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Poll Results: What number of children is this for you?

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Amelia and Julian were born on Tuesday morning via c-section (scheduled for breech transverse).


Julian weighed in at over 3.6kg and 49 cm long (or for the USA, 20 in and over 8 lbs). Amelia weighed in at just under 3.4kg and 48 cm long.




They are super healthy and my milk already came in just 24 hours after the c-section.. ! They are BFing really well already and I am having minmal pain after my c-section.. already walking around and feeling mostly normal.. ! joy.gif

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Congratulations!! They are gorgeous and you did an AMAZING job of growing them so long- awesome weights! Enjoy your baby moon. :) 

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ithappened, those are some seriously amazing babies! Congratulations! joy.gifThey are waaaay off the adorable meter - they must have gotten the entire cuteness allotment for your chunk of Europe! And I am so, so, so happy to hear you are feeling so well and, well, milking so well. Did you do an outstanding job of growing those two babes or what? 3.4 & 3.6 kilos?! Keep us posted on how you're doing while you enjoy your new two, okay?

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I am so amazed. Such gorgeous babies and I'm so glad to hear everything is going so well!
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I introduced myself in the other 'pregnant with twins' thread, but I thought I'd post a bit of an update here, since this seems to be the new happenin' thread. :-)


I'm 23 weeks along now, and still suspecting twins. I definitively heard fetal heart tones in two different locations last night and this morning with my fetoscope. The distance apart (I was marking the spot I heard it with my fingers and then going back and forth) seemed to vary between 4 and 5 inches. And then the one heart beat just under my ribs moved, while the other one stayed in the exact same spot, and then the one under my ribs disappeared completely, and the one in the middle of my belly didn't move at all (until a little bit later). I don't want to get my hopes up and start expecting two, just to have this be some fluke. I guess I'll have a lot to discuss with my midwife at my appointment next week! I suspect she'll ask to use the Doppler, but I don't think that will do any good. The two heartbeats were so close to being the same (and the rate varied up and down on both of them while I was listening). It probably wouldn't sound much different from an echo, but I guess I'll see what she has to say. After all, she has a lot more experience than I with both the fetoscope and the doppler.


I am measuring only slightly bigger, but this is my fourth or fourth and fifth, so it's really within normal. But I feel like I'm already in the third trimester. I feel like my belly is going to pop...and I've started getting those pains when the baby is pushing on my belly and stretching everything. And I'm getting kicked in the ribs and in the bladder, LOL!

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Ahomebirthmama- Im bad with math. When is your edd?

ithappened- beautiful!!! And OMG 8 lbs! That is awesome! Congrats smile.gif
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Adaline'sMama- My EDD is Nov 13.

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Congratulations, ithappened!!  Your babies are beautiful and I am so glad to hear that you are all off to such a great start :)  You did an awesome job growing those babies :)

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Congratulations!!! Awesome babies!!!!

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thanks everyone! I am knee deep in diapers and BFing.. its literally all I think I am doing (well and eating- TONS). :)

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First thing I want to say is to ithappened: Your babies are absolutely gorgeous and I am in awe of how big and healthy they are! I hope I can make it as long as you did. Congratulations!


Now for a little venting: I am an RN in a hospital that takes care of primarily geriatric patients. One of my patients tonight flat out asked me "Are you pregnant or just fat?" I kind of laughed about it because she asked so bluntly and told her that indeed I was 20 weeks pregnant. She replied that I looked like I was 8 months already (which I don't), and I told her I was having twins. She looked me up and down again and told me that I'd better lose some weight before I had my babies. I politely told her that my doctor was actually encouraging me to gain more weight because I haven't gained enough during this pregnancy. Not that any of this was any of her business, but I felt like I had to defend myself a little. She then told me that I should probably find a new doctor that wasn't "a quack" and that I should at least lose weight after the babies are born. Seriously?!? At this point I ended that very inappropriate conversation and changed the topic. I had to let this one go though because the patient was 90 and may not have realized that what she was saying was hurtful and inappropriate, or just didn't care. I am also aware that things were very different back when she was having her children. Either way, of the two of us I was the one that needed to maintain professionalism - which I did, even though a big part of me did not want to.


I guess I have just been a lot more sensitive to random people's negative comments recently - especially weight related ones because I have been overweight most of my life and it's weird for me to actively try to gain weight. I trust my doctor though and I want to have big healthy full term babies that can come home with me from the hospital, so I am doing everything possible to make that happen. I am a pretty non confrontational person and usually just ignore negative comments because I know people can be intentionally or unintentionally hurtful and that most of the time whatever they are saying is their opinion and they don't really know what they are talking about. So I will usually move on with my day but it will still bother me later.


Sorry for all the venting - I'm sure you guys have many stories of the awful things people say to pregnant women as well.

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Congrats to momtoafireteam! Hopefully she doesnt mind me posting, but I saw in the new posts that her triplets are here! Hopefully she will share some more info soon smile.gif
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DH and I found out today that we are having BOYS! Ultrasound went well and both boys are healthy and very active! Baby A measured 12 oz and Baby B measured 14 oz. My OB says everything is right on track and she just wants me to continue to put on about a pound per week from here on out. We're thrilled!



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I know people can be intentionally or unintentionally hurtful and that most of the time whatever they are saying is their opinion and they don't really know what they are talking about. So I will usually move on with my day but it will still bother me later.



