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Well... Almost $60 of meds, baking soda, probiotics, vinegar, and other anti-thrush necessities later... KJ doesn't have thrush. She was chomping on her boba carrier over and over in the same spot and the milk residue from her tongue was getting all over the inside of her lips. I couldn't get it off earlier but just about an hour ago I used a qtip and it all came right off. So... yeah.

I swear I'm not a crazy hypochondriac. But I can't promise I'm not crazy.
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We used Gentian Violet (messy) and Grapefruit Seed Extract for thrush. But I had it in my nipples/breasts, and it never really showed up much on DD. 




I also got his All-Purpose Nipple Ointment when just the Gentian Violet wasn't working. 


For me I also washed my nipples in GSE and drank my water with a few drops of GSE in it as well. But that was again me, not baby. And when it got really bad, I followed the Candida diet too. 


I didn't use any other medications, and it went away.