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Our little boy was born!

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Hi everyone, I'm writing this at 4am here. I should be sleeping but I woke up an hour ago with mind and emotions racing. The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind. Our beautiful and tiny boy was born yesterday at 26 1/2 weeks. His name is Adair Séamus "Pickle" and he weighed 2 lbs 3 oz at birth. I went into the hospital last night after a bit of mild back pain and then passing a clot. We thought it was mild placental abruption and that it would settle down, but they kept me overnight. The cramps/contractions cont'd and I was 3cm dialated by 7am. I was taken to another hospital, which handles high risk births. Pickle was a rock star the whole way through -- great heart rate and movement. He was in perfect position too, so the docs were happy with vaginal birth. He was born naturally at 3:35pm earlier today, June 28, and he's doing great so far. It will be a long road ahead, but he's getting the best possible care. We won't expect to have home home before October. We are also doing well - happy, scared, worried... So many emotions swirling around. I've starting pumping and hope to have 1ml soon for his feeding tube. Just a few small drops so far. I probably won't be on here much (unless there are more sleepless periods ahead), but I wanted to share with you.
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Aw, Dandylez, congrats on the birth of your little Adair Seamus!  I will pray for his health. May he get stronger and stronger each and every day. Sounds like you are doing all the wonderful things that a loving mother does - giving him your milk and love - HE WILL THRIVE!

My nephew was born at 26 weeks and is now a bouncy, intelligent, lovely, lovely little 2 1/2 year old!


Bless you, your partner your babe and Congrats!


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Congrats on your little boy! Hope hes health stays good and you can take him home sooner rather than later. Take care and rest as much as possible.

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Welcome to the world Adair! You must be flooded with emotion right now, please reach out if you need anything. 

We have some pretty good hospitals here, so with you wonderful milk and care I'm sure he will continue to get stronger everyday :)


I'll be thinking of you guys xx

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Dandylez - congratulations and many, many blessings to you and your partner at the arrival of Adair! We're thinking of you so much right now and sending you our best wishes for a beautiful, healthy, and speedy arrival home in October. It sounds like your little one is in great hands. Sending you love and peace . . .

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Congratulations and welcome little Adair!  I will be keeping him and you and your partner in my thoughts.  Wishing him strength and good health!  

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Welcome to the world, Baby Adair! Sounds like you've got a tough little guy on your hands. Congratulations! Wishing you and your little family rest and health, Dandylez. So happy everyone's doing well.

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Congratulations Mama! What a beautiful name for your little boy. You and your family are in my thoughts, and I hope that every day he grows in strides.

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Congratulations on the birth of your son!!  I have worked with premature babies for years and I just want to give you positive support and encouragment----these tiny babies can do GREAT!!  And 2lbs seems like a good weight for a 26 weeker.  Take care of yourself and stay positive!

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Oh wow! Congratulations! I love his name. My friend's little girl was born at 24 weeks and 3 days and only 1 lb 3 ounces and she is home and healthy now (she was born in december, due in april and came home in may). 2 weeks and an extra lb is huge! I'll keep your little family in my thoughts and prayers! Please post a picture of your little man when you can. I hope you take time for yourself to heal as well. I'd imagine it must be tough wanting to be up and in the NICU with him!



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Wow! Congratulations! Many wishes for a strong and healthy boy, which is sounds like he already is :)

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I'm so glad to hear that he is doing well. I'll keep your family in my prayers. I feel like saying congratulations is not quite right, because it's too soon. But I'm glad to read that things are well. What a shock for you! My niece was born at 30 weeks. She was 3 lbs 1 oz. She's 12 now. My dh was also a 3 lb preemie. My niece ended up only being in the hospital 3 or 4 weeks. So it could be much shorter than you think or a little longer. Hopefully, they will let you have some skin to skin time with him. That's so good for preemies. Please keep us updated as much as you can. His name is really sweet. Can't wait to see pics, when you're ready to share.

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Oh my goodness! What a surprise it must have been to end up delivering so early! I'm so glad to hear that everything seems good dispite the circumstance. 2lbs is a great weight for a 26 weeker! Sending you and your sweet son lots of prayers. Congrats on your son! Boys are amazing smile.gif
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oh my! I'm gad he is doing so well I wish you both all the luck int he world. 

A note: pumping for a NICU baby sucks and is really hard but just keep at it. I've been there get some support from other NICU BFing moms (past or present) rightaway. It can be a mommy sanity saver.

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Oh goodness, Dandy, I don't know how I missed this yesterday but congrats on your little, little guy. It's amazing how well these babies can do nowadays. I hope you're making a good recovery yourself. Sending lots of growing vibes to your sweet boy.

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Congratulations, and my best wishes of health and wellness for your little one!

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Congratulations and I hope that it's a happy, easy journey for you all!

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Dandylez: Just wanted to know you and your family have been in my thoughts so much since I read your news! Sending so many good vibes your way!! Please update us when you feel up to it and have a free moment!



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Hi everyone,

So far, we're doing as well as can be expected. We're taking it hour by hour, but Adair has been a superstar! He's been stable, and he's breathing regular air on his own.  He's getting my milk and tolerating it well, so they're upping the frequency. My placenta was infected, and he has contracted the infection, most likely in his spinal fluid. But he's on antibiotics and doing well, and he's not acting meningitic, so they're hopeful about what's to come. In general, he's quite the monkey. He likes to squirm around, and he has a strong fighting spirit for which he's getting a bit of a reputation.


My partner and I are doing well. We're staying at the Ronald McDonald house (do they have these outside of Canda?) so that we're close to the hospital, and we'll expect to be here for a couple of months, and then hopefully move to the hospital in our own town when he's ready to go. We'll slowly be taking on more and more of his care, and hoping to do skin-to-skin contact tomorrow.


Thank you for your lovely messages. Please keep us in your thoughts as we move forward. I so appreciate having this community here. I hope everyone is doing well. This is a pic of him from this morning. 




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What a sweet little guy! My first child was born at 32 weeks and spent 3 weeks in the NICU. I remember the fear and uncertainty well. Sending much love to you, your partner, and your little fighter!

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