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Anyone Else Lying-In?

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If you are Lying-In, how is it going?


I'm about halfway through my lying-in (for me it's 15 days) and it is going pretty well.


I've managed to stay in bed more or less for this last week or so but it hasn't been easy! With two kids and family visiting I've been tempted at times to join in their convesation, etc. However, I can tell this time, once again, has been so good for me and our little guy.


We did alot of planning ahead of time (extra help with cleaning, some childcare, lists posted, etc.) and I know that has helped things keep running without me. DH is home for a few more days. He's been a great help. With all of the meals, though and time with family I haven't seen him as much as I'd like and he hasn't really had the time to bond with baby that I'd hoped for.


Because I've really limited visitors I have gotten a bit lonely. I have to say that it has really helped me to rest, which I'm storing up for future months of full activity!


Hope your time is restorative. :)

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I am only dreaming of lying-in.  I just love this concept, but with three others and even with DH home for the summer as a teacher, kids activities, etc., I have been up a ton.  We talked a lot before baby arrived about how I wanted to rest as much as possible with this last baby (I felt like I was up away too early with my last and missed out on this special time)...and how I didn't want anyone staying with us...just wanted to make at least the first week with baby a really quiet, special one. 


It has definitely been better this time around, but I have been doing a lot around the house and have even been out a few times now (LO is 2 weeks on Monday)...so I am already missing those early days of snuggling and healing.  I was starting to bleed more each time I was up too long, though, so that was a reminder to rest with babe when I could. 


Good for you for actually making it happen.  I think it is so wonderful, and these moments are so, so fleeting.  I can't believe the birth is already 2 weeks behind us.  :  (  But how lucky we are to have these LO's earthside. 



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I am. We are on day 8 of 17days. It is going pretty well considering I have three other children lol My oldest is doing a lot while hubby is gone, the kids are watching a ton of movies and I am only up to get into my computer chair or go to the bathroom <3 No visitors until 2wks at least. 

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I commend you ladies. I tried and failed, and am somewhat paying the price with delayed healing.


My midwives "prescribed" a 7 day lie-in, and I was going stir crazy by day 4. Couldn't stand being cooped up in my apartment anymore (where I wasn't doing a good job of staying in bed anyway), so went out on Day 8 to the park and Starbucks. Bad idea. Standing still for more than a couple minutes is really uncomfortable. 


Trying to take it easy with multiple soaks in the tub everyday, and lying down rather than just sitting when I'm tired or hurting.

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You poor thing! I'm sorry you are hurting and hope you feel better soon.

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