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Donovan Everett is here

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Donovan was born on June 16 at 8:22 A.M. He weighed 6lbs. and 13oz. and was 21in. long.

At 4A.M. I woke up with a contraction. I went to the bathroom and woke up DH in the process. We decided to go to the front porch and time the contractions for an hour as our midwife suggested. They were definitely getting stronger, but their length and timing were all over the place. After a few contractions worth moaning over DH said we'd better call the midwife. She said she was on her way. At this point I had some more contractions on the livingroom couch, with DH talking me through them. The midwife called us back, and said that with the moaning I was making that it might be a quick labor and she may not be able to make it. She told us to call her back and let her know if we wanted to go to the hospital or stay home. I told DH that I for sure wanted to stay home. He called the midwife back and she seemed pleased with our decision. Between all of this, poor DH was attempting to set up the birth pool However, he could barely get one thing out before I would have another contraction. So he had to rush back to talk me through it. Finally we just said screw it and moved to the tub in the bathroom. In the livingroom DH had said he could see blood, but that was way more apparent to me once I got in the water. DH had me breathe through several more contractions and the midwife called back to check on us. Right after she asked DH if I was sounding "pushy" I started to REALLY make some noise. Up to this point I had been alternating between moaning and saying really silly things like "oh geeze oh geeze!" or "I'm ok I'm ok I'm ok!" (DH says one time I was saying "it's okay" over and over, before I yelled out "This is not okay!!") But this time I started screaming. After having DH check me and him saying he could feel the baby's head in my birth canal, the midwife instructed DH to get me to the bed. It took a couple of contractions, and DH scrambled to get the chux pads down before I attempted hands and knees. I couldn't stay up on my hands though and kept sliding down. At this time the midwife just stayed on speaker phone. She kept DH calm, and DH kept me calm. I moved to try a side laying position, but couldn't stop myself from trying to close my legs. DH kept my legs apart, and then finally moved me to a semi-reclined position. I was screaming during contractions still when the midwife asked DH to describe when the baby was crowning, had a shoulder out, and when he was born. I started yelling out that he was coming. The midwife asked if he was crowning. I yelled yes, but DH said no. I could feel him moving down though. Within seconds DH was saying "crowning!" then "shoulder" and finally "born!" DH put Donovan up on my chest and we waited for the placenta to be born. It seemed to take an awfully long time. And it came halfway out, and then was fully born. DH wrapped the placenta up in a chux pad and set it next to baby Donovan. We had about 20 minutes to just relax and moon over our little creation before the midwife arrived. She was lovely and cleaned up all over the house, checked me, checked the baby, helped me get a good first latch, and talked DH and I down from the adrenaline of the birth.

Though it wasn't at all the labor or birth I envisioned, it was so beautiful that I wouldn't change a thing. Even during the labor I thought about having my music, sarong, lol... Midwife. But really all I NEEDED was DH's calming presence and reassurance. He also felt like it was amazing and hasnt stopped telling people how awesome it was to deliver his own baby. He is also super proud that he gets to be on the birth certificate twice... As the husband AND as the attendant.
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Wow! What a great birth story. Congratulations!

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That is an awesome story! So cool! Congratulations!
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Congrats!  I am all teary, what a great story.

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Congrats!  I am all teary, what a great story.

Yes! Beautiful story and I'm teary, too. :) What a great one to tell your grandchildren one day.

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