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38 weeks and suddenly transverse :(

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I had an U/S and my formerly head down babe is now transverse. Dr wants to do a version. He's worried bc he knows I don't want a C section so hes trying to prevent one. I'm going in tomorrow, and I pray this little rascal has flipped by then. Doing ice, tilts, inversion, and praying it works. Anyone else? I just needed to vent. greensad.gif
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I'm sorry, mama; that's frustrating.  Do you have a ball?  You know what I mean- a "birth ball" or exercise ball, to sit on.  My baby was flipping a lot from head down to transverse or diagonal, but after I started sitting on a ball, he seemed to stay in position better and by now he is well engaged.  Good luck- I hope your babe puts his head down, too!

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Good luck with your ECV. They are no walk in the park. I just read about someone in the June ddc who had a successful one at 39 weeks. I tried one last time and it didn't flip my baby, but also didn't cause any problems for her. I haven't tried one this time. But I think you are better off since baby is transverse and not breech. Will be looking for your update!
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I'm in exactly the same boat!  We opted out of the version when it went head down over the weekend and I'm wearing an abdominal binder (NO fun--horrible for sleeping in, but better than a c-section I guess.)  Unfortunately, it can still slide transverse--did so Mon for a few hours and again Wed for a few hours.  No one knows why.  This is #5  and I've never had this before.  My midwife recommended a chiropractor.  I saw one twice this week and she did some adjustments to my lower spine.  My next midwife appt is Mon and I'm hoping to find it's head down and snug.  2 weeks left...

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UPDATE - Baby flipped on his/her own!


I got to L&D and asked them to check because I felt feet in my center. Of course, I had to get hooked up to the belly monitor and have an ultrasound to find this out, but I'll take it. What kind of abdominal binder did you get? I'd be willing to use one of those.


The last two days were filled with inversion moves, hands and knees, head down - rump up positions, and pelvic tilts. I also put ice where the bean's head was and put a flashlight at the center base of my pelvis. Did all that help? Who knows. But I'm going to continue as I hope baby doesn't flip again.


It was music to my ears to be told I could walk out of the hospital without needing that version!

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Great news! We tried ice on the head for my DD...and guess what? She loves having a ice pack on her head. Who would have guessed?

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Oh man, I'm sorry that didn't work...but the idea of an ice pack sitting on a smiling baby's head is pretty amusing.


I think mine might go back to transverse because I swear I feel what is akin to a Cirque du Soliel routine going on in there.

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The binder is from DeRoyal, I got it from my midwife.  My husband is an orthotist and he said you can order one online and have it shipped right to you, overnight, if you want.  You can probably also get something from CVS (or similar), but you want one that's going to just kind of suck everything in, you don't really want extra back support or anything like that.  Really, it looks like four giant ace bandages sewn together (one above the other) and secures with velcro.


All that being said, I don't know if it really helps a lot or not.  I've been wearing it all week, even for sleeping, and the baby still slips transverse for a few hours every few days.  I slept without it last night and the baby stayed down, so I may be tempted to try that again...


And an ice pack sounds like a lovely idea.  Not necessarily for the baby, either!

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