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Radiant life sells flavored and "kid approved" fermented cod liver oil, Green Pastures is the brand, and also a version emulsified with butter oil (like ghee)- very healthy fats and my toddler gobbles the solid and liquids right off a spoon. He seems to think it's a treat and I try not to let on how happy it makes me ; )


The best dairy-free smoothies ever (IMHO) are froz fruit, fresh banana mixed with water, juice, or iced herbal tea (zingers are great) and flax seed oil. The oil makes it really creamy and filling.  


Popcorn, kettle cooked in ghee, olive oil or grape seed oil, and drizzled with any of the same or flax oil and sprinkled with salt, brewers yeast and hot paprika or cayenne.

For sweet popcorn drizzle with coconut oil and maple syrup.


I read the macadamia nuts have a really beneficial fat ratio so I buy the nuts which ds loves, but are pricy and disappear fast. I used mac nut oil for our salads and some balsamic and brewers yeast. This is good with all kinds of salad variations but I like to put nuts and dried fruit in addition to veggies. Babe eats the toppings and sucks the dressing off the leaves.


If she likes tuna salad try making a sardine salad. I mix the whole fish with mayo and lemon and salt/pepper and eat with bread or crackers.


Greens cooked in coconut oil (chard is my fave) and salt. 


Green beans cooked in sesame oil. 


Baked apples with coconut oil and cinnamon or nutmeg.


Smoothie made with herbal tea - what a great idea!  DD has been really into tea lately.  I haven't really had popcorn on my radar either, but that's a great idea, too.  She's been slow at chewing skills, but I think she can handle popcorn. 


It's been tough to revamp our eating style, but I think the new diet is working well.  I think she may have needed some of these changes even when we were eating dairy.  I've been giving her a few tablespoons of peanut butter drizzled with honey for dessert.  She LOVES it.  Working our way up to a daily dose of 72% pure chocolate, too :) 

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To get more fat or just more calories you can add these to your kiddo's diet:
Nuts and nut butter (cashews are tasty and fatty)
Add oil or margarine to anything
Ground flax seeds (hide in a smoothie or stir into oatmeal)
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