of normalcy. That being said, I am happy to keep hosting it and keep it (fairly) updated until everyone here has given birth. I think it would be a great way for us to be able to look back through the whole thread and see our twin pregnancy journey if no one had to switch to a new thread in the middle. Then, we can also start a "graduates" thread so that we have a central location to talk about all the infant stuff. The main page of that could just list the mama's username and the kiddo's birthdays. Do you guys think that's a good idea?


Anyway, if we do it that way, the only downside is that in order for me to be realistic about it, Ill have to cap the EDD's so that people who are newly pregnant will have to start a new "Pregnant with twins thread". I hope that is okay and doesnt make anyone feel left out. Of course, anyone would be welcome to read and post here in this thread, but at some point, I have to stop adding people to the main page so that Im not adding new people when I have two year olds running around the house! Do you guys think this is an acceptable solution? I was thinking I'd cap the EDD's at July 1, 2013 since that's just about a year from when the thread was started. If everyone is okay with this, Ill put that information on the main page. 


Just let me know what you think!





Edited for year date change and personals:



Also, Congrats and Welcome to the new joiners! I totally felt the same way about not wanting to find out and then when I knew it was twins, not being able to handle another surprise!


Imbeglienel- Here is the link to our Feb DDC, if you want to join us. We've got some twin moms there for sure! 


Lilysmama- I hope you are doing better. I know you arent checking in very often, but Im thinking of you! Did you find out the sexes of your babes? If so let me know and Ill update you!


Sekenamoon- what about you? Did you find out?


BaileyandMikey- are you still on bedrest? How's that going?


Sortacrunchy- I hope things are good with you, how are you feeling?

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now im not even preggo and i do have 2 year olds running around ,so my opinion is worth just what you paid for it. but here is it:


rather than separate folks by a random date, i would let folks move from one type of thread to another as they move from one stage to another.  and just do the threads by year. close this one at the end of the year maybe so it does not get too long and hurt the servers. and open a preggo twins 2013 thread.

MDC has too many "closed" or acting like closed groups as it is and i think it is breaking up the community badly.  and what would happen if we then had two preggo twins threads? half the input and no folks that had come before you chiming in with BTDT advice. the same thing that is happening all over the DDC now since everyone asks everything over and over in there rather than use the I'm pregnant area to pool knowledge. its really sad to me to watch really.


So i would have a "preggo with twin" thread each calendar year or season if they get really full and a "infant twins" thread each year too, maybe even a "toddler twins talk"each year, hmm i may host that one!   there is not that many ofus, better to do what groups everyone together for the most input!

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I'd be fine with that too, if someone else wants to start the new Pregnant with twins thread in 2013 . I just cant host a whole year of it, so I didnt want to offer :) Also, I just remember that the whole reason I started this thread was because it seemed like the one before was full of people who were about to or had already given birth and I felt silly being all, "Im so excited! We're 10 weeks pregnant with twins!" to mamas who were 9 months along and uncomfortable and ready to serve their eviction notice :)

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but now that you are getting ready to be done, doesnt it already feel sweetly nostalgic to hear the amazement of those just coming onto the adventure? or am i just weird?



ps, those two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive upsidedown.gif

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Yep, still on bedrest here!  The babies are doing well. I have my next apt. next week and I'm praying I can convince the OB to let me switch to modified bed rest.  I'm going crazy doing nothing!!

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Hey everyone, I have been reading along with this thread for awhile, but wanted to officially add myself.


Name? (if you feel like it) Angela

You and maybe your partners age at the birth? 36 (both of us!)

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? Di/Di

What number of kids will is be for you? 2 and 3
Sexes? Will you be finding out?
1 boy, 1 girl

EDD and or planned birth timing? May 2, 2013

State you live in? The southeast

Anything else you want to share? I am both excited and terrified about becoming a twin parent! We only planned to have two kids in total (or maybe, maybe adopt a third much later), so this has been a bit of an adjustment for us. I work full time outside of the home, and am nervous about balancing that with life as a new parent of multiples. I've learned a lot from reading this forum, and appreciate everyone's wisdom.

