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When is your Gender/Anatomy Scan?

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We haven't had any ultrasounds so far, and only plan on getting one: the gender/anatomy ultrasound. I just scheduled it for 19 weeks, 2 days (August 2nd!). I was just curious when everyone else was getting their gender/anatomy ultrasounds (if you plan to have one) and what your experience has been in the past if this isn't your first. I'm so excited but also hoping everything looks good (and clear, lol)!

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I'm set to go to a local 4d ultrasound place next Thursday for our sex scan. This will be the only one we will do.  I wasn't going to find out with this one, but I've been really wanting to know lately. DH really wants to know as well, so I hope that will help him bond a bit more after seeing this babe. I'm excited to try this place out, as they are a non-diagnostic ultrasound group and we can get the scan for $85 without insurance. I'm sure if I did go to the hospital for one, our insurance would cover it, but I don't want/need the diagnostic kind.  I'll be 18 weeks and a few days by Thursday, I can't wait! 

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I'm doing the anatomy scan on July 11, which is 20 weeks. We're very excited. We aren't finding out the sex, but it will still be great to see this LO!

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My dr usually takes a quick peek each apt, instead of listening to heartbeat with Doppler. He measured the nuchal thing at 12w too. My apts have been about 5w apart. My next appt is 22w and that time he'll do all the measurements. I think it is so cool to see him wiggle around!
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I scheduled mine for July 23rd, which is also my birthday. I figure it will be a nice birthday treat to see our little beast and hopefully find out if we have girl or boy parts in there. I will be exactly 19 weeks.

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Mine is booked for July 25th. I'll be 19 weeks and change. We won't find out the sex but it will be my DH's only chance to come in during an ultrasound and see Bellybean. Also, my cyst isn't completely gone (it was too twisted to remove. They had to drain it and it refilled a bit) so this u/s will also scan my ovary to make sure I'm still good on that front. I really hope July passes quickly! I can't wait!
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July 27 at 20 weeks :-D If baby wants to share we'll find out the sex but NBD if it's a surprise. Last time we didn't want to find out the sex but DS totally mooned the camera. The tech didn't say anything since we'd asked her not to tell, but it was so obvious we ended up asking her if we had in fact seen boy bits.
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I was going to go for my anatomy scan the week of July 23, and hopefully find out then, but I got a jury duty summons, so I may have to postpone it. I'm hoping it's a short trial, or that I'm not called in at all. We'll see!

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kaleiskind, hope you have a short trial! You can always say something super controversial and hope they'll think you're extreme and not call you in. :) 


Thanks for everyone's responses! Sounds like we're right in the middle. July will be such a strange month--I haven't gotten huge yet, but it's sooo hot here and I want to enjoy being out and about before I get really big and sweaty, lol. 

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I would much rather do jury duty while pg and have it done so I know I won't be called with a baby!  Generally.  Although I was called for jury duty when pg with DD for the month before her due date, once a week each week or if I got on a jury then I'd be done.  The first week, they didn't need me, the second week I was REALLY sick so I called them and said they really didn't want me, and the third week I had had my baby :-)

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My appointment is on July 24th.  Really looking forward to that day!  We are going to make a day of it and go baby clothes shopping afterwards.  I am so excited to see my baby.


Re Jury duty... I got called last week and they didn't need me.  The way it works in CA is if they don't need you the first day, you can't get called back for at least a year.  I feel sorry for those states where you are on call for weeks or months at a time.

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We are getting our anatomy scan done on July 11th, first time for my DH to see the baby via u/s, we already know we are having a girl (found out at 15 weeks)  Looking fwd to seeing a wiggling baby and getting a clean bill of health for her!

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I will be having mine at 20 weeks on the nose. July 26th.  I'm envious of those who get to do theirs earlier! I asked, but they said no. angry.gif

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We don't have ours scheduled yet, but probably end of July.  


I got called for jury duty too!  I keep trying to get ahold of the jury person but its hard.  Especially since the notice came to my parents house, so I don't even have the card to reply with  (or the ID to show up with, since its my maiden name!).  

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I will be having mine at 20 weeks on the nose. July 26th.  I'm envious of those who get to do theirs earlier! I asked, but they said no. angry.gif

Mother Rising, i just wanted to say i LOVE your blog!!!! :)  I read it every week! You have such  a great writing style. One can never get bored!

I had two miscarriages last year, and was so touched reading about your misscariage experience. I know you area a doula, i live in the suburbs of DC what do you recommend i do to find a good doula?

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Just joined the group!!! So excited to follow along with other moms expecting in December!!!

We haven't had an US yet, but do plan to have one around 20-22 weeks. I have my first prenatal appt (I have just now found the midwife I want and love) July 30th, which I will be 19 weeks 3 days, so hopefully I can get an ultrasound scheduled with her then!

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WELCOME Naomilove! smile.gif

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I went in today for a cervical check, thinking that's all they were going to do, but they did a full ultrasound as well. They were able to tell the babies' sexes, but I had them write it on an envelope. My husband wasn't there, and in any case, I wanted us to find out together in private, not from the technician.


It's killing me--my in-laws are staying with us because of the power outages in our area. Tomorrow, they're supposed to be headed out of town to some friends', though. I plan to surprise my  husband with it. I don't care what the note says, I am just the worst at keeping my own secrets, though I'm like a steel trap with anyone else's! Also, we can finally relax with the one name we chose for each sex, or start thinking about another name!

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Thank you!!!

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next Friday (the 13th!  bwhahaha.)


I'll be 18 weeks on the nosey.  My mw prefers 20 (clearer anatomy scan), the obgyn that does sono for her prefers 18 (for dating. lol )  MW said ultimately she didn't care.  I said I'd go with what worked schedule wise (especially since he only does sono 2 days a week)


My mom is leaving town for several weeks just a few days after I hit 18 weeks, so I went a head and scheduled it for then so she could be there.  So I get to find out pretty early!

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