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Homebirth or Birth Centers in Portland, OR?

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Hi, I am moving to Portland from Washington state and trying to figure out if the Oregon Health Plan (DSHS maternity insurance) covers any birth centers or home births.

I had my daughter at home in WA, and am hoping to do the same with #2 due in Feb. of next year. I talked to one birth center (Andaluz, who were very helpful), but said they cannot take OHP, and gave me a quote of how much a homebirth costs out of pocket. Yikes!

My midwife-assisted homebirth in Washington state WAS covered by the DSHS maternity insurance, so i am surprised to learn that Oregon does not cover birth centers/homebirths.

Does anyone have an insight about this issue or local PDX midwives that they could recommend getting in touch with? Someone must have gone through this search already?! Thanks!

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I know my midwives take OHP open option plan.  I would assume others might as well.  They are home birth midwives.  So, I think it depends on which OHP plan you have.

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Thanks for the reply. I haven't actually signed up for OHP yet, since I didn't know which option to choose. I think the 'open option' might not be available right now??? It doesn't list it as an option on the application... The options are "FamilyCare" and "CareOregon"

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Huh. I'm surprised to hear they told you they they don't take OHP. I wonder if thats a new change? I haven't lived in OR for 2 years (Live in WA now) but I believe they, as well as many (most?) midwives accept OHP. I think the catch is you have to apply for it in your 8th month and ask for the open card. I don't have any personal experience though.

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Yes, I think what LilStar said might be correct. But I also don't have any personal experience.

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I heard something about this... like a loophole that you have to wait until your 3rd trimester or something. it just sounds kinda strange. and then to be uninsured through the whole beginning of the pregnancy...?

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Note that medical costs like home birth ARE tax deductible on your federal tax return.  You can get a benesyst or other "prepaid version" of the tax rebate, or fill out the long tax form correctly (I know, its easy to say "just fill it out" when you're an accountant, but with this kind of thing its very worth it).  To figure out if the tax form version is worth it for you, I would do the short math version: the amount you pay out of pocket times your tax rate, minus 10% of your income.  That's a good conservative guesstimate of what you might save by doing the full math-tax-version.  Midwives especially, but even birth centers, will negotiate the costs or at least a payment plan if you need it.  I don't know about the OHP specifically, but I thought I'd throw those other bits out threr.

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