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Adult ADD when bfeeding

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I'm probably jumping the gun on a dx but soooo many things I deal with and have for years are so very consistent w/ what I read about symptoms of adult ADD...granted I suspect mommy-hood just makes you a little ADD if you weren't already. Its the distractabiltiy/irritability/will yell at my kids/hubby/inlaws/my mom (/coworkes if I could get away with it) if I need to think for 5 seconds and they bother me in the process that I and my family can no longer tolerate this. I need to do something but I'm due with a babe in less than 3 months. After the post-partum stuff chills out, I would like to go in for real testing by psychiatrists/psychologist teams. But I am so freaked out by the prospect of meds. I know I can cross check with infantrisk but still..even if they told me 1% of the drug got into baby, that is a drug that is designed to cross into the brain (and not many drugs do this very well). Maybe there are life-stype things I can try instead but I'm too disorganized to get organized enough to think about it, lol, plus I honestly believe something biochemically is off (and has been for years and years.....its just that I didn't have a 5 yr old back then suffering the ramifcations of crazy-cranky-distracted momma). any one else struggle with this? did you just wait until baby weaned (that might be 3+years out) to really deal with it? I know that is not an option..I know I have got to do something for my kids and hubby and even my job.
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I don't have any answers for you but thought I'd bump your question up for attention. Also, you might want to cross post this in Health and Healing which is a more active forum. thumb.gif

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I am going through a similar thing, but my LO is about to turn 2. My older DD was just diagnosed and as I started reading about ADD/ADHD in girls I could not believe it. It was written about me! I have an appointment in 3 weeks to be evaluated. I am very nervous but am hoping I can get some help. However, I am still nursing my LO. From reading, I believe that there are some meds that can be taken while bfing, but they seem to be some of the less effective ones (though obviously that is not the case for everyone!). I really don't want to have to wean her, but since it has been 2 years, it is a different story for me - and I think the benefit to my entire family will outweigh the continuation of bfing, if it comes to that. For you, it's a much harder decision. Good luck. I will try to remember to post on here and let you know how the eval goes.

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well you can count me in on this same crazy ride. How could i really just be putting 2 and 2 together for the first time??!!


My twins are 21m and i know that they would live without breast-feeding, but I fell a lot of guilt about thinking about what a dx for me would mean for that relationship. I worry that I'm good at handling twins cause i can just whip a boobie out and fix everything and I'm not sure what i have left in my toolbox if i were to take the boobies away.  But I also know that I could never live with the worry that something i was taking was affecting their brains.


more about my dx

I'm not even sure what got me researching things, but a few weeks ago after years (like 15-20) of feeling like i have totally failed myself in life and have had little or less control over who i am; I finally read about how Adult ADHD looks and realized that I am probably a completely classic case.

So I talked to my primary (who agreed) and am waiting for a appointment with the psychologist on 10/22. I'm already dealing with so many jumbled feeling is relief and frustrations, hope and anger.


But I can barely get to any of it because I just keep thinking that one of the first things i will be asked to face is a choice about meds and breastfeeding.




how are both of you, has anything come of things?

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Ok Ladies, forgot about this post, so I'm glad it got bumped. 


I saw the doc, said yes sounds like probably ADD, but he thought potentially a mood issue also - but that's on hold as we work with the ADD.


He prescribed me Adderall XR and told me to wean. I weaned LO (now 26 mo) down to one nursing a day - morning. That is one of our most precious times anyway, and DH puts her to bed, so I knew nighttime would be okay. THEN, I wrote to Dr. Thomas Hale who you may know as the author of Medications and Mother's Milk, probably the foremost authority on medications and breastfeeding in the world. (My psychiatrist wanted me to wean, but I wanted more specifics - a toddler nursing lightly is different than and infant!) You can contact Dr. Hale via a forum on his website. He wrote back to me, saying that given the age, medication, frequency of nursing, and the fact that I would be nursing her in the morning (24 hours after taking the med & prior to the next dose), he felt that it would be fine to take it.


