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Originally Posted by kaleiskind View Post

I went in today for a cervical check, thinking that's all they were going to do, but they did a full ultrasound as well. They were able to tell the babies' sexes, but I had them write it on an envelope. My husband wasn't there, and in any case, I wanted us to find out together in private, not from the technician.


It's killing me--my in-laws are staying with us because of the power outages in our area. Tomorrow, they're supposed to be headed out of town to some friends', though. I plan to surprise my  husband with it. I don't care what the note says, I am just the worst at keeping my own secrets, though I'm like a steel trap with anyone else's! Also, we can finally relax with the one name we chose for each sex, or start thinking about another name!

So, does that mean we get to hear after you and DH open your envelope??? I am so excited to hear what you've got in there!

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We have a boy and a girl! I was wondering why the sonographer took what seemed like 100 different angles of Baby A! I still want them to reconfirm since I have to go in every two weeks now for them to monitor my partial placenta previa, and the babies' growth. I know sometimes, depending on the angle, they can surprise you, but we know there's at least one set of XY chromosomes in there.


I was excited either way, but it's fun to know, and I think my husband was a little frightened at the prospect of three women in the house! Well, five if you include the dog and one of our cats. :)

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Kale-Congrats mama!!!!!!!!! How exciting to get one of each!!!!
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joy.gif Yeah!!! That is awesome! What could be better than that!?

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Yay, Kale! Congrats! Boy/Girl twins are always so much fun, and I bet your DH is thrilled. :)

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Oh sweet!  Kale--how special, so happy for you!!



Our appt is 7/26 at 20 weeks.  We'll find out and tell everyone here by cake.  DH loves the idea, and since this is our last baby, I think we won't miss the opportunity :)

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Kale, that's so exciting!! yay!! 


I go in just a few short hours to find out! I have a friend that has offered to do a cake for me for our playgroup tomorrow so I just might take her up on it. We'll see if I can wait a bit longer though :) 

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It's a boy!! I totally knew it!! 

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Congrats purposefuldoula!! That is exciting news!

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Originally Posted by purposefuldoula View Post

It's a boy!! I totally knew it!! 

WoooHooo! Congrats!

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1 More Week! omg I can't wait.
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We just had an u/s today at 16w2d and found out that we're having a little boy!  (my motherly intuition was totally wrong on this one)  my DP can't stop grinning :).  

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Lots of little boys! Congrats purposefuldoula and nosreves!!!

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Oh my gosh congratulations, ladies! These next few weeks are going to be so fun as these little surprises are revealed.
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Congrats purposefuldoula and nosreves....BOYS?! Yay!
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Hooray! Lots of boys showing up -- it will be fun to see if our group leans one way or the other (boys/girls). I'm still totally 50/50 and can't wait to find out! Just 23 more days...

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Have to say, I am just a little bit jealous of the boys! (Is that bad)!? I am thrilled for you ladies though!! Something tells me there is no chance of me joining you on the blue team....I find out a week from today though.

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We found out last Friday!  It's another BOY!

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Oh here is that thread I didn't see earlier today! We are having a BOY too. (Soooo funny after seeing my post above)!


There are so many boys already!!

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Wow, lots of boys!!

My appointment is this Friday and we're really excited!

We were going to wait to find out the gender until birth, but I've been feeling girl and there are boys abound in my family so I HAVE to know if I'm right, lol!  There is a teaching clinic here that does free sex checks; $50 for the 20wk diagnostic.  We decided to go for the full diagnostic since my midwife says my uterus feels a little big for how far along we think I am...but baby felt right on track...she thought it would be a good idea to get some measurements while they were looking in there any way, lol.

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