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Holly - I think closing off the thread at a certain point is a good idea. I also think having a Pregnant with Twins 201_ could be good, if for no other reason than just the logistics that you mentioned.


Last week at my scheduled u/s, we found out that Baby B has polyhydramnios (I posted about it in the main Multiples forum). When the songographer told me the weight difference between the two boys, it freaked me out a little bit. Baby A looks to be around 2 lbs, 4 ounces while Baby B is already 3 pounds. Of course, I immediately thought it might be TTTS, but my MFM assured me there is no indication of that at all. Both boys are developing normally, it's just that Baby B is a big ol' bruiser with lots of fluid!


I'm on an every two-week schedule now with both OB and MFM (I'll be 28 weeks on Dec. 15th). 


Trying to get ready for the holidays while being this H-U-G-E is challenging! Basically, if it can't be ordered from Amazon, it's not being given as a gift! We have family traveling to see us this year, so that's nice. Another good thing, I guess, is that the holiday season is making the weeks go by more quickly. 

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30w u/s: Baby A is head down!!  B flipped from vertex to breech, but we can handle that.  Both within 12% of each other in weight and measuring right on average for singletons. joy.gif

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Yay!!!! That's exciting. 





I go in for my 32 week ultrasound on Monday, and after that Ill be going in once a week until babies are born for a u/s. I JUST found that out yesterday. For some reason, Id had it in my head that I would be going in for weekly appointments, but that the u/s would only be once every 4 weeks like it has been. My OB says that it's to measure for amniotic fluid levels and discordant growth. 

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yeah, specially with twins, i dont think a doc knows what else to do during an appointment but do an u/s. i really cant remember ever going in and not getting at least a quick one any time except very early on

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My next u/s isn't until 34 weeks, but I don't know what schedule she'll have me on after that.  I think she would have said something if it was going to be that frequent.  Does your OB have any reason to be concerned about discordant growth or amniotic fluid levels?  I wouldn't think it'd be such a concern with Di/Di twins.

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No, there is no reason to be concerned, she said it was routine for twins. I would have thought she would have said something before now too, but she hadn't.


I've been going every two weeks for a while now, and they have been doing a u/s every other time, not everytime, so I have no idea why. Im going to ask tomorrow, but Im not planning to fight it too much. It's at the most, 2-3 u/s that I wasn't expecting. 

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I had my girls last Sunday (12-9) at 31 weeks. Emma Ruth was born @10:10 weighing 3lbs1oz and.Molly Esther came a minute later and weighed 3lbs 4oz. Both girls.are.doing amazing! Because.of their new monoamniotic status, they were.going.to.be born at 32 weeks, but an ultrasound at 30+4 showed Molly's heart was showing signs of working too hard (slight thickening and little fluid) so.they decidednitnwould be better to take them earlier while they were still looking healthy than to.wait and have her heart get worse. There.seem to be no issues with her heart now that she is out
..there was some tangling of their.cords....and there was also some.funky stuff.going on where they were bleeding.into.me through their.placenta, so it turns out that their early.delivery date was.a.good.thing. i had heard that babies stressed in.utero tend to.do.well in the nicu, and so far that seems to be the case.: they came out able to breathe room.air (i did have steroids 2&3 days prior to their birth) and everything else is just normal preemie stuff....they spent some time under the bili lights,....and they started off a.littke slow for tolerating feedings (it is better now).....all in all i am.amazed by how well they are doing.

I have been home a few days and it feels like all i do is pump! I think it is going well (i have never pumped before so.i.don't have anything to compare it to). The nicu said i can take a break from bringing them milk for a while...they have a good stash started! I am still sore from the surgery, but it ia morenof a.soreness than actual pain. .would not opt to do a csection again, but it.isn't as horrible as i thought it would be....i.am.just usednto being back to normal post baby in a few days...i am now 8days out and feel like i have a ways to go before i am normal.