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ifnownotwhen- Oh, Im so sorry.! I hope it was just one bad day and you arent still feeling this way. It is so weird for so many of us who have always struggled to lose weight to be focusing so hard on gaining weight now. It seems so unnatural. During my last pregnancy, I was working as a personal chef for a horrible 90-something year old lady, and she was on my case all the time about losing weight while I was pregnant! Im super short, so every bit of baby shows up on me, and by the time I was 4-5 months, she was hounding me "There better be three babies in there with how much weight you've gained", "you sure are fat to be so pregnant." ect. I stopped working for her when her husband died because I just couldnt take it anymore. I can only imagine the hurtful comments she would have made about my son's death. Sometimes people have dementia or other issues, but sometimes they just have no tact. In my case, it was a little of both. People who knew her for years and years had always complained how mean she was, and when you added dementia on top of that, i shouldnt have listened to a word she said- but I was so sensitive because I was pregnant, and I just couldnt handle it.

Im sorry you are going through this. You are growing big and beautiful for those perfect babies inside you! Good job smile.gif
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Hey Adeline's mommy wave.gif

Sorry to just barge in. I'm a bit overwhelmed right now. I've had a couple of losses, so I'm being followed pretty closely and they did an ultrasound last week and thought they saw 2 heartbeats, but figured it was just a wierd u/s echo. Well, we did another u/s today and it is definitely identical twins. The doc said they are "definitely" monoamniotic. (I thought they couldn't tell that for sure until they checked later on and they could keep looking for a membrane for a long time.)

Anyways, besides that news they are also concerned that the babies are conjoined at the abdomen or pelvis area. Doc said it was certainly too early to tell, but some of the ultrasound pictures suggest that. I've stared and stared at the picture and I just don't see it.

I guess I really don't even know what my question is. Conjoined twins are SO rare, it just doesn't seem possible. Has anyone run into anything like this before? I really don't even know where to begin.
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Name? (if you feel like it) kristin

You and maybe your partners age at the birth? 32. 37

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?  No clue! 

What number of kids will is be for you? 4 &5

Genders? Will you be finding out?  Will find out asap

EDD and or planned birth timing? 2/22/13

State you live in? Ohio

Anything else you want to share?

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ifnotnowthenwhen- Boys!!! awesome.

Baileyandmikey- so glad to see a fellow ddc-er here smile.gif

X- Congrats smile.gif Have you thought about maybe getting a second opinion? Maybe a level two ultrasound? While I think the likelyhood of you having conjoined twins is super low, I also think the intelligence of an ultrasound tech who would tell a mom that this early in the game is pretty low. There is NO WAY they can tell this early. Also, my OB (who is a high risk doc and a twin mom) says that at 8-10 weeks sometimes you still cant tell if they are in the same sac or two separate sacs if they are implanted close together. Unless you totally trust your doc and love, love, love him, I highly suggest you seeing someone else. You are going to have a crapload of ultrasounds anyway, might as well throw one in with someone else to make sure these folks know what their doing, right?

Conjoined twins: 1 in every 200,000 births. Your chances are super low. Please, let me know your EDD so I can put it on the list. i've stared and stared at your picture as well and i just dont see it. I also blew it up and made shaded it so I could see better and Im just not seeing it. hug.gif Call a different OB (preferably high risk, and someone who has a level two tech in their office) and tell them you want a second opinion.
Oh, and when is your EDD?

AFM- Just left my appointment. Both babies are still there. Dr. says it's looking like Di-Di but she wants to wait until next time to look closer. I go for my nuchal scan tomorrow.
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Adaline's mama - Congrats on a good u/s! I can totally understand the thought, "well, there's still 2 in there." I think I will be following up with another doc no matter what. But, I have to first look around and figure out who's the best at identical twins in the Chicagoland area. I guess that's another post I should do. I found a monoamniotic twin website and I'll ask on there too. So, I think I'll leave the 10 week ultrasound with these docs and also make another appointment with whoever everyone claims is "the best." At the last u/s just one week ago it looked like their was only one baby with a heartbeat echo, so they were clearly one in front of the other and now there's alot of distance between the 2, so I think alot can change in 2 weeks.

Here's my info (although with my history of losses and now with all this craziness, most of my brain says I won't have a take home baby).

Name? (if you feel like it) Susan or Xerxella or just X

You and maybe your partners age at the birth? 37 and DH is 43

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? The doc says they're "definitely" monoamniotic

What number of kids will is be for you? 3 & 4

Genders? Will you be finding out? Don't know. I'm guessing girls. I don't know if we'll find out. I haven't really thought about this yet. Maybe we'd find out if it would help somehow? Like I've heard girls do better than boys in these situations?

EDD and or planned birth timing? 40 weeks = 3/5/13, but I guess they section all mono twins no later than 34 weeks? That would be 1/22.

State you live in? Illinois (Chicago area to be exact)

Anything else you want to share? Well, my post above about says it all.
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Name- Bekah

You and maybe your partners age at the birth- I'll be 27, He will be 29 almost 30

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both- identical but in separate sacs within a sac and separate placentas

What number of kids will is be for you- 3 &4

Genders? Will you be finding out? We want to find out

EDD and or planned birth timing- Feb 28

State you live in- WA

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