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High Altitude Gas Pain

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we love going to high elevations - about 8,000 feet.


lately i have discovered dd having stomach pain the whole time we are there which slowly reduces when she comes back. 


what can i do to help her? she loves the high altitude.


the problem is we live very close to sea level. 

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I don't think that's terribly uncommon actually. Some people have trouble flying I know as the altitude expands the gas in the system.

Have you tried gas treatments (gas -x or similar)? That's what i do when my son has issues. You may have to play around with dosing if you're comfortable with that. My son sometimes needs more than typical doses. Simethicone is very safe.
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We once found a really great traveler's gum (aimed at helping with digestive issues d/t travel changes).  It worked really well. . . looking around the internets I can't find anywhere that has it so it may not exist anymore, but a good natural gum (with real mint or similar) might help?


Maybe chewing toasted fennel seeds?  (I've mainly made teas out of regular fennel seed for gas - which helps a bit).


There's a yoga pose that both I & dh have used when having painful gas.   

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sbgrace we had to take dd to the ER because she had pain for the full 5 days. 


and the doc said there is really nothing to do (but were open to me seeking alternate treatment) and yeah gas-x was recalled. the doc and i felt we didnt really want to give her any 'medicine' whether herbal or not because you can only give so much medicine (not herbal) before the medicine itself can become a problem. i dont know if you can give Simethicone for a week and i am not sure i want her to take it for that long unless absolutely necessary.


oooooh mumkimum - yeah we did some yoga and other exercises and i even rubbed her belly. we also walked around.THANKS for hte headsup on fennel. i had forgotten about that. perhaps ginger too if i remember. 


anyways i'd like to come up with a treatment where we go prepared before the drive and after we arrive there. 


it is strange. she was at a height of 7000 feet for a week and did fine. then we slowly climbed to 10 and she got sick. i have to figure out which elevations affect her. we regularly go to 8 and 9. the first time she got sick was when we slowly went to 11. 

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