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Hey, the fruit cancels out the cookie and marshmallow creme, right? If you do the fruit in a flag pattern, then you HAVE to make it for the 4th, and then proceed to devour it.

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Oreos sound amazing!  I haven't had them in forever, maybe I will pick up a pack tonight.  Another thing I have been craving but not actually eating is my friend's recipe for fruit pizza...  She bakes a whole tube of sugar cookie dough in the oven in a big circle, then makes "sauce" out of marshmallow creme and cream cheese, and cuts up all sorts of fresh fruit and puts that on top for toppings.  Oh, it's SO amazing.  I have wanted it for weeks but haven't indulged.  Maybe I can convince hubby that we need it tonight to celebrate the 4th.  wink1.gif

Too funny! Our local grocery store sells those pre-made, and I saw it last night and couldn't resist. The kids thought it was the most amazing thing ever and DH idn't a big fan of sweets but he actually liked it, too. I did feels little guilty because I way overfed them on it so I would be forced to limit myself to a small portion and not have leftovers that would be calling my name in the middle of the night. But... It's fruit, right? Right? Heh.

I saw a recipe on Pinterest that was a mini fruit taco- sane concept but made with sugar cookies instead, that are bent in the shape of a taco shell when they're still warm then filled with the dream cheese mix and fruit. Maybe that would be a more manageable size.

On the other hand, Oreos sound pretty darn amazing. Ugh! Go away, sweet tooth!
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I have totally been craving the sweets too.  I really, really want some cake.  Cake I got in college that is 3.5 hours away.  I am craving it like no other and I know there has got to be a comparable cake place around here, I just don't know where it is.  Either that or homemade whip cream.  Oh yum.  Or cheesecake, oreo cheesecake. 

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Lol, this is what I get when I ask for protein snack suggestions- cravings for oreos and cheesecake. Thanks alot, ladies! lol.gif Glad I'm not alone in the sweet cravings.  


However, I'm reaching the 2 tsp of food in one sitting capacity the last few days.  So, at least I can't eat very MUCH oreo cheesecake....right?...at least not all at once....   

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haha, sorry!  forgot how the thread started!  those quorn products are a good source of protein :)

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Ben and Jerry's sells a frozen Greek yogurt! Teehee...
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goofy, that sounds insane!!!!

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Hey, man, we are desperate, uncomfortable pregnant ladies. When it comes to little things that will bring us joy at this point, I say anything goes!
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LOL tolovemercy, I'm sorry!!!  I get caught up in all these cravings!  :)  I wound up not eating oreos OR fruit pizza last night because I was too lazy to get my butt to the store.  I just had a couple of bean burritos followed up with a popsicle.  For "real" food, I keep craving beans in various forms.  Not sure why, but at least they are loaded with fiber and protein...  Although maybe they aren't the best food to eat directly before going into labor, if you get my gist!


Edit:  ALSO - Shinyredstar, that would be awesome if the local grocery stores near me carried that fruit pizza!  Although I guess now that I think about it, no, it wouldn't - I'd have eaten 50 already!  lol.gif

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Goofy, I get it!  i kep eating ice cream, which makes me gassy.  then I think, what if tonight is the night?  stinky!  hahaha, oh well.

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I'm only kidding, lol.  I'm enjoying this thread.   Yesterday I wanted something sweet but didn't want to go to the store OR heat up the oven (the house pretty much IS an oven at this point), so I made brownies in the waffle iron and made ice cream sandwiches with them (with caramel ice cream...and chocolate chips).  Fortunately I only made enough for everyone to have one, because otherwise I would have devoured them all. eat.gif

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Goofy, I have been craving Mexican food throughout this pregnancy. It's like the only thing that has stayed constant. Now I want some black bean soup...

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tolovemercy, sounds delish!

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Tolovemercy- that does sound yummy! I think the hot weather has really increased my craving for sweets because I have a strong association with sweets and cold foods. We've also just been doing a lot of fruit salads using any combo of fresh fruit mixed with some lemon yogurt and poppy seed. So at least it's not all junk and that would get a little protein in there, too!

Scowgirl- that's been a big one for me this pregnancy, too. We've eaten a looooot of Mexican food this pregnancy. Including tamales from a place across town at 1 in the morning. Heh.
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