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Funny... I was just coming here to say that in the last day I'm suddenly getting some big kicks (at almost 23 weeks) and see others are now, too. Much later than with my other two. I still don't feel a lot all over (especially in the middle), but I do know that I have head and hands low on my left side and feet up high on my right and those are the only places I feel anything at all. 

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My little guy's feet are high up in the right side too! We had a poking/kicking battle again today, it was fun smile.gif
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I'm at 22 weeks and yikes, this little girl really kicked it up lately. Last night she was wild enough that DH could feel her clearly. So fun, I love the reassurance that things are going well.
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DH felt a kick for the first time this morning.  He tried to play it off like no big deal, but he was feeling my stomach allll day to see if he could feel some more (and he did!).  It was so cute watching him try to be all manly and not-excited about it.  :)

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Yay for DH"s feeling the baby!! I am just starting to feel kicks now, below my belly button. It is exciting, these are finally 'no doubt about it baby kicks'!!!

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We are calling them "baby high fives" so that my wild three year old isn't encouraged to kick.  I find this hilarious!  I love laying in bed and reading with DH's hand on my belly feeling her dance around. Happiness!

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Over 23 weeks now, and those kicks get stronger every day!  Hiccups, too.  Love it!!! <3

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