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Asking for blessings & prayers

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Hi ladies- we just had to evacuate our home. A wildfire started about 2 miles away & was about 1/4 mile when we drove away. DH & DP stayed behind to rescue farm animals & spray house, etc. I have 5 of the kids (all who were home) & the dog & cat at our old home (empty rental I was cleaning!). It seems like the fire is mostly out & we will be spared but at least a dozen neighbors have lost their homes. This is the scariest, most stressful thing I think I have ever experienced. Feeling exhausted & crampy from the experience. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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Absolutely!! This whole thing is so very tragic and scary. Everytime I turn around someone else is being effected by the fires. I am glad you and the little ones had a safe place to go to.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Please keep us updated on how you (and your house!) are doing.

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Sending prayers up and love your way, mama. That is terrifying. I'm glad you and your family are all safe right now and I hope you continue to be! 

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So sorry to hear this glad you and the kiddos are safe. Thoughts and prayers withvyou and your family.
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Sending the strongest blessings and prayers your way!  I'm so glad to hear that you all are safe but what an emotional, frightening, and exhausting experience!  Looking forward to hearing how you all are doing when you're able.  Large hugs...

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Goodness, how scary! Grateful you are all okay.

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Sending good thoughts and prayers your way....I can't imagine how scary that is!  I hope it is out now and doesn't reach your home.

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Prayers for cool weather and humidity. Wildfires are scary. Stay safe.
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Hope you've been able to get some rest; that the kids are holding up for now; that your property and loved ones are safe; and prayers for rain.

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So scary! There were frequent wildfires where I grew up and I have a lot of early memories of my dad going to help evacuate animals. Luckily we never had to evacuate ourselves. I so hope everyone is your family is safe and well.

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You and your family are in my thoughts. I hope everyone is still safe and the danger is passing.
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Sending many, many blessings your way mama! You and your family are in my thoughts!!

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How is everything Mumma?
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