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Hello, I am from PEI and thought it would be nice to connect with some people from the Maritimes. I find being from PEI has it's challenges when it comes to looking for some Natural Products and people to discuss natural parenting with. Would love to hear from some parents who feel the same.

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Hi and welcome! I hope you find some Mothering maritimers. :)

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Hi there!


I'm from Nova Scotia. There are many people who are into natural parenting here, but I can't seem to be able to talk to them because they've gone too far in that direction (i.e., if I were to mention that I was maybe considering possibly choosing one or two available vaccinations for my baby, it would be a whole room of gasping and judgement).

I've found that when I'm in need of some more natural product options, I tend to browse well.ca. It's free shipping to canada and that where I've been able to get some Dr. Bronners soap (for baby wipe solution) for cheaper than stores and things like big bottles of coconut oil (for diaper cream) and other such odds and ends.


It's good to know there's at least one other person from the maritimes here, as it seems like this is primarily an American website and the few Canadians I've come across are generally from Ontario or BC (isn't that how it always goes).

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I'm in NS too. We're in a university town, but I actually haven't had too much trouble finding a few AP and/or more natural minded parents. There are, obviously, variations on the scale, but people ARE out there! I was just on here to see if there was a Maritimes subsection yet (nope), so thought I'd say hello. Have you checked out your local LLL? We also use Well.ca. I love that you can just get one thing and not feel like you should get 18 additional things in order to make the shipping "worth it". Speerville is a Maritime mill, and you can get just about any dry good from them. There's also another Maritime natural products co-op getting underway as of January (http://www.maritimenaturalfoods.com/). 

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