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So, what are you eating?

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I've really lost my appetite between the heat and generally feeling uncomfortable, but am trying to think of protein-y things to eat to prevent crash-and-burn brownie ice cream binges.  What are all you ladies snacking on?

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How are you with yogurt? It can be kind of sugary...but definitely protein.

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the best thing i'm snacking on wrt protein is almond butter on rice cakes.  but i am also eating an awful lot of rainbow sherbet, too!

My appetite has come back with a vengence, though, and I am feeling always hungry lately.  But baby is big already, and I know I am just making him fatter and fatter, so I stay torn between being ravenously hungry and trying not to eat too much.  We just went to thai buffet for lunch to try to kickstart labor with spicy food.  It was SO GOOD.  But as we were strapping kids in the car, hubby remarked that I ate FOUR plates.  lol I said, NO I didn't!  He said, well, you had 2 FULL plates, one less than full plate, and then you finished DS's nearly still full plate.  Thanks for keeping your eye on me there, DH!  lol WHOOPS!  Did I say how good it was?

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In the heat, I've definitely been craving cold sweet things, but trying to keep up my intake of protein and healthy fats.  So, plain whole-milk yogurt (raw, actually) with honey (sometimes granola and/or fruit), hot dog dipped in lots of cold ketchup/bbq sauce/mustard/whatever (no bun, just the meat, and if you get whatever brand it is that is organic grass-fed beef, you don't have to worry about scary additives [speaking of which, I recently read a hot dog package at my in-laws and discovered it had corn syrup in it.  Um, why??]), umm... lots of iced chai made with half organic chai mix and half whole milk (yeah, I've been downing at least three glasses a day of that.  Always with ice and a bendy straw Sheepish.gif).


My appetite has been coming back the last couple days, though, so I've been eating more.  Speaking of which, I'm hungry.  

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Oh, yogurt!  Good idea.   I've definitely been into cold/creamy/sweet, and was doing kefir smoothies for awhile but they were starting to be too filling.   And iced chai!  Also a good idea.   Making a grocery list....:)

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Greek yogurt is even higher in protein!


I'm in the camp with increased appetite so I'm not much help, but I definitely hear you with the heat. We've been grilling a lot to keep the heat out of the house (a hot house makes me super grumpy lately, I've been informed) but also DH does the grilling and it limits the dishes and the amount of work I have to put into dinner so it's really helpful in several different ways. So I've been doing a lot of grilled burgers with a ton of tomatoes and lettuce piled on, with fruit or other cold sides.  

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I haven't been nearly as hungry this pregnancy as I remember being the last three.  But I make myself a protein smoothie almost every day to make sure I'm getting some basics in -- I'm craving creamy and sweet, too!   I use one banana (chilled), 3-5 frozen strawberries, a big spoonful of almond or peanut butter, a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, a tsp of unsweetened cocoa (!), and a good splash of soymilk or vanilla almond milk.  You can add ice if you have it to make it colder, but I generally don't have any.  It's SO yummy.


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cereal.  i cant stop eating cereal.


i've been drinking a lot of veggie juices (today i had spinach, kale, apple and carrot!) to make up for the fact that i haven't been getting as many veggies as usual. protein is my biggest problem -i had to force myself to eat a  steak yesterday!

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I've been craving fake chicken sandwiches the past few days, so I've been eating those. Cereal, trail mix, yogurt.

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I've been craving fake chicken sandwiches the past few days, so I've been eating those. Cereal, trail mix, yogurt.

Have you tried Quorn patties?  They are so, so good!  Best "chicken" sandwich ever.  Mmmmmmm, now I want one!

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My favorite are actually the Morningstar Farms ones! They're a little trashier than the Quorn ones, but they seriously hit the spot. I eat mine with lettuce and an obscene amount of mayo.


I'm craving one right now!

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Yeah I totally am having one for lunch, no thanks to you.  :)


ETA: I ate two sandwiches, some chips, and a diet coke for lunch.  so good.  and a good thing I have only gained 1lb the past two weeks, My previous two pregnancies I was up 60 lbs, only 41lbs this time!  Haha, who knew I would be excited about a 40lb weight gain.

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just giving a shout out to Quorn.  that sh$t is delicious!!!!

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ROFL about the shoutout to Quorn.  I love it!  :)

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Originally Posted by octolars View Post

just giving a shout out to Quorn.  that sh$t is delicious!!!!


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Have any of you tried the Gardein veggie burgers? Holy crap, they are sooooo good, and probably the most accurate meat analog I have ever tasted. And they grill up like a champ!
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I haven't had their veggie burgers, but I have had some other products.  they are almost too "meaty" for my tastes.  the texture of those chicken chunks grosses me out a little.  i would try the burgers though, i will look next time at the store.  my favorite veggies burger is morningstar farms grillers prime.

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Haven't had too much of an appetite lately, probably due to the heat.  Just eating small meals with some little snacks here and there.  Watermelon and nectarines have been hitting the spot.  Also some spicy Thai noodle dishes that I've found on Pinterest.  And I've never consumed so much water! 

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Oh, how could I have forgotten about the Oreos? I picked up a package a week ago to celebrate their support of gay pride ads that were getting a backlash, and I've been demolishing the package all by myself since then. I swear, K is going to come home to me in a sugar coma with a black-chocolate ring around my mouth and will wonder what happened.

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Oreos sound amazing!  I haven't had them in forever, maybe I will pick up a pack tonight.  Another thing I have been craving but not actually eating is my friend's recipe for fruit pizza...  She bakes a whole tube of sugar cookie dough in the oven in a big circle, then makes "sauce" out of marshmallow creme and cream cheese, and cuts up all sorts of fresh fruit and puts that on top for toppings.  Oh, it's SO amazing.  I have wanted it for weeks but haven't indulged.  Maybe I can convince hubby that we need it tonight to celebrate the 4th.  ;)

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