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Hopefully this isn't too detailed, but I'm really curious if anyone else has gone through this. About 3 weeks ago I had cramping, feeling like my period was about to start. I'm EBF, DD is 7 months old now (as of yesterday, so she was just younger than that at the time of all this starting). I noticed the tiniest bit of blood only while wiping, only twice during this time. I honestly thought my period was about to start, but it didn't. Since then, I've had this issue that I've only ever had last year as soon as I got pregnant where I'll get a swollen spot on my lips. It goes away on its own, quicker if I wash the spot. It's not a bug bite, I'm pretty sure it's not food allergies because I've tried the suspected foods again and don't seem to have symptoms at all. It's somewhat random when the swelling happens and it's happened about 3 or 4 times in this last month. Now I'm extra hormonal, and have been since this all began. I have been dealing with extra stress, but really, I've never teared up over Father's Day cards before. I figure this could be my body getting ready for AF to begin visits again, but I wasn't sure because of the EBF (through the night still too--no other food at all for her yet), and being hormonal the whole month. I'm curious about pregnancy, but don't want to assume that if this all sounds like AF to anyone else who's gone through this same thing.

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Are you thinking the spot on your lip is oral herpes? I have heard that some women have it flare up when they become pregnant.

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Hmm, doesn't really sound like that's it. It was just the one spot and only bothered me if U put something on it (chapstick-unwashed hand) and would just swell and was uncomfortable because of being right on the lip/right above it, not painful. I trhink now that it was just a cold sore that got scratched off and never fully healed so it was easily infected.

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