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Ijust wanted to throw it out there that I have seen, with my own god given eyes, identical, naturally conceived TRIPLETS. One of my coworkers said that she had heard of identical quads too. Since its so rare, I will never see that again in my entire career... But the triplet thing from IVF seems to happen more often than anyone cares to admit (we had alteast 2 IVF triplets where two of the three were identical).
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Photo girl:   10 mm is a lot!  And 3 of 10 mm is insane!  For our first KD where we got pregnant the first time the most we got was 3cc.  Our second KD where we have only had one try had 5cc and he joked with us that he produced a lot.  From everything that I have read most people don't produce more than 5cc at a time. The Essential Lesbian Guide to Conception, Pregnancy, etc. . says most get under 5 cc's as well.  Kgulbransen, you are finding some crazy guys!!!   Also, I read that amount of ejaculate has little to do with amount of sperm, so 5 is not necessarily better than two (though I imagine 30 has to be! )  Regarding speculum, unless you are inserting it directly into the cervic (which is really hard to do without training or a midwife) I was told you can't use a speculum because when you take it out it often takes most of the sperm out with it but I have no experience with that so will lt kgulbransen speak for herself :) 


And for myself, I am officially BFN for this month as AF showed up raging yesterday.  Sad but gearing up for next month.  

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mm is not the same as cc! I'm not sure how it was measured in mm - krista, do you mean you just measured up in the syringe by mm? I would guess that 30cc is humanly impossible ;) The average is 2-3cc - 5cc is a great amount.


You don't need huge amounts of sperm as long as it's healthy! Our KD usually produced 2cc, sometimes 3cc and sometimes only 1cc (this was usually by the 3rd go). I've gotten pregnant 9 times (no, I don't have 9 children ;) ) with the same donor. We used a 5cc oral syringe, pre-seed (didn't need it but it didn't hurt), KD did his thing at our place, I insem'd (by myself most of the time) within 5-10 minutes, have an orgasm, lay on my back with my butt on a pillow for at least 20 minutes if I was able. We've done 2-3 insems each time, the days in relation to O were different - though I almost always get pregnant if I'm early enough in my timing - ie before O day. Make sure you plunge the semen close enough to your cervix to coat it. I never used a speculum or a cup thingy.

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Cordelia:  I have been using an Ovacue for over a year and I have really weird cycles -- sometimes they would be more than 90 days apart.  THe ovacue did a good job of giving me a good idea where I was in my cycle.  I can't speak for its effectiveness for getting pregnant because this is the first cycle I am trying.  


For me, this is the only monitor that would even remotely work.  My LH surge is so, so, short that I almost NEVER get a positive OPK.  I've used both the digitals and the internet cheapies and I've only gotten true positives a handful of times in 3.5 years.  I mean, it lasts fewer than 2 hours.  It's gone in a flash! (I'm sad to think about all of the money I've wasted on the sticks!)


Right now, I'm using the ovacue with the vaginal sensor (highly recommend that!) and a since my cycle has become more regular recently and falls within the efficacy range of 42 day cycle, I'm also using the Clear Blue Easy monitor.  This is the first cycle I'm using it.  I figured this was a good way to test the accuracy of both monitors since I'm also being monitored by the doctor simultaneously.  It's like a chemistry lab in my bathroom every morning!  I had intended to do BBT this cycle too, but I forgot to start on CD1. I suppose I could start now just for the heck of it.  I'll start digital OPK's on CD10, too.


Carmen: Fingers crossed for today!  <3


darthtunaqueen: My friend did IVF and has triplets -- identical girls and boy!


Welcome to all of the newbies!

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Quick update - same thing is happening this pregnancy as last. Baby is very small (only 6w1d) and heartrate is very slow (71). RE doesn't expect things to be successful.

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Carmen: I had really hoped to log in and find different news. But I know that for you, you just want some answers and it's been hell waiting for them. I'm praying that you feel you have your answers and you and your family can move through the grief.


As for my crazy donors. Yes, they are probably above norm. One of them specifically focuses all his time and energy on producing the best possible sperm and has an incredible natural count of 202 million. But everyone is right, it's not about quantity as much as it is about quality!!


