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I started feeling slight movement at around 16 weeks - but only when lying down in bed and mostly very gentle, swooshy kind of stuff.  Now at 18 weeks I'm feeling quite a bit more.  Almost anytime I lay down still, on my back, I can put my hands firmly on my uterus and get a nudge or kick in response.  They still aren't strong enough for me to feel or notice throughout the day though, when I'm walking around etc.  Lots of women don't feel movement until 20 weeks or so - so anyone who is worrying, definitely don't!  xox 

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I'm not feeling much either at 18 weeks. Even the slight movement I do feel I find myself questioning if it was really baby or not because I don't feel it again once I notice. Only once did I feel a "that was definitely the baby" movement so far.  


I'm not too worried about it at this point. 

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I am 15w4d and still no movement. With DS2 I felt it without a doubt by 13 weeks, so it is hard not to compare this pregnancy to previous ones. I know it won't be long now. And in no time the 'jumping on my bladder till I pee' will start. :)

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I'm now 18.5 weeks and for the last few days I've been feeling the baby all the time.  Mostly in the morning when I wake up and late at night when I'm lying down, but here and there throughout the day regardless of what I'm doing.  I guess babe is finally big enough to make his/her presence known!  Makes sense because apparently babies double their weight between 17 and 19 weeks and my hunger level is out of control.  I ate four tomatoes, two plums and a greek yogurt right before bed and was awakened by hunger pains less than three hours later.  Unbelievable.  

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I'm 16 weeks now and feeling flutters daily <3


In my last pregnancy I had an anterior placenta and didn't feel much movement at all until she was a lot bigger and stronger.  It made me a little nervous because I'd always felt babies earlier, so finding out the placenta was anterior helped me understand why I wasn't feeling the fainter early movements much!  She always had a lovely heartbeat to reassure at appointments!

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My flutters are getting stronger. Last night there was a party - probably because I started falling asleep partially squishing the baby. Whoops!

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I'm at 17 weeks and have been feeling little flutters for the past week. They're subtle, but I can tell someone is wiggling around. A couple of nights in a row I noticed them more at 11:00, wonder if this baby will be a night owl. I've found I notice it a little more if I put my hands on my belly, my uterus was moving all over the place one night. I don't remember feeling much before 20 weeks last time though, then  my DD seemed to just keep kicking my left side.

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It seems the babe is dancing on my pelvic floor. It is the strangest feeling, but I can imagine it will be less charming at, say, 8 months along when it's not so subtle!


On a side note, bladder control. I thought you weren't supposed to have to pee as often in the 2nd trimester? I wake up 3 times a night to go to the bathroom. Even DD has noticed, since she has to go with me every time I have to go when we're out of the house.

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I guess I'm feeling a little relieved that I didn't read all these posts until now. At my sixteen week appointment, I wasn't feeling anything and I happily told my midwife that I barely even felt pregnant. (Certainly no flutters or anything.) She explained that I would feel movement for sure by my 20-week appointment and she was quite right. My first flutters happened just as 18 weeks was turning into 19 weeks. And now that I've seen the ultrasound and know where the feet are, I have an explanation for why there seems to be a lot of pitter-patter in that spot. Still no big movements, though. Although we did seem arm movement on screen during the scan. Fun stuff!


I had no idea the anterior placenta correlated to any reduced feeling of movement. Very good to know as I think the ultrasound showed mine as anterior. (Thanks for that!)

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Thanks to my anterior placenta I am still not feeling any regular movement. By this time (19 weeks) I could have poking games with my other two babies and DH could feel them move too, but this time, no go.  I can poke away for half an hour and nothing doing.  I do feel a few flutters down at the very bottom and up towards my rightside rib cage sometimes... but usually the only movement I feel is when baby does a somersault and stretches eeeeeverything for a minute or two.  Ick.  I'd prefer kicks to that... and we're only halfway grown... Hope he/she settles down in the coming weeks, no more twisty turns, please!

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I have an anterior placenta too! Kind of high on the front, so I have been feeling movement down low and on the sides. My DD was such a mover and a shaker though, and it's been weird that I don't feel this little dude kicking and moving all that much. It'll probably start getting stronger and more obvious over the next 10 weeks, I'm looking forward to it smile.gif
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Yeah... 22 weeks, anterior placenta, and still no regular movement.  I know it'll be coming soon, though!  Baby is starting to get big in there!

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lol I feel like this is the anterior placenta support thread.  ;)


Seriously though I've been paranoid the last couple of days.  I'm more than 19 weeks now and even though I was feeling some fluttery things before in the last 2-3 days I've not even felt those, even when I try to jostle the belly or poke at it.  By this time with my other kids I could have miniature punching matches with them... but not this one.  I think it's also that I have my midway U/S this Thursday, and I'm taking the kids with.  Guess I'm just paranoid that we all get in the room together and they turn the U/S on and there's no baby in there anymore.  It would be so much more reasurring to just be able to feel some nice kicks a couple of times a day...  I could in theory buy or rent a Doppler to use at home but we're hurting on money due to all the meds I had to take this pregnancy, so we have no extra funds at all right now. =/

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Yeah... 22 weeks, anterior placenta, and still no regular movement.  I know it'll be coming soon, though!  Baby is starting to get big in there!


Same here, 22 weeks and no regular movement. I get some movement at least once a day, but I usually have to be laying really still in order to feel it. 

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I'll join your anterior placenta support! I'm also 22 weeks, and it definitely is not the same this time. Fortunately, over the past week it's finally gotten a bit more consistent. We've gone with no technology this time and finally heard the heartbeat for the first time (with the fetascope) just a couple days ago. How beautiful a sound that was! I'm happy to finally be at a point where I can feel the baby's movements when I'm not lying down at least, even if they don't seem as strong or as regular...
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I am on board... anterior placenta for us, too! We had our 19 week ultrasound yesterday, so I know he is moving around in there. Still no obvious feelings though, once in a while I get a little flutter, but not a 'no doubt about it' baby kick.

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yep anterior placenta here too. First time too. Kind of strange as I felt movement really early on with the other babies

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What is it with all of us anterior ladies this time around?  


My son was so wild the whole time.  At about 20 weeks you could watch him rolling around in me.  This time, it still feels like little bumps or muscle jumps.  Such an odd contrast.

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Holy Moley this little boy was kicking SO HARD yesterday, it was hilarious!  We were all in the car, DH was driving, and I put his hand on my belly because I was feeling a few kicks...Baby Boy decided to kick the hardest he's ever kicked before a few times in a row right then!  DH hadn't been able to feel anything yet (22 weeks 3 days yesterday), so he was all excited about it :)  We played a few rounds of I poke, you kick, which was fun because DD never did that with me.  Yay for feeling big movements finally!

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Last night or the night before (I can't remember at this point) DH and I were in bed and he had his hand on his belly and a big old SMACK! happened. He was like whoa! It was very cute, the first he's felt this little one. Even though I swear I'm the size of a truck because I am BIG!!! for being where I am. It's pretty crazy.redface.gif


PS on a knitting frenzy...lol

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