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Hi All!  I am new to the board.  I am mom to a wonderful little boy, (16 months) and currently TTC for #2, two days before AF but with little hope this month.  We used a known donor for #1, and got pregnant with at home insemination.  We are also using a known donor for #2, though it is a different donor (the husband and donor #1 we are going for super queer award).  The first donor we were able to do in person insemination (well I mean our donor was able to be local) and now we are trying to do this long distance.  I would love any information people have about sending sperm through the mail.  I know a few places that have kits but it seems like you just get one shot each month and I'm just not sure how that would work.  Anyone who has any advice on this, I would love to hear it.  I am trying to search through old threads but don't completely have the hang of how this forum works yet!  Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to chatting with everyone.  

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Good luck, Krista! When is your transfer? I will cross everything I have for you!!


Rose, you and DP must be getting close to your first try, no?!


Welcome to all the new people!

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So, I asked my sister if she would go to counseling with me and I offered to pay for it and she told me that she would do it, but she doesn't want to risk her pregnancy with the stress. Fucking a. She's pregnant, not disabled for gods sake. One more time that she's let me down- one more time that she's made it glaringly obvious that she doesn't care enough about anyone but herself. You know what, I'm done! I'll be civil at family gatherings like I am with my Mom, but she doesn't get access to my heart. goddamn I'm angry at her.

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My wife and I have been together almost 5 years and this was our first try to conceive.  We're trying the home insemination method and hoping it works out for us.  If anyone has any advice we would love to hear what others have to say.  Unfortunately our insemination didn't take this time but we're going to start planning again.  We know this could be a long process but it's so hard not to hope and wish that we conceive every time we try. 

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Monk- I read a good blog called Lezbemoms (www.lezbemoms.wordpress.com). On it she details how they got pregnant doing home insemination. Well, it was technically insemming at a hotel because they had to travel to get the sperm from a donor they met through that free donor sperm site. Still, they insemmed themselves and it worked. Her advice seems good. 

I'll be crossing my fingers and toes and everything else for you both that it works on your second try!


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Hi Monk. .are you doing your insemination with fresh or frozen?  We did a successful home insemination with fresh and am happy to share what worked for us if that is your situation.  Any particular questions or just generally looking for stories.  Good luck to you and DW!  

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Thank you for the advice! We'll check out the website. We have to travel to our donor too, he's 12 hours away.

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We're using fresh and used an instead softcup after insemination.  We've heard some successful stories for home insemination with this method.

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Krista - As you know, it only takes one embryo to make that one baby you're looking for! I know you have a lot of hurdles to clear, but I'm thinking of you and hoping that little embryo will someday be throwing Cheerios all over your floor.


Carmen - Thinking of you! Good luck with the ultrasound!


MonkCP - Welcome. May your stay be short and sweet! I tried fresh at-home insems first, but then switched to a clinic. Only time will tell if things will be easy for you or not. I don't have an at-home success story, though, partly because our KD's vasectomy reversal was not successful.


AFM - Ultrasound revealed a single cyst on one ovary, but it is producing no hormones so it should not impede ovulation or conception, according to my RE. She said I don't need to treat it. Bloodwork showed very low hormones and basically no follicle activity, but she said that if I'm going back to my previous norm of 35-day cycles, it could just be too early to see them. (Today is CD 9.) This is not very reassuring. Next step: Another u/s and bloodwork next Thursday, CD18.

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Hey guys random question: my DP and I are getting ready
to try round #2, and we were wondering if anyone used the
at home sperm analysis kits? Also are they pointless for washed
sperm? The count will be lower anyway right?
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Erin, the at home kits also only test count and not health or shape or a anything so they are not really great. And yes, as far as I know counts will be lower anyway.
But more importantly good luck with round 2!
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Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has used ovacue fertility monitor. Last time when we conceived with DS I just used the opk that are just the strips that show lh surge but since this time we are shipping sperm through the mail and prob only get one shot per cycle I want to really pinpoint my O especially as my cycles are still a little wacky as I am still breast feeding my son! It is so expensive though. Has anyone used it? Is it worth it? Does the advance warning work? Thanks!
Also we did try last cycle and AF is due today. So far BFN and feels like AF but I am not giving up until she shows even though I can feel it coming.
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Carmen, thanks for asking after us... I posted about a week ago but it seems to not have showed up. we did NOT insem, will not insem for now, fo various reasons. our lives have been flipped upside down (not in a bad way) so we have agreed that now is not the time. I am relieved and sad at the same time. and I have been feeling urges to be pg again myself, lol. but we decided to do some traveling and enjoy DS in this very wonderfully fun stage without the stress of TTC or having an infant in tow. I'm sure I'll be lurking though! innocent.gif

wishing you ALL your BFPs before I get back here!

hopeful, can you move me back to waiting to be ready?
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rose, that sounds exciting :) A little sad I can imagine, yes, but mostly exciting. If your travels bring you up to my neck of the woods be sure to let me know ;)



Afm: My u/s is tomorrow at 8:30. I can't wait to exhale...no matter what happens. I had a good acupuncture appointment yesterday after work. My doc said my pulse indicates a pregnancy or constipation lol We had a good laugh over that!