We did not use a speculum. It opens the vagina up so much that it actually makes ejaculate fall out and we felt we were losing more than we were gaining. HOWEVER, I recommend using a speculum to help see the cervix when you're not inseminating. It can act as another education tool in preparation for your insemination. And the best way to do that is with a headlamp so you don't have to hold a flashlight at the same time!

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Carmen, I'm so sorry. Sending you hugs and healing.

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Oh, Carmen, I'm so sorry. Lots of love to you and DP.
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Carmen, I'm so very sorry this seems to be happening again. My thoughts are with you. hug2.gif

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Carmen  I'm new to this whole group but just wanted to say I'm sorry.  I can't imagine how hard that would be once, let alone more than once.  

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Thanks, everyone. Your support has meant a lot to me....especially because we don't tell anyone irl when TTC. Please remove me from the thread list completely. This is the end of the road for us. DP and I had a good talk after the u/s and even though I know emotions were running high we both agree that perhaps this just isn't meant to be. I'll be 42 at the end of this year and I can't help feeling like we're pushing too hard. We have no interest in doing IVF nor do we want to work with anonymous donors. So, DD will be our only birth child. We will likely revisit adoption towards the end of the year with a firm eye on adopting an older (but younger than DD) child - maybe siblings. I'm also going to seek counseling to deal with what feels like an insurmountable amount of pain and loss. I'll be ok though. My family will be ok no matter what form it ends up taking.

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Hugs to you, Carmen. You often sound like a very wise person. grouphug.gif

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Oh Carmen, I am so sorry. Be kind to yourselves. hug.gif I hope you find the path that is right for you!
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Carmen sending you lots of love and hugs..... greensad.gif so sorry to hear this news
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Carmen- I am so sorry to hear. I have been following your life story it seems like forever...I am sending good thoughts your way.

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Hi all~  I took a break from thinking about babies for a week or so, trying to take the pressure off.  Not that you really ever stop thinking about babies when you're in the TWW.  A cocktail?  No, thanks, I might be preggers...  etc.


Just read over the last 2 pages and caught up on the haps for everyone.


Sotohana--  Sorry to hear about your sister.  She sounds really self-centered.  It's amazing when you see people who simply cannot emphasize with other people, can't get past their own reality.  I would be doing the same thing as you-- putting some distance between myself and her, just to help save myself some grief.


Krista-- Good luck!!!  Hoping that good little embryo will stick and grow into a beautiful, healthy baby!


Carmen--  Sooo bummed for you.  Someone else said that you sound very wise, and I completely agree.  I hope the adoption route is successful for you-- some child out there is going to be SOO lucky to join your family and get your love and attention.


AFM, I go in for my blood test at 8:20am tomorrow.  So I should be getting the call with the results midday tomorrow.  Bad planning on my part, I'm working my new 9-5, and then heading over to my old job (now part-time job) from 6-9.  That's a realllly long day.  And I don't know what kind of emotions I'll be dealing with tomorrow.  Arggg.

I haven't felt pregnant, really at all, these past couple weeks.  I had one night-into-next-day period where I was nauseous constantly.  But maybe that was something I ate...?  I was talking to DP at dinner and said that I haven't felt pregnant at all, and she said that she'd be surprised if I did, since it would be so early if I were actually pregnant.  So early that I have to get a blood test to tell, too early for a pee test.  That was comforting.  But I'm still not getting my hopes up.

I'll check in when I know my results!


Love to you all!

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I have had a family emergency and really hate to do this but need to resign as threadkeeper. I know its about a week before August starts so I am not sure how to go about this but if someone wants to be threadkeeper for August maybe it could just start a bit early. I am really sorry to do this but my whole world has turned upside-down and I won't be able to be on the computer to move people where they need to be. Everyone that has asked to be moved should be as of right now. I have also moved myself off the list completely as TTC will not be in my immediate future. I wish you all luck on this journey.
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Hopeful: I'm so sorry to hear of your difficulties.  If no one else can step up, I'd be happy to help, but I'm not always reliably available.  But I could do my best!

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Hopeful - I'm so sorry that your life has been thrown into chaos.  It sounds very serious.  I hope, in the end, everything is ok.  I wish you strength as you deal with all of these changes.  I'd be happy to take over from here for you.  hug2.gif

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Hopeful, hugs and deep breaths...take care of yourself.  

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