My son is still with my Mil, but she is bringing him.home tomorrow or wednesday. That should be interesting. He is 20months old and BUSY.

That is my update.!
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OH my :) Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy that everything went well. Be sure to keep us updated with the NICU progress (and post some pics if you can!). Happy healing. 

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For anyone interested, here are pics of our girls:


32 weeks, 4 days:


Baby A:




Baby B:





Their measurements suggest that they are both just under 4 lbs, Baby B being just a tiny bit bigger than A.

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Congrats lilysamsma! Glad to hear your girls are doing well and that pumping is going well so far smile.gif

Adaline'sMama, your girls are cute!

I too like the idea of a Pregnant with Twins 20** thread or maybe do a smaller time chunk (like 3-6 months) so it is more manageable for whoever starts the next one, I would volunteer but I know I won't be able to keep up for a year, but for 3 months I could definitely do that, but if someone who has been around longer wants to, I'm all for them doing it! And thanks so much Adaline'sMama for keeping this thread going!
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Congratulations lilysamsma! So glad to hear that your girls are doing so well!

Those are some gorgeous girls, Adaline'smama! Can't wait to see what they look like on the outside :)

my question to the group: when should I have everything completely ready for the babies' arrival?

no complications thus far. di/di twins. we haven't settled on an OB yet, so I don't have an induction date or anything (and I don't want one!)

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congrats lilysmama! so glad to hear that things turned out well. what  roller coaster you and those great little babies had!!


Holly, so so socute


with little lungs, i would aim for as early as you can, you never know what your energy levels are going to be, even with no issues at all spontaneous labor can and does happen 36,34 even 32 weeks, so while we alll hope to bank them nice and long, have the things you really need on day one taken care of way before you think you need it. for me i had no issues that would casue PML and labor started at 35+5 birth happend at 36+0


i really was pissed i had not packed a hospital bag, even though i was planning a home birth i was planning on packing a bag, because i didn't i dod not have a lot of contorts that i would have appreciated, and our camera had a dead battery. and i had not bought by labor snacks and such. those things really sucked when i was cramped in a hospital bed for the last 26 hours of a 33 hours labor.

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Congrats, lilysamsma! SO HAPPY your girls are here and healthy!!!


Adaline'sMama - what sweet little baby girl pics. 


withlittlelungs - good question! We have two infant car seats and .... that's about it! I'm 28 weeks. (Wow - feels weird to type that. It's getting close!) Our nursery isn't really set up (though they don't need all that stuff at first). I need to figure out a co-sleeper solution pretty quickly. My goal had always been to have everything ready by 30 weeks, but that's probably not going to happen. 


Update on us - I failed my 1 hour glucose test and went in for the 3 hour test this morning. I've never failed the 1 hour before. :(  I have an OB check-up on Thursday - hope they have lab results by then. Also another u/s on Thursday to check Baby B's polyhydramnios. 

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Congrats, Lilysamsma!  So glad everything turned out all right and that pumping is going so well.


Adaline'sMama - Lovely chunky little girls!  And congrats on passing 32 weeks!  That's the milestone I've got my eye set on since it means being able to deliver in a level 2 hospital and less likelyhood of serious nicu time.


withlittlelungs - I'm nowhere near ready, myself, but I figure it's better to not stress out about it too much and just plug away at it as I can.  If they come early and have to wear the same two outfits for two weeks before I can wash and organize all the baby stuff, that's better than me going into preterm labor from overworking myself.  But I am trying to prioritize certain things a little more now.


SortaCrunchy - good luck on your 3-hour!  I just had my one-hour today (a little late - oops!) and it wasn't too bad other than having a long wait before taking it.  I should get results tomorrow.

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