!!!!!!!!!!! I was very jazzed about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I started the Adderall - seems like the 15 mg is right for me - and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I am not depressed. Why???? because I can do things. I can initiate projects and actually do them. I could never figure out why I could not DO anything. Now I can. I mean, the screaming toddler gets in the way, but my own brick wall does not. I am clearer. I felt like I was in a fog all day before. I feel better about myself, because I can have an intelligent conversation. I can address a conflict with a friend. I feel like I have something to contribute to the world.


And I feel lucky the medicine worked for me very clearly right off the bat, as I don't know if it's the same for all the meds. Knowing what I know about how much better I feel, I would wean her if I had to. But glad I didn't!


Good luck ladies. Keep updating - go to the doc - write to Dr. Hale about the nursing - don't give up. Hope you can get some help also!!

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thanks so much for the update! yeah i am also thinking it the early morning nursing that is the big bond between my twins and I, and i always figured it would be the last nursing session to go, whenever that happens.  i do nurse down to nap and night bedtime, but i have skipped the nursing or done it 30 min beforehand and they didn't seem to particularly care either way, so i know that when i do ween it will be a smooth thing. 

i more worry about the toddler emotional things that brings them to me randomly thru the day looking for the reassurance of a quick nursing, they rarely take more than a few sips but it does seem to mean a lot to them.  I think just being out of the ouse more will help, since they done seem to think of nursing as much when we are out and doing other things (i have NIP with no limitations from birth on, so its not about that, i think they just want a drive by cuddling for their booboos so they can get back to playing)


have you done any complementary care for yourself?

did  Dr. Hale say that he preferred one of the common ADHD medications over another? or that there was some particular ones to avoid? i would think that once a day things would be better than things you take 3,4 or more times a day. for the reason you give of being able to take it right after your only nursing session. but i have also heard to take the short fast asking versions of some drugs over the XR, like cold or pain meds so that they left the body quicker, (maybe a totally moot point cause in this case you keep taking them)



I also was reading last night the recomendation that even if you think you found the right medication and the right dose, that you try maybe 3 diferent things and maybe other dosages, just so that you find out if it can be even better. that so many of us would be so thrilled with 50% improvement that we wouldnt even know  what 75 would look like till we got it.  i think it is good advice in general.

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that may be true about different meds.... but I only asked Dr. Hale about the one I was first prescribed and you're right, it's great and I don't want to switch. I did however have to play with the dosage - went up, that was too much as I felt agitated (even though symptoms were improved) now I am in the middle and it seems good. I may play around with it later but while nursing i will stay with this if it works for now.


what do you mean by complementary care? therapy? I do need some therapy as it's been very rare since DD2 was born, but DH & I are already seeing DD1s therapist for her issues & I'm not sure how to fit it in. This is all still new and right now I'm just excited to be able to do basic stuff! I don't think medication is usually the sole solution but I think it may have to tide me over until I have a little more time, a little more handle on my older daughter's problems, and maybe am done nursing.


I tried to read a lot about how to wean gently and I removed one nursing session at a time about a week apart. I called "nursing for sadness and boo boos" one session. For each one I eliminated I had one or two times of crying but she didn't cry nearly as much as I expected so although it was hard, I think she was closer to ready than I realized. I also talked to her a lot about it. At this age she is understanding a lot so I know much of it was sinking in. I redirected her a lot and tried to have something super fun, for example, upon waking from her nap, to distract her. I also used DH since he had a bedtime relationship with her and they are very close, so she is used to being comforted with out the boob by him.


All that said, I am very glad she did not have to wean completely, although I do feel that it will not be long, and I'm sad for that. But any growing up transition is a little sad, and just like sending them off to Kindergarten, it doesn't matter if I'm sad as long as she is ready!

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sounds like you are doing really good. oh by complementary care i was wondering about anything like acupuncture, diet changes, structured physical activity, and those sorts of things.  but yeah counceling is very good too.

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