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Carmen, we are actually hoping to visit your neck of the woods come end of the year... I'd love to meet up! smile.gif and I've been thinking a lot about you... hope you get some great news tomorrow! fingersx.gif
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First time here, but looking for other folks experience and advice. Trying to prepare to conceive with my best friend, a gay man, and we intend to co-parent. (Im a lesbian but have a daughter from way back in the day...) 


We intend on doing home insemination, anyone any positive experiences on this and advice, there is so much out there its hard to know what to follow!!! 


Thank you!

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Cordelia - I haven't used the monitor, but I use both the digital "smiley" strips and the cheapie strips with the lines. The cheapies can help show you when O is impending because you can watch the line darken each day. But the drawback is it's easy to read a false positive on the cheapies, so I don't generally consider it positive until the smiley shows up on the digital.


twinkleeyes - Welcome! I haven't gotten pregnant at home (had an infertile donor at the time), but I can tell you what we did: The donor deposited into a cup while I was en route to his house, and then my wife and I went into his guest room and used a medicine syringe to insert the sperm.

By the way, great avatar. Looks like a scientific drawing. What is it?


Carmen - Hugs to you for your u/s tomorrow morning!!! Hopefully it's not constipation! smile.gif

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outdoorsy : thanks, maybe I will try the digital ones too. 


twinkleyes. .Good luck and hi!   I got pregnant at home. This was our story.  My donor did his thing at my house into a clean, dry glass cup. (while we took a walk around the block, endearingly referred to as the sperm walk or the wanker walk)  We then left we let it warm up by placing the glass against our skin, then inserted with a glass syringe.  Then sorry TMI warning. . helped me O which some folks says helps the cervix suck the sperm up (just no penetration or saliva!) We did three insems for that cycle that worked, starting when I got a positive on LH surge on OPK and then two days after.  Actually I think we also did a fourth after skipping a day.  If I did it again I would do two days, skip a day, and then do again bc my donor didn't have a lot left on the third time! 

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I've gotten pregnant three times off KD sperm (about my only claim to fame in this whole darn TTC process!)


Our success hit when we inseminated the day before O, the day of and the after. Determining O is difficult and will take a bit of getting used to if you haven't done it previously so have patience and be willing to look for any and all signs to help you figure it out.


We also found that we hit success when DP was able to find the opening to my cervix. Previously she had been making some good guesses but the month she felt she really hit it was the month we got pregnant for the first time. So whoever is doing the inseminating needs to get awfully comfortable with find that opening ahead of time!


We opted not to use Instead softcups because we heard that one, it can assist in spilling sperm as you try to manuevur it in and two, it can keep sperm from gettting to the cervix once you place the cup (if some spilled out and is now outside the cup). But some people here have had success with it so I think it's just a matter of how good you can get with it. We opted not to become experts in that department!


We also used Pre-Seed although from a cervical mucous perspective, we didn't need it. But it made it easier for DP to get where she needed to go. It's recommended to insert it 30 minutes prior to insemination. We didn't always meet that goal though and it worked out fine for us. We also used a 10mm syringe to do the inseminations. We got almost three full syringes per insemination per guy (we used two guys on varying days).


Best of luck!

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Originally Posted by kgulbransen View Post

I've gotten pregnant three times off KD sperm (about my only claim to fame in this whole darn TTC process!)


We also used Pre-Seed although from a cervical mucous perspective, we didn't need it. But it made it easier for DP to get where she needed to go. It's recommended to insert it 30 minutes prior to insemination. We didn't always meet that goal though and it worked out fine for us. We also used a 10mm syringe to do the inseminations. We got almost three full syringes per insemination per guy (we used two guys on varying days).


Best of luck!


2 questions for you - 


1. did you use a speculum?  You said that when she found the opening it was better. Was that by feel or was she looking? 

2. Am I just crazy, or is 3 -10 mm syringes full per donation a TON? 


Just wondering.... reading your post is making me question how much we are getting.



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