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Sebastian has arrived

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Sebastian Marcello Cassimir arrived at 545 am on June 28th. He weighed a (MUCH smallest than anticipated) 6lb12oz.

I started having light contractions after exercising on Weds but nothing to get my hopes up about. Around midnight, though, I started getting more intense contrax starting in my back. I couldn't fall asleep so decided to take a walk. I was going to wake DH around 4 or 5 but around 3 they were coming fast and hard. We left by 330 and got to hospital at 430. I was checked at 8 cm dilated and 90% effaced. They hurried me back to a L&D room only to ask me a million questions for an hour. I requested to be checked again after going through 2 or 3 transition feeling contrax. I was 9+ and requested they break my waters. Literally instantly after they did that I had the urge to push. 3 or 4 pushes and he was out and crying. They told me he passed meconium but they didn't think he swallowed or inhaled any, as he didn't show any signs. He is doing great, nursing like a pro already! I had one tear because his arm was up by his shoulder. 2 "skid marks" but otherwise we are both doing great, just waiting to be discharged from the hospital. Pictures to come soon when we get home smile.gif
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Yay!! Crongrats. Sounds like his birth went pretty smoothly.

Can't wait to see a pic.:)


So excited, the babies are starting to come.:)

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Congrats!!  Enjoy your babymoon! 

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Awww, that is fantastic! Sounds like everything went very well. Congratulations!! biggrinbounce.gif

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Yay!  Congrats, Triple07!  I hope ya'll can come home today and I can't wait to see his picture!  I know he is beautiful, though!  

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Hooray, congratulations! And welcome Sebastian!

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So exciting! Congratulations and sounds like a very easy labor! smile.gif
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Congratulations!  I love his name!

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Congratulations, mama, and welcome to the world, Sebastian!!   Sounds like it went really quickly!!

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Photo on 7-3-12 at 10.36 AM.jpgBaby Sebastian, me & part of DS2s head lol

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Love it, triple07.  He's gorgeous.  Hope you're feeling well and getting rest!

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So amazing! Congratulations!!

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Ohhh... he is so precious! Great work, you guys! smile.gif

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Awwww!  So cute!!!  :)  You have a gorgeous family!

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Congratulations!  And I love the picture.  You're gorgeous and such a cute baby too. 

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His expression is cracking me up for some reason.  A great combination of "Hey! Wassup?!?" and "WTH is going on?"


Congratulations on a smooth birth!

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Congratulations!  Your little guy is a cutie!

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