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Beta HCGs

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I know not a lot of people do these, but for us pg after a loss or more, they can give a lot of comfort (or a lot of stress). Just so we all know, it's not the number, but the doubling time that matters. Here's me favorite website on them: http://www.babymed.com/tools/hcg-calculator

So, I thought maybe we could all share our Betas and what DPO they were taken on. My next Beta will be taken on Monday at 20 dpo. Also, I think implantation happened at 7 dpo, so the numbers have had more time to double. I'll start:

15 dpo: 517
20 dpo: 3738
34 dpo: 30,000+ (and a heartbeat of 133 smile.gif )

ETA: It turned out to be identical twins!
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My numbers are super low for me this time around. Not sure why, I am holding out hope because they are doubling.
14dpo - 69
16dpo - 143

In previous pregnancies I have had 564 at 14dpo and 1555 at 17dpo to give you an idea. That being said, my vitamin D was deficient in those pregnancies and is not now, so maybe that is the difference?
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In my two previous pregnancies I never had blood taken for these levels (or at least the Dr never told me) but since this pregnancy i had a high chance of it being ectopic (since I had an IUD in) they are checking them every other day. I go in tomorrow for another.


14 DPO- 55

16 DPO- 220

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I've had multiple miscarriages as well and am taking progesterone suppositories - so my betas are done to make sure I'm not taking the progesterone needlessly (and I do like knowing what is going on after having had so many losses).


Mine are (2nd one *just* in):


15 DPO - 184

17 DPO - 545


I used the site xerxella linked to and it calculated a 35.75 hour doubling time.

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After a little bleeding/spotting I went ahead and got my betas done, much more peace of mind now.


13 DPO - 241
15 DPO - 680

So doubling time of 32.1 hours.

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I got my 3rd beta back - check out how weird my numbers are!


14dpo - 69
16dpo - 143 (taken at 46 hours, barely doubled)

18dpo - 602! (taken at 50 hours, more than quadrupled!)


I am toying with getting another beta or not. 

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I'm hesitantly joining the group (not even putting all my info on here yet) b/c on Sunday, I was pretty sure I was miscarrying but it's now Wed night and things are VERY inconclusive.  I figured coming here would be a good place to get support and just relate to others on this little mini-roller coaster.  


This is my 4th pregnancy, I have two DDs.  My first ever pregnancy was a very early miscarriage (like 6 weeks) and so I really just jumped to conclusions that this was over when I saw a bit of blood on Sunday night.  But now I'm starting to wonder.........


I've been spotting for these three days and did feel like over the weekend I stopped feeling pregnant.  But now I'm second guessing all my body pangs.  When I nurse my dd, my nipples are sort of irritated and I do feel pretty exhausted and really emotionally all over the place (tears for no reason, etc).


So do I give this a few more days?  Should I do the betas?  When I m/c the first time, I spotted for several days and then had the period like flow-I remember knowing "this is it."


Funny how I thought now that I'm not "new" at this motherhood thing, that I would be a bit more chill about things.  But getting pregnant, new life just isn't a very chill thing is it?  It's huge, whether it's your first, third or I imagine 6th!  

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kalamos, that's great! I bet it just had a slow start and is making up for lost time thumb.gif


smlame, I would probably get betas done. But, that's because I've had many losses and couldn't stand not knowing. I think it's great to trust your body and unless you feel a burning need to test or suspect something physically is wrong I think you'll be fine to just wait it out. Good luck hug2.gif

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I just had to post here because I am so pleased with my hcg results! I had my first test done at ~16dpo and I was concerned at how low they seemed. Good news is that they are increasing nicely.


~16dpo: 152

~19dpo (just under 72 hours later): 854


I'm guessing that these readings were done at 16 and 19 dpo, but they could be off by a day or two. I don't know if ovulation time was nailed down exactly. But either way, I am feeling much better today than I was a few days ago!

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I got my second hcg result today. I'm not sure how many dpo I was because I didn't chart this month. FertilityFriend has my average O day on cd15, so if that's right, I was only 12 dpo for the first test. Here's the results:


1st test = 59.7

2nd test = 220


Feeling pretty good about the results. :0)

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23 DPO: 5407

25 DPO: 9850


Doubling time of 54 hours... I am ok with that, I think.  It seems to follow along the curve on the HCG chart at the babymed website for 23-25 DPO.

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This is my 1st pregnancy after 2 IUI's! 


1st Beta


2nd Beta


3rd Beta


4th Beta


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Great #s, 2mommiesttcNJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats!

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