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Yep, there's one over an hour and a half away, that's it. I've emailed her to check if she goes that far and/or if she knows of anyone else.

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I had my first official app with my midwife yesterday and was awesome... I'm measuring a week ahead, im 10 weeks this week,  and we were able to hear the heart beat right away !!!!!! I had some ketones on my urine test but she wasnt too concerned about it.... This is getting more real by the minute !!!!

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hmm, the time of day thing is really interesting, I've started labor in the late evening for most of my births and had babies in the middle of the night morning, except for 2...which I'm pretty sure one I was given pitocin and for sure the 2nd one I was as well....

I have 2 that were born at 7:05 in the morning labored all night for the first and labor started at 5am for the #5, 2 that were born at 12:56pm (both the ones that I'm pretty sure were augmented) One at 12:13am, and another at 4:32am

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I'm coming in late here....totally forgot about this group, guess I've been too distracted on Facebook!

This will be our 3rd homebirth (#7th child). I'm looking to move closer toward going unassisted, but hubby isn't quite there yet, and I'm okay with that, because I think our midwife will be hands off enough, and I like her. We will be doing limited prenatals and I have my first visit around 16 weeks.

Plan to encapsulate the placenta, hiring someone to do that, so we don't have to mess with it, I'd rather be bonding with baby! 

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Welcome mamabear. Wow I don't think I know anyone in person with 7. I'll bet you really feel like a pro at the birth thing. If we move I'm leaning toward UC also, but where I am I have a good midwife available and she's good at staying hands off and out of sight too.

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So excited for this thread!


This is my 3rd child and will be my 2nd homebirth. I will be using a new midwife this time though. DD's birth was in the water. I loved having a waterbirth and really wished that I had listented to my instincts and gone with a homebirth with my DS, instead of going to the hospital.


Now, I just have to figure out a way to get my insurance company to pay for the hb!


We have planted both placentas. Will probably do the same with this one.

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Anyone expecting twins and having a homebirth?
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Anyone expecting twins and having a homebirth?
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baby number 5 on the way, planning my 3rd homebirth and sticking with my awesome midwife for the last 2.  i was glad to see there were some other moms who didn't want to labor in water.  i keep thinking about trying it, but end up just wanting to hunker down in my quiet room and get the baby out.  last one was so quick that i never considered water until after baby came out.  


haven't managed to ever keep a placenta.  maybe this time would freeze and have hubby add to smoothies, but odds are i would have to do that as i don't know how he would manage it.  will ask midwife about it.  i usually take raw liver throughout pregnancy, so placenta should be easy, but it just never seems to happen after birth.  


glad there's a homebirth 'tribe'- my family is very very skeptical about the whole homebirth thing (mom was a NICU nurse, sister was a NICU nurse, another sister is a labor-n-delivery nurse) and getting positive support on it is huge.  i'm sad that we moved so far away from my midwife (2 hours) but she knows the region and based on my last 4 births, i'm not in a huge hurry after labor starts.  i seem to wait until the middle of the night when everyone doesn't need me and she's there quietly supporting!

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glad there's a homebirth 'tribe'- my family is very very skeptical about the whole homebirth thing (mom was a NICU nurse, sister was a NICU nurse, another sister is a labor-n-delivery nurse) and getting positive support on it is huge. 

My husband's family has no idea we're doing a home birth. They are pro medicating everything under the sun so I'm kinda dreading that conversation if it comes up. 

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My husband's family has no idea we're doing a home birth. They are pro medicating everything under the sun so I'm kinda dreading that conversation if it comes up. 

yeah- i try and avoid these conversations pretty hard.  when i finally told my parents i was pregnant again, the first thing my mom said was 'you're not still nursing the other one, are you?'- as if i hadn't nursed successfully through my last 2 healthy pregnancies and had great births.  She was trying to get my sister the labor-and-delivery nurse to say that my risk of bleeding out on my 5th birth was much higher than before (and pro-episiotomy, and honestly feels like i'm trying to prove something by having homebirths) so I really really try not to talk about my prenatal care, my birth plans, or anything like that with either side of the family.  the best i can do is invite my mother up about 6 weeks after giving birth so she can enjoy the baby after it's all over.  and my in-laws are usually on call to come out and support post-birth if we can't get local support.  it's sad, but it's how it will be.  i also try like the dickens to avoid the circumcision and vaccine discussions with both sets of parents.  i think there's a reason we don't try to live near either set, love them as we do, we're choosing a lot of things differently!

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Sounds stressful! I am letting my husband talk to his folks about it if it comes up any time soon. I think I'm just too sensitive to their possible criticism. My parents are at the far other end of the spectrum thank goodness. I actually wish they were a little closer by. 

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Originally Posted by amymccarty View Post

Im excited to join this group as my plans are to HBAC! I am a ways from a hospital and really do NOT want to end up there. I went through much truma with my last birth ending it a totally uneeded c-section. I am not allowing this to happen again and plan to water birth right in my living room. I am beyond excited! I just know all will go great!

This was totally what happened to me with my 3rd birth & first c/s. YEA for HBAC mamas!!!

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We're planning a homebirth this time.  We have the same midwives this pregnancy as last and while I was on the fence whether we would stay home or go to the hospital last time, I'm more eager to stay home this time since I had such a speedy birth last time.  We can choose between hospital/home with our midwives because they have hospital privileges.


With respect to DD, my DH's cousin lives three floors above us and will either come downstairs and hang out in case Naomi wakes (but out of sight - she gets that I'm a private birther!) or she'll take DD to her place to sleep.


Ideally, it will just be me, DH and two midwives. :)

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Looks like I might be having a homebirth in someone else's home. I'm moving to an area kinda remote from birth services, and the one hb mw I've found who comes out there is worried about a winter birth and the roads to there in case of snow, plus we didn't connect so well when I spoke to her. There's a midwife who opens her home for births instead of going to them who is reasonably close by (25 minute drive). I expect she doesn't drive except by horse and buggy, so prefers not to go out to births. I'd need to figure out who would watch the kids especially if we had to go somewhere for the birth. Driving someplace and possibly through snow sure seems like stress I don't need. But it's 1000x better than hospital I'm sure.

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wow- that sounds like a hard combo of decisions to make!  my midwife is driving 2 hours- she's figuring she'll know when i'm ready to go and if need be will come out to stay with us or with someone near us if the weather starts to act up.  barring a storm that starts the same day we call (and based on previous births, i'm usually going for a few days before, so it's not shocking) she'll be able to get here.


hope you find a midwife that you click with (soooo essential!) and can get the whole birthing location sorted!!!  


MaybeJ- i'm a very private birther too!  it's nice to hear of the others as for some reason, when people think i'm having a homebirth, i'm doing something like a party where the entire neighborhood is invited to eat and chill while i do the cool stuff.....  NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.  but other than my husband and the midwife (and having both them there is key to my relaxation, though husband was almost optional last time, until pushing, when he was my armrest) i don't want anyone else around.

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Just got some good news ~ I'm not going to have pay as much as I thought for the homebirth. It's still a lot of money out of pocket and it will be tight - but we can do it! joy.gif

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I'm kinda impressed that our global expat policy (it's not even one of the expensive ones) covers anything for home birth. I think it's capped at about $1,400 for the midwife on the day of birth (the pre-visits are covered too) but still more than I expected. Everything medical is covered including congenital defects for baby after birth (which is not covered in any local policies or in 95% of the expat policies I looked at). And osteopath, homeopath and extra preventative pre-birth stuff is covered. I'm thinking if we move back to the US next year I might just bargain to keep this policy. Any US mommies have a plan like this from the US or does this sound like a keeper?

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sooooo jealous, typebug!   and YEAH BAMO!


our midwife is great, and it's affordable start to finish ($2,500) but NOTHING like that the expat stuff offers!  the state doesn't cover anything homebirth.  not even prenatal.  it's not cool.  but it's worth it for a safe and healthy baby and delivery.  i let cost dictate my first 2 births, and never again.

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I agree, home birth is totally worth it and I was planning to just pay for our home birth expenses out of pocket so it was nice to read up and see what I could get. Also I like how simple our claims stuff is. There's none of this waiting to see what's covered or "co-pay." I just scan and send in receipts to our agent who files all the paperwork for us and exactly 6 weeks later money appears in the bank account. If there's a billing issue our agent calls the hospital and fixes it. I wonder if we add US coverage to the policy how the process might change. I'm going to ask